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Beat Poems (88)

Here is a list of Beat Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Sing along Poem

Sing alongla la la la la...

Oceanzest1664Aug 4Aug 5
Blossom Poem

BlossomGreen leaf branches stretching The sun's glinting eye Awake the sleeping Barren branch Now blossoms in the sun Bud's open to the glow The r...

wayne341392Mar 27Mar 28

FancyIt´s pleasant to spend time sleeping out, waking up, don`t have to jump up in a hurry, cozy breakfast, enough time doing things for yourself, every...

8Dreams117-Mar 7

YOU ARE THE MISSING PIECETo the person who make the heart too fast. And made everything so new!...

TearUp1953Dec 2020Feb 2
Love Poem

LoveI love and lost really to love again Love have no boundaries or no color...

Badassb1651Aug 2020Dec 2020
That time again Poem

That time againLate fall is not easy on us unless we take time to appreciate the good and also to reflect on our life...

yaspark2718Nov 2020Nov 2020

SHIPS THAT PASSHe said "Don't you miss a man's touch?" On reflection I had to admit as much. Thus with my defenses down, he proceeded to erase my frown. With...

Tamotie1974Aug 2020Sep 2020

Shoein' 'Ol PigeyeThis poem was inspired by stopping at a neighbor's to return his brush hog that I had borrowed to mow my pastures. Fred and Wilford have been life-lon...

ReaderOfSouls2387May 2020May 2020
Storm GB Poem

Storm GBBatterd and bruised Wind and rain Rivers flow deep Rivers flow high Enters towns and Villagers you don't care Batterd you blow Your tor...

wayne342060Feb 2020
Clearance rack Poem

Clearance rackOverheard this sorting through the clearance rack...

yaspark43312Jan 2020Feb 2020
When you Lose your Shadow Poem

When you Lose your ShadowLooking at the funny side of things...

yaspark46917Dec 2019Jan 2020
the meaning of life Poem

the meaning of lifeif you a baby read aboub it...

Unknown1400Dec 2019

Rowing Away to LoveWritten from the perspective of an unfulfilled dream about love....

Yankee4you3568Nov 2019Nov 2019
Frozen Nights Poem

Frozen Nightsits like a riddle....

Brent2251680Oct 2019
You again Poem

You againWhen he didnt say goodbye...

Lindzi2262Sep 2019Oct 2019

Stay OpenThis poems is all about love and desire. :)...

Yankee4you4174Sep 2019Sep 2019
guys Poem

guystrue story...

Ali_heart2424Jun 2019Jun 2019
be kind to people Poem

be kind to peopletrue stort...

Ali_heart2195Jun 2019Jun 2019
reality Poem

realitysure right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re lonely. They’re missing somebody. They’re in love with someone the...

Ali_heart1950Jun 2019
ladies Poem


Ali_heart1710Jun 2019
Downhill Poem

DownhillReflecting on my first terrifying and thrilling downhill ride...

yaspark33810Jun 2019Jun 2019
Sorry dont have one yet Poem

? Sorry don't have one yet.I’d like to be a nest if you were a little bird. I’d like to be a scarf if you were a neck and were cold. If you were music, I’d be an ear....

KLuv752091Apr 2019Apr 2019
Frogs Legs Poem

Frog’s LegsJust a story...

yaspark59214Mar 2019Apr 2019
In the soil within Poem

In the soil withinRed barren dust from the ground the Sound you are their My precious The sound from within The lure of greed tainted Man's soul For lie in...

wayne342371Feb 2019Feb 2019

Love Will EndureLove is all about believing who you are what you already believe....

Yankee4you4048Jan 2019Jan 2019
Life is lair Poem

Life is lairIm tired....we olse the time ..every time....our shapes are changing....our life details are the end...we dy....we finish...

Thewhitelife17002361Nov 2018Nov 2018
An ICE Poem

An ICE !!!Looking Looking Nice But Looking Like That Ice . . . BEWArE LOVE is a THIEF, You will loose everything !!!...

zeroBalance189-Nov 2018
Alone in my stoop Poem

Alone in my stoopThis is WHY I was canceled my membership last night that GREAT-MIND works under silence, they know whatever they do have NO IMPACT on the gentry as no...

runningshiva2440Oct 2018
Prison of Love Poem

Prison of LoveYou be there for some REASON I make better for my MISSION, Away You meet there for some VISION I seat bare for the SEASON, You May You...

runningshiva2202Oct 2018Oct 2018
Kysa Yeh Pyar Hain Poem

Kysa Yeh Pyar HainTere Mere Baare Men Baaten Hogi Taare Men Dil Gali Yaaro Men Ab K Bar...

runningshiva1960Oct 2018

DO NOT READ THIS!Wow! This one is WAY DIFFERENT from any of my usual styles. It felt like I was on a high as I wrote it, or rather, it wrote itself. I just arranged th...

BobbyC13481,0634Aug 2018Sep 2018

INTERNAL LIE DETECTORReal reaction I feel when I'm untruthful, whether on purpose or not....

BobbyC13482460Aug 2018

DreamsDreams are surreal and ubiquitous events....

Yankee4you6001Aug 2018Aug 2018

STAYDreams are merely wishes. We don't need it All to find true happiness. Be content with what you have. It's what God gave you....

BobbyC13483130Jul 2018
Insomnia Poem

InsomniaIve written it some time ago. But the problem is still with me.........

salamuna5498Jun 2018Jul 2018
You mask it all too well Poem

You mask it all too wellJust remembering of what could have been....

lindsyjones5429Nov 2017Dec 2017
No end Poem

No endTo my ghost of memries...

wendychan19832920Dec 2017
suddenly Poem

suddenlythis poem is the complexity of the never ending search for significance and Love in our brokenness and pain how at times one call loose there way li...

cozycomfort4631Jan 2017Nov 2017
Will You Poem

Will You ?I have so much love to give. Lots of care and affection to share.

Happychatty15762Nov 2017Nov 2017
Angel Poem

AngelThis poem is written to share a experience I had and a woman I met many years ago whom I believe came to both teach and bless us all ....I have never...

Happychatty14172Oct 2017Oct 2017
On the green green gras of home Poem

On the green green gras of homeLet's to see your shadows, On the table still your empty glas It's made me more sad I want you come back And to sniff your smell...

Berlijn4553350Jul 2017
Dream the African night Poem

Dream the African nightFar out, and no I wasn't stoned on the whacky baccy.. :)...

Oceanzest5631Jun 2017Jun 2017

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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