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Ballad Poems (255)

Here is a list of Ballad Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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For YouShe will wake in the morning with tousled hair, moves her body, and I wont care, if she wakes in her sleep, and breaths oh so deep, I will know she is...

optimisticme2106 hrs ago

WishingI wish I was you, someone once said, I said, I wish I was you too, for all of my troubles would be gone away, for you to take, I would forsake, but I...

optimisticme2006 hrs ago
optimisticme59-Nov 23
optimisticme822Nov 18Nov 22
optimisticme421Nov 21Nov 22

HellThis one I wrote was 10-20-2019. There is meaning for this song; but, meaningless now. All and all, this can be viewed at different aspects. Past, pre...

DiggableHippy49732Nov 13Nov 14

YvonneShe saved me!...

optimisticme1152Nov 6Nov 7
Magma Poem

MagmaSilent whispers of gas Rises from caverns deep Hints of smoke and steam Ground pushed gravity rise from ash - heat and smoke flames from Within...

wayne341123Oct 5Oct 6
Evermore Poem

EvermoreOur favourite season, or it was... just not the same, since my husband passed.. God, I miss him!...

QuietStormF1335Sep 4Sep 5

SoundThe song pertains to a little bit in everyone. The past, present, and future tense of what we had, what we lost, and regaining the strength to live on...

DiggableHippy491430Aug 28
MissIreland3834Jun 2020Aug 25

"STRONGER?"About one's mental exhaustion ......

justruby962Jun 22Jun 22

"THE 3 A.M BREAKDOWN"About a temporary setback in terms of mental health ......

justruby710Jun 21

ERASED AND UNWRITTENA story of a long-distant relationship with a closeted monster / predator ......

justruby1051Jun 17Jun 18

ME PLURRY ORANGE SOCKS.Have you ever been to Orange in the middle of Winter ? All you need is some warm clothes & a Toddy. The locals don't seem to mind the Winter but the...

maymyo1151May 24May 24
Why do you read my poems Poem

Why do you read my poemsAre you a vouyer to my past To read my words From my lifes journey On my journey of life's toil To find my hidden sole my life You read with...

wayne341804Mar 9Mar 18
Enter the light i Poem

Enter the light iI dreamed of light A up hill tunnel so bright Shines from heaven above Voices heard from distant past Familiar sounds Voices long gone They s...

wayne341622Mar 14Mar 16

To My Dear Old FriendThis is to a dear friend who passed away a few years ago. He´ll always be in my heart... and my soul. I woke up early one morning with the above line...

Dan_7772167Mar 11Mar 12
the undressed oak Poem

the undressed oakhe sat on the old deck chair and thought about her about how she tied a strand of blonde behind her ear when she was anxious how the sun made p...

yachtsman_72816Nov 2020Mar 10
something shimmering and right Poem

something shimmering and rightpause and feel it so familier yet you've never seen it with your eyes a kind of innocent expression something naive something wise...

yachtsman_739810Feb 15Mar 9
warrior Poem

warriorhe grew up tall in this small land and worked the beaches field and strand until reward won mind and hand and left his youth for golden band...

yachtsman_72413Mar 2Mar 4
coining it Poem

coining itto a five penny piece I shrunk to the size as life made me hard in the head and eyes so pressed ganged was I on a leathery ship that lived in...

yachtsman_726110Feb 25Mar 3
fizzion chips Poem

fizzion chipscambridge on a sunny morn a professor deep in thought a quasi quantum quandary his mind now overwrought now the kernel of dilemma the cause of...

yachtsman_72758Feb 23Feb 27
How Long Will I Love You Poem

How Long Will I Love YouSharing the lyrics of this beautiful love song in dedication to my loved ones some of whom have passed away, some still present...

Happychatty12394Feb 14Feb 15
to remake anew Poem

to remake anewshe was crying in the sea unloved and worn she spoke to me her heart and boards were long ripped out her diesel engine left in doubt yet I...

yachtsman_72557Feb 6Feb 13
Surf Poem

Surf5am.. I take my board and smell the sky the tide swims round the breeze a spell and says goodbye the initial hit of cold and salt gives wa...

yachtsman_731315Feb 1Feb 13
questions Poem

questionscould a woman love the light could she'd gladly lease each part could the angel of our darkness make a mooring in her heart could a human heart...

yachtsman_72084Feb 10Feb 12
her own way Poem

her own wayshe was tough (as they come) in a coat of pain she was harder than diamonds left out in the rain and she smiled qualified at how life s...

yachtsman_71915Feb 9Feb 10
you Poem

youIf I could hold the quill of truth over the page of unfolding story and hold it still and let the page itself write the words of your definin...

yachtsman_72668Jan 24Jan 30
strawberry Hill Poem

strawberry Hillall was the same on strawberry hill the city looked up at those walking down and tethered boats traced the breath of cloud all was the same...

yachtsman_71773Jan 19Jan 20
marianne Poem

mariannedrank whisky from a bellybutton after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar heard a seagull s...

yachtsman_72064Jan 11Jan 18
tracks Poem

tracksI sit transfixed as thought it flies to see warmth twice inside her eyes a carraige full of moving breath some bound for life some bound for death...

yachtsman_72026Jan 13Jan 16
streets for Liam Reilly Poem

streets (for Liam Reilly)For Liam Reilly (Singer, Songwriter, RIP)...

yachtsman_724512Jan 4Jan 8
Boogie street Poem

Boogie streetO crown of light, o darkened one...

Unknown1221Dec 2020Jan 5
Dec 2019 Poem

Dec, 2019I.. once had a girl or should I say I once had three blonde, brunette and red one crazy night took me to bed they told me they worked...

yachtsman_72668Dec 2020Jan 3
reasons I live on a boat Poem

reasons I live on a boatshe looks at me, mid pub, and asks in a way, rhetorical as if she knows something I don't and will never "why do you live on a boat?" for the...

yachtsman_72528Dec 2020Dec 2020
Not quite a poem Poem

Not quite a poem..I am sorry, I've even forgot how to use the forums on this site... so if anyone knows, i would appreciate the help.I have loved and missed this, my po...

QuietStormF1902Dec 2020Dec 2020
Boogie street Poem

Boogie streetO crown of light, o darkened one.....

Unknown701Dec 2020Dec 2020
sand Poem

sandfriends hear me now and hear my plea I've wintered long in fields of sea I've fought and fight against the wind I've seen both poles and seen them...

yachtsman_71613Dec 2020Dec 2020
the air did move in silent sing Poem

the air did move in silent singthe air did move in silent sing as linnets sung on warble wing and truth did shine upon it's clock as two moored souls depart the dock time bent...

yachtsman_72386Dec 2020Dec 2020
Dylan JFK Poem

Dylan (JFK)round up the usual suspects of men round up some more and do it again pain is a letter stamped with a trowel and a life cruelly taken is mu...

yachtsman_71863Nov 2020Nov 2020
sea of keels Poem

sea of keelsheaven knows and heaven tries unpick the wrongs you've done unpick the lies cos you don't know how it feels trudging through a day in a sea...

yachtsman_72164Nov 2020Nov 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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