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Ballad Poems (203)

Here is a list of Ballad Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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blondebearded, wild quick tempered be my natural place is on the sea my northern star her memory the anchor locker and the quay nets to fire ro...

yachtsman_71213Jul 27Aug 6

Mariannestep into the make believe footfalling into stones where memories are citadels wider than truth her bones I never knew the right words you...

yachtsman_72479May 11Jul 31

surfI'd rather go home and live up a tree than to be dry forever and forget the 'ol sea and I'd rather go hungry than eat on the street than miss...

yachtsman_71336Jul 21Jul 25

the unasked questionbaby, hills run dry beneath your velvet sky outside i queue for gas in the rain baby, I don't know how the tale of us will go don't walk aw...

yachtsman_71212Jul 12Jul 16

neat whiskey (and untidy women)drank whiskey from her navel after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar and lightnings just...

yachtsman_71293Jul 8Jul 11
MissIreland1142Jul 8Jul 9
MissIreland1332Jun 29Jul 9

the wreck of the catherine annefragments of stories half heard in the inn awoke in me fires stoked by the gin catherine anne moored in secret twilight buckled neath bullion...

yachtsman_776611Jun 23Jul 6

guitarI spent monday just walking through town searchin' for magical timbers of brown I watched tuesday morning arrive like a swan calm at the surf...

yachtsman_73936Jul 1Jul 4

Making love in the rainMaking love in the rain...

Gritante1463Jun 30Jul 3

we endureI got your picture in my cabin your smiling face is everywhere your ghost is what I sail on through the ocean of your hair and my work it takes me...

yachtsman_729911Apr 20Jul 2

girl on a trainI sit transfixed as thought it flies to see warmth twice inside her eyes some bound for town some bound for death a carraige full of movin...

yachtsman_71534Jun 4Jun 28

30 yearswe came from near we came from far to trust the truth to duel and spar to stand upon the hill of scarves to nurture all that darkness star...

yachtsman_77553Jun 27Jun 27

Miner's SoulIn memory of miners and their families still struggling to make it. Love you....

BobbyC7776430Jun 24
Contradictions Poem

ContradictionsIt just came to me as I was trying some tunes on the piano. A melody came.... then the words followed....

AI_198481018Jun 17Jun 22

Angelwell heaven knows and heaven lies I'm travelling down this road under.. stationary skies the distances are vast I can see no end its easy...

yachtsman_77446Jun 15Jun 20

the wild swan of blackrockdown by the cold sea there lives a wild swan who floats high on the harbour till all tides are gone all alone in this world she sails by her leave...

yachtsman_71808Jun 6Jun 13

if you're reading thisIf you're reading this I'm no longer around it's a note I left I hope it's found when life is tricky you gamble cares so I slid down the appl...

yachtsman_729711May 21Jun 2
Special Time Poem

Special TimeWe just can't believe, until it's all we can give....

cheesecake891141May 24May 25
Dating site Poem

Dating siteI love dating site...

Unknown1210May 18

Vanessa, explainedIf I could hold the quill of truth over the page of unfolding story and hold it still and let the page itself write the words of your defini...

yachtsman_71572May 7May 9

wandering angerI met her in the winter in a bar upon the hill when the dark was carved by starlight and the moon had paid the bill I stepped in from t...

yachtsman_71331May 6May 6

the devil's trianglespiralling debauchery the pit in which I fell tis fiendishly amoral the tale of which I'll tell I dreamt of tax accountancy but my parents had...

yachtsman_71675May 4May 4

the rebuildshe was crying in the sea unloved and worn she spoke to me her heart and boards were long ripped out her diesel engine left in doubt yet...

yachtsman_71405May 2May 3
across the universe ballad of ballads Poem

across the universe - ballad of balladsThis is a "ballad" poem, which I created using actual names of songs categorized under "ballads", and from a to z, with a couple letters missing. . ....

junemoonchild990Apr 30
Stay Home Poem

Stay HomeStay home save lives....

cheesecake891020Apr 29

old cars and rusted heartsthe cafe was closing and the air was darker than age Mary was fixing her order and her world had become like a cage will you still se...

yachtsman_722011Apr 14Apr 28

iron barsI came from the sea I came from the sea is that woman still there does she still wait on me? I toiled on the sea I toiled on the sea until I t...

yachtsman_72515Apr 27Apr 28
only1life820Apr 28
covid19 Poem

covid19Unseen Silent your there Can't be seen You wander You lurk Victims you seek The weak the volunable The sick Victims of all to the ends...

wayne341251Apr 25Apr 26
In The Next Life Poem

In The Next LifeI'd ease the pain for love....

cheesecake89980Apr 24
Distance Poem

DistanceDreamin' for a no ordinary love....

cheesecake891100Apr 24

kissyou and me sitting on the edge of memory the radio sings about the things we want to do your kisses bring a rising spring of honeydew i...

yachtsman_71393Apr 22Apr 23

covid 19there was a girl in china but the radio signal died I told her we were hundred to keep her spirit but I lied people started dropping in the spr...

yachtsman_71334Apr 23Apr 23
yachtsman_71616Apr 16Apr 22
yachtsman_723011Apr 8Apr 11

(I Guess) She Doesn't Love Me Any More....Another written as a song... Old country style... Was written for the ONE who I found and lost....

Geriatrix25597Oct 2017Apr 10

theoretical physicscambridge on a sunny morn a professor deep in thought a quasi quantum quandary his mind now overwrought now the kernel of dilemma the cause o...

yachtsman_719716Apr 7Apr 9

three cheers for the bluestwo dogs had I I have to say called one Hipp Hipp called one Hooray Hipp Hipp a husky fearsome, true Hooray a spikey Kerry Blue and so...

yachtsman_719516Apr 4Apr 8
Life Poem

LifeMy own creation...

Speculaas881421Mar 18Mar 19
Mothers earth Poem

Mothers earthIts time to love and not to cry .its time give and not to take .it time to think .of mother earth .and be there for each other .no Mather. the race or...

50shadesofgray1050Feb 29

Cold TurkeyI raised my own turkey one year, to be part of our Yuletide fare, he lived in the house like a pet, and we spared no expense on his care. When i...

HarbalEsquire29011Dec 24Jan 31

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