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Ballad Poems (492)

Here is a list of Ballad Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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I Remember you now Poem

I Remember you now.I wrote this a while back. I believe i wrote it for my soulmate. Theres a story that goes with it from childhood. I dont know if its true but it gives...

shinjorai802Nov 12Nov 13
What I see Poem

What I see!What I see! Who holds this world in his hands? Who? Not I? Not you?, then who? The world will never be us, Why?, because, We WILL be gone, won't...

optimisticme741Oct 25Oct 25
MissIreland4764Jul 2020Sep 13
MissIreland5305Jun 2020Sep 12
Light or night Poem

Light or nightWithout dark there can be no light, How can we exist, if we are always right? For good to be known there must be bad, For happiness there must be s...

optimisticme890Sep 3
Dont be sad Poem

Don't be sadToday is the last day I write to you, for you have never replied, my heart has died, and all that I was is lost and gone, My love, my darling, I...

optimisticme1793Aug 31Aug 31
The Game Poem

The GameSitting here waiting for the day, the price I may pay, Age old, not knowing how this came be, I cannot see, For once I was young, seems like ye...

optimisticme1592Aug 28Aug 29
The truth of it all Poem

The truth of it all!Don’t lose your way, my old friend, tomorrow is never going to be the end, Don’t fall in sorrow at the expense of today, today may end and fall away...

optimisticme1281Aug 27Aug 29
Be you always Poem

Be you always!The guarantee of non existance when it hits you between the eyes, makes you realise, that the games we play in our so called lives, well, it's all j...

optimisticme1471Aug 29Aug 29
Hope springs eternaly Poem

Hope springs eternaly!So, you try and be, what the world wants to see? Lost in the fantasy, When the world doesn't want you, what will you do, find the real you? I...

optimisticme1271Aug 27Aug 28
Freedom of thought Poem

Freedom of thought!Inspired by d4nI314, she will know what it means!...

optimisticme2487Aug 14Aug 24

Words Of Love Act:2This is the second part I wrote in 1993....

DiggableHippy491390Aug 19
The Game Poem

The Game!Someone once said ‘this game is all in the mind, and the mind is all but a game’ oh yes, twas me, we chase our tails constantly. But there is a way w...

optimisticme1671Aug 15Aug 16
Life is a Circus Poem

Life is a CircusPut on your top hat, you are the star, the ring master, how long, how far, Let the clowns come in, let the fun begin, see the balancing act, trapeze...

optimisticme1390Aug 11
The Journey Home Poem

The Journey HomeAge becomes you ,and life dissipates, it flows like water, like a river from the source starts as a trickle, becomes a stream, then a river, and fi...

optimisticme1371Aug 10Aug 11
Poets ways Poem

Poets ways!Is poets corner the place to be?, to lose ourselves in our history? to complain in verse of a life gone wrong?, or sing out loud our favourite song?,...

optimisticme1293Aug 2Aug 10
d4nI31417711Aug 3Aug 8
Yvonne Poem

YvonneI fell in love .....ONCE....I became her only, my heart melted when I saw her, Her name is Yvonne, I'll love her even when I'm gone, She's what make...

optimisticme1060Aug 5
In the beginning Poem

In the beginning!Once upon a time when you were you and I was I, and nothing grew, and noone knew, when the still was all there was, what oh what could we do? Then...

optimisticme1410Aug 4
For my Friend Poem

For my Friend!I have a friend, dear to me, her heart is gold, her spirit free, Her trust is lost, in this poetry, To lay her heart on the line, in words and verse...

optimisticme2025Jul 27Jul 31
For a friend who left Poem

For a friend who left.I’ve watched tomorrow taken away because of today, Cries for help lost in the melee of life, unseen and unheard, No one is to blame, but still, to o...

optimisticme2782Jul 1Jul 31
Poets who Poem

Poets, whoI walked into a world of diversity, easy to see, do you agree?, is it you or is it me? You don't like what I write?, should I stop? or ignite a new w...

optimisticme2376Jul 27Jul 31
Truthfully life with no vision Poem

Truthfully life with no vision!To learn, to know, to be, to grow, and all the could be’s, and All the should be’s lost in ignorance, a waste of space and a Waste of time, a wast...

optimisticme1552Jul 22Jul 24
Answers Poem

Answers?So many searching for answers, why there is good and bad? It’s all there plain to see, you’ve been told throughout history, You recite the words t...

optimisticme1292Jun 21Jul 22
Hiding from the truth Poem

Hiding from the truthThe possibility of normality is lost in diversity, lets start a row, I don't know how, we're humanoid , create a void?, live a life of stupidity?, l...

optimisticme2462Jun 15Jul 22
Ask Poem

Ask!When you ask who am I, I shall say, go away, I know you, and you know me, so, remember Your part, go away, and take it to heart, And if you come b...

optimisticme1545Jul 1Jul 22
I look Poem

I look!I look, I see, what was meant to be, But nothing is divine, nothing here makes You mine, All of our creation, and all of what You can be, It’s...

optimisticme1504Jun 24Jul 22
A poem with no rhyme Poem

A poem with no rhyme!If you get too lost in your own sense of importance You will lose it all, you WILL cease to exist like us all, And then it’s over, and all of your...

optimisticme1494Jun 23Jul 22
An honest question Poem

An honest questionDid we become us by accident, or was it by design? And when we die and resign, and leave this place for Another space, will you still be mine?...

optimisticme1381Jul 8Jul 22
Simple Poem

SimpleWhat I have learned about life is its simplicity, To know its origin is lost in complicity, Its simply way that cant be told, Too many conditioned,...

optimisticme750Jul 8
For those that know Poem

For those that knowAn explosion of imagination created by one, to begin At the end, twas only fun, To know is the end, finally over and done, Played all the parts mot...

optimisticme790Jul 8
New Poem

New!What can you do to create a new you? Listen.....L Observe....O Verify........V Engage........E Herein endeth the lesson!...

optimisticme790Jul 2
Free minds Poem

Free minds!Free minds can’t see, free minds can’t be, It’s all an impossibility, freedom cannot be, There is no dictator, there is no creator, There is no fut...

optimisticme17110Jun 29Jul 2
For you Poem

For you!For those who care, the end of today signals A new tomorrow, and for those who fear, A new day will follow, For those that want to know, take the p...

optimisticme800Jul 1
When Poem

When!When the knowing becomes true, I don’t Talk to you, When the knowing is real, we know How we feel, When the knowing flows free, when We can see...

optimisticme770Jul 1
No Blame Poem

No Blame!I’m like this because of you, I’m like this because you Never saw it through, I’m like this because the Winter Sun never shone! I’m like this be...

optimisticme1202Jun 29Jul 1
Space Invaders Poem

Space InvadersWhen that moment comes, before sleep invades your space, Just for an instant, you can dictate tomorrow in this place, The star of this show will be...

optimisticme1104Jun 29Jul 1
Thanks Frank and George Poem

Thanks Frank and George.What better way to end your day than to smile and say ‘I did it my way, (thanks Frank) And when the day has begun, no better way but to smile and s...

optimisticme1253Jun 27Jun 30
Showing in Cinemas for a limited period Poem

Showing in Cinemas for a limited period!There’s no script for life! but it seems to me it seems to be, Lights, camera action all of the time, The director is YOU, it makes no sense, no rea...

optimisticme1366Jun 25Jun 27
Regeneration Poem

Regeneration!There’s a sadness in being, a sadness in seeing Our creation decline, Twas not your vision nor twas not mine, But we will begin again as we have...

optimisticme720Jun 25
Another three lines Poem

Another three lines!Too many times we look outside, It’s the fire inside, that matters, Too many times that fire has died....

optimisticme1020Jun 23
Rebirth Poem

Rebirth!To detach oneself and be alone, Tis easier said than done, You can leave the crowd, You can leave the place, But still, you’re part of the Human...

optimisticme1030Jun 23

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