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Chant Poems (62)

Here is a list of Chant Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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A Cute Boo time Halloween Poem Poem

A Cute Boo-time Halloween Poem :)Just a cute little poem and to say "Love Ya'all"! Hope everyone has a safe,fun and memorable Halloween!!...

ReaderOfSouls6502Oct 2016Nov 1
Upon the Air of Halloween Poem

Upon the Air of HalloweenSome ruminations on Halloween....

ReaderOfSouls1336Oct 29Nov 1
Lightning skies Poem

Lightning skiesDarkness hails Purple blue flashes White lightning Booms and cracks Stretch across darkened skies Hail wind blows gust those teeth of flashe...

wayne341352Jun 15Jun 16
Time Poem

TimeThe clock chimes the hour Time ticks bye Seconds become minutes Minutes become that hour Time ticks bye slowly ticking bye time now gone now sto...

wayne341201Jun 14Jun 15
Near but so far Poem

Near but so farI dream of you to kiss those lips wanting you I dream of you each day Shy to talk shy to approach I dream of what to say Your hair dazzles m...

wayne341452Jun 4Jun 9

Love IslandLOVE ISLAND Beyond my reach to this love island I castaway my dreams of capture, To a forgotten place. No one live on Love island Except the sh...

MissIreland4064Jan 2020May 27
Do you feel the breeze Poem

Do you feel the breezeDo you feel the breeze Wind envelopes sways the tree Branches now blown away Dancing in the breeze Birds hold on tight Blown from their peach...

wayne341051May 24May 24
That shopping bag Poem

That shopping bagYou carry that bag Where ever you go Full to the brim It took you to carry it contents within Why you want to burden with this stuff why you wa...

wayne341580Apr 24
Spectre of the night Poem

Spectre of the nightYou feel a breath a icy chill Cold to touch You stand and stir on edge Was something Thier From corners eye you spy This thing a person stan...

wayne341742Mar 17Mar 18
Alone Poem

AloneThis is a poem to remind us that with age we become lost from friends are families that once we where always with and as time goes by we lose touch...

wayne341933Mar 10Mar 13
Six walls Poem

Six wallsSix sides I can not move look within These six walls Contained ears closed To the dreams around I can't bare the sounds The scream the bangs...

wayne341581Mar 9Mar 9
My song Poem

My songI just heard this in the morning and wrote it down...

yaspark36214Jan 16Feb 23
Pandemic Poem

PandemicStreets silent Lockdown begins We hide from the unseen for the silent killer lurks On winds of breath carried blown in the wind can't be se...

wayne341572Jan 23Jan 23
2020 vision Poem

2020 visionHappy New 2021 dear poets!...

yaspark27510Dec 2020Jan 16

LIVE LOVE LAUGHMy blueprint to life!...

Unknown1994Nov 2020Nov 2020
Poppy Poem

PoppyPoppy's lined in rows Thier petals flutter in the light winds they flutter in the silent breeze Thier red petals glow Remember them the fall...

wayne341490Oct 2020
Silence rewind reset Poem

Silence rewind resetSilence Cities once loud lies now on silent ears Inside they hide Afraid to go out side Locked away Thier own prison cell TVs on 24 /7 So...

wayne341571Aug 2020Aug 2020
Old Friends Poem

Old FriendsI adore old people...

Unknown2444May 2020May 2020
Drogons roar Poem

Drogons roarThe white queen Naked she stand for all to see Three Dragons seen Small in stature Conquest to full fill The iron throne she will want Fr...

wayne342531Jan 2020Jan 2020
On the open seas there beneath always there Poem

On the open seas there beneath always thereDemon of the world Havoc you cause Life expelled You float You lurk Your the intruder Man's greed Thier creation Alway seen discarded In...

wayne342614Sep 2019Nov 2019
Green Grass Poem

Green GrassIn the winter there is no green grass. Its kindalike under the white. So, yeah. And then an alien with groovy tentacles tried to f*ck me in my slee...

KindaLameDude2382Sep 2019Sep 2019

LOVE POEMS FOR HIMThese romantic love poems also prove that men deserve to feel special every once in a while. If you think men don’t cry, these love poems will prove y...

Unknown2162Mar 2019Mar 2019
Enclosed pain Poem

Enclosed painSix sides Closed in walls Gray barran Graffiti lurks cold to breath Lights flicker Senses void Hightened pain Ears closed Shouts of pain...

wayne343572Feb 2019Feb 2019
Silent walk Poem

Silent walkHeat of the sun The motion of the water laps the sandy beach Cool breeze The heat envelopes ones senses The gentle breeze Blows within the tre...

wayne343511Jan 2019Jan 2019

Time Is AwokenAn abstract writing about the word 'nigh'. The word is interesting if not odd....

Yankee4you4233Oct 2018Jan 2019

DEEP, DARK AND BEAUTYJudged the skin but you can't judged my god....

AmandaHude4537Jun 2018Dec 2018
This Paper Stage Poem

This Paper StageA poem dedicated to writers in voices of different forms/genres. Of the styles to chose from- chant seems the most close to my poem’s style but that d...

guitarpoet992472Oct 2018Oct 2018
feathers Poem

feathersFrom illness one leaves the body Transits in time To natures comforts To trees that whistle in the wind Leafs brushed aside they fall to the grou...

wayne343623Aug 2018Aug 2018
smmer heat Poem

smmer heatmeditative reflection of living daily life. I felt inspired to share these reflections in hope of some one else being enlightened....

nepessingwizard3370Jun 2018

DEEP, DARK AND BEAUTYJudged the skin but you can't judged my god....

AmandaHude3190Jun 2018

UNSURE OF LOVEMy poem just speak about unhappy...

AmandaHude3280May 2018
This is my new poem

This is my new poemis is my new poem I'm just testing This is my new poem I'm just testing is is my new poem I'm just testing This is my new poem I'm just testing is is...

CraftySquirrel4691Feb 2018May 2018
no Title Poem

no Titledreams without borders souls are made in flame kiss me under water now I just miss the way you said my name souls without borders dreams are m...

elo693882Mar 2018Mar 2018
no Title Poem

no Titlekiss me by the stars and make me understand that the dreams called love are in everbodys hand...

elo693874Mar 2018Mar 2018
hugs Poem

hugsrivers of the souls they fly notes in song passing by golden threads of time marking stitches in a rhyme weave which we believe without the boun...

elo694503Mar 2018Mar 2018
Small Surprise Poem

Small SurpriseSocial discourse brings about high and low surprises ~; ]...

BeneathePines2820Jan 2018
If I Am Lost Poem

If I Am LostIf I Am Lost, Find Me But Do Not Ask Me To Come Back Just Yet, Sit With Me In This Lost Place And Maybe You Will Understand Why I Come Here Too Of...

Unknown3331Dec 2017Jan 2018
All I need is you Poem

All I need is youwhen heart is shattered eyes are moist words beings to fall silence reigns when hands are cold feets are frozen fear takes over fate stops me...

bollywood4162Nov 2017Nov 2017
Life Poem

Lifelife can be hard at times...

noeleen4312Apr 2017Oct 2017

Love Lostdo u have same feelings ?...

ali1107029Jan 2017Jan 2017


vintageman43800Dec 2016
Halloween Challenge Reply Poem

Halloween Challenge ReplyA response to the Halloween challenge :)...

ReaderOfSouls6027Oct 2016Nov 2016

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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