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Ninurtaonline today!


May we never give up our humanity
over times of insanity
May we not look upon our vanity
but, walk in humility
May we find civility within calamity

May we find hope in our capacity to cope
May we find compassion in our personal fashion
May we find justice in the search of balanced conscience

May we find love within ourselves that we may offer love to others
May we become the truth we seek
to bring comfort to the meek

May we look upon the broken and lost and heal them without considering the cost

May we stop the hurting and killing
and look upon the value of living
May we look upon each other with forgiveness and thanksgiving

May we make the time to heal our hearts and minds
and share in a world to be kind

May we wipe away our tears and wash away our fears and stand up
to fight for what is right

May oppression be stopped along with a silent killer of depression and may wholeness and love be a new obsession.

May we find ourselves from within
only then can we be open for love
to be let in

May we see the light of love and the holiness of heaven from above
May it shine upon us all when we hear the angels call

May the darkness be cast aside where the light of truth can never hide
May the father bless the son and in love we abide
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 17
About this poem:
Haven't a clue where this came from. Yet, hope it may inspire. It's a tough crowd here.
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Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid to lift your wings
And soar through life each day
Find joy and love and happiness

As you go along your way.

Life is steeped with ups and downs
And troubles not so fun at times,
Chin up high and shoulders back
We meet them one by one.

Don't be afraid when sorrow comes
The answer is quite clear
Get down upon your knees and pray
for an Angel is always near
so please do not fear my dear.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
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12qw34er56tyonline today!

Don't be ashamed of me

With me, don't be shy, don't cover yourself... I love you as you are... Don't be shy with me, show yourself completely, just as you are, without inhibitions. It's all varnish, it's all temporary. You're a fickle woman from time to time. I accept you as a mature woman. I accept you sometimes. Don't be ashamed of me. I want to be your partner, your friend, your lover, your twin... not your judge. Do you have flaws? any ? I have thousands... who doesn't? Stretch marks, cellulite? I will accept them all. With me, don't cover yourself, wear the clothes you like, or don't wear anything, I don't care... I love the candy, not the packaging. I admire you, your spirit! Don't be ashamed of me... I dance in slippers, smile I dance in slippers, smile in the face with soap Walk around the house with my shirt on and your hair is tidy, or not tidy What's the problem? Cry when you feel like it because I'll be there to hug you, or fall to the ground laughing because I'll throw myself on the ground laughing with you without knowing why. Be with me and don't hold back anything. Don't feel sorry for me, because I'm very clear that whoever saw you and allowed you to pass... didn't understand anything.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 15
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angel99999online today!

The Vile and Villainous

Vile without a guise,
One would call a villain.
But, what about the one
With a clean look, disguising
Professing to be the Purest soul.
Targeting our innocent soul.

Flattering and coaxing
His/her way through
The unsuspecting soul.
Oh, we are indeed fools!
Being gullible is a sin.
For we do not seek wisdom

Oh, let us open our eyes,
Open our ears, see and hear.
Understand the vile souls.
Purge our soul from abomination.
Be saved, be happy,
For the wisdom from above.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 7
About this poem:
The present day people and our inability of using our intelligence to identify the villainous souls.
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Victory Outreach Men & Women's Recovery Home Programs - Part-2

Victory Outreach Church List By State

Victory Outreach International
› locations › church-list-by-...
Church List By State · Arizona · California · Colorado · Connecticut · Florida · Georgia · Hawaii · Idaho ...

41. Victory Outreach Hayward (Hispanic)
Veterans Memorial Hall 22737 Main Street Hayward, CA

42. Victory Outreach Heart of the Bay

43.Victory Outreach Hemet

44. Victory Outreach Hollister

45. Victory Outreach Hollywood
4067 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA

46. Victory Outreach Huntington Beach
15750 Magnolia St. Westminister, CA

47. Victory Outreach Huntington Park (Hispanic)
3034 E. Gage Avenue Huntington Park, CA

48. Victory Outreach Indio

49. Victory Outreach Inglewood
310 E Arbor Vitae St Inglewood, CA

50. Victory Outreach Lamont

51. Victory Outreach Lompoc
209 W. Pine Lompoc, CA

52. Victory Outreach Long Beach
5115 Atlantic Ave. LONG BEACH, CA

53. Victory Outreach Long Beach (Hispanic)

54. Victory Outreach Los Angeles (Boyle Heights)
104 South Mariana Avenue Los Angeles, CA

55. Victory Outreach Los Angeles (Eagle Rock Hispanic)

56. Victory Outreach Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
4160 Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles, CA

57. Victory Outreach Los Angeles (East Hispanic)
2033 E 1st St Los Angeles, CA

There are more in the U.S. whether it's at home,
your school, your job,
there are certain people & teenagers that hang-around
just 2 wait 2 cause U their 'Preplanned Disaster-Forecasted,
don't feel forced 2 stay in their 'Evil-Inn!'
Serious about a real change of life 2 happen
in your life? Then they can help U get rid of all these 'Penny Wises,'
that were previously your life.

God has a Garbage Can Waiting 4 All The Hell-Bent Teenage and Grown-Up
Garbage Can People -- God's Garbage Can For You Is An Eternal Hell.
There Are No Exits In Hell -- Play, Play, Play All U Want.
God Had Ghosted Ananias and Sapphira For Playing With Him! Acts 5

Important Paragraph Here It Could Mean The End
Of Your Life Lady!

When U call the police 2 lock-up your husband or boyfriend
due 2 domestic violence, when he gets out of jail,
he will come back home 2 begin again on U his domestic violence again.
Sitting Ducks In A Pond Can Get Killed.
His Domestic Violence Over U Lady
has already reached the Demonic 2000 Legions Level.
All he will do is re-offend and re-offend and re-offend.
He has Legion-Airs-Disease Mr. Nevil,
has in him the Devil!

All Mom's & Dad's didn't bring their daughters in 2 the world
2 be another man's Punching Bag.
Basically the right kind of religion teaches males how
2 keep their hands 2 themselves.
Isn't that what you teenage girls and grown-up women want?
A number of U teenage girls & grown-up women
please quit knocking down religion.

If all religious churches & Law Enforcement were removed,
men would revert back 2 the Medieval & Dark Age Evil Times,
they would chase U, catch U & Rape U.
So Please Be thankful For The Constitution of The United States
and Civil-Rights,
These Important Documents Ladies Are Here
2 Serve and To Protect U.
Please be thankful Ladies the churches that do reach
a number of men teaching them how to keep
their hands 2 themselves.

When the Anti-Christ Comes 2 Power I Don't Know
The Day, The Hour, And The Year Of.
He Will Tear Off Women's Rights All Over The World
Just Like Hunter Tears Off A Bears Skin Off His Body After Killing It.
It May Be Many Years Or Not Please Be Grateful
While U Have These Churches 2 Teach Males How 2 Keep
Their Hands To Themselves And Those Two Important Documents:
The Constitution of the United States
and Civil-Rights Ladies.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 11
About this poem:
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Victory Outreach Men & Women's Recovery Home Programs Part-1

1. If there too full please do not give-up-hope:
Victory Outreach Church Men's & Women's Recovery Programs are in all
50-United States.
Sometimes people have to pay a bus ticket to go from one state to another
to go into their Men & Women's Recovery Programs.

If Portland, Oregon is too full try anther state - no where in the bible
does it encourage giving-up. So Don't Give Up! Luke 18:1

2. Once you find the state that you want to live-in call them to see if there's more available space
for more men and women to go into their Recovery Homes, they will tell you the cost of the bus ticket
that will cost you, and they will have their people out there waiting for you to show-up to get off your bus
once you reach your desired destination.

Victory Outreach

1. Victory Outreach Chandler
777 North Desert Breeze Blvd Chanlder, AZ

2. Victory Outreach Mesa
5610 E Main St Mesa, AZ

3. Victory Outreach Mesa (Hispanic)

4. Victory Outreach North Phoenix
13002 North 33rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ

5. Victory Outreach Phoenix

6. Victory Outreach Phoenix East (Hispanic)

7. Victory Outreach Tucson

8. Victory Outreach Tucson (Hispanic)
605 N. Grande Ave Tucson, AZ

9. Victory Outreach Yuma
3780 South 4th Avenue Extension Suite I Yuma, AZ

10. Victory Outreach Anaheim

11. Victory Outreach Anaheim West
320 S. Beach Blvd Anaheim, CA

12. Victory Outreach Antioch
2400 A Street ANTIOCH, CA

13. Victory Outreach Bakersfield (Central)
220 Eureka Street Bakersfield, CA

14. Victory Outreach Bakersfield (East)
1307 Columbus Street Bakersfield, CA

15. Victory Outreach Bakersfield (Southwest)
912 New Stine Road Bakersfield, CA

16. Victory Outreach Baldwin Park
13020 Francisquito Avenue Unit 10 BALDWIN PARK, CA

17. Victory Outreach Banning

18. Victory Outreach Barstow
1501 West Main Street Barstow, CA

19. Victory Outreach Bellflower
9603 Belmont Bellflower, CA

20. Victory Outreach Brawley
625 State Street El Centro, CA

21. Victory Outreach Buena Park (Spanish)
6131 Orangethorpe Avenue Suite 150 Buena Park, CA

22. Victory Outreach Carson
455 Carson Plaza Drive Carson, CA

23. Victory Outreach Chino
11436 Central Ave Chino, CA

24. Victory Outreach Chino Hispanic
13721 Roswell Ave., Suite D Chino, CA

25. Victory Outreach Compton

26. Victory Outreach Compton (Hispanic)

27. Victory Outreach Concord

28. Victory Outreach Corona
512 W. 6th Street Corona, CA

29. Victory Outreach Corona (Hispanic)
512 W. 6th Corona, CA

30. Victory Outreach Downey
11555 Paramount Blvd Downey, CA

31. Victory Outreach Escondido
314 W. 3rd Ave ESCONDIDO, CA

32. Victory Outreach Escondido (Hispanic)
1305 Deodar Road ESCONDIDO, CA

33. Victory Outreach Fairfield

34.Victory Outreach Fremont
3125 Osgood Court FREMONT, CA

35. Victory Outreach Fresno (East)

36. Victory Outreach Fresno (West)
2537 E. Indianapolis FRESNO, CA

37. Victory Outreach Fresno Hispanic
2726 N. Chestnut avenue Fresno, CA

38. Victory Outreach Fullerton
979 Opal Street Apt A San Diego, CA

39. Victory Outreach Gilroy

40. Victory Outreach Hanford

1. These Recovery Homes aren't flop houses
so U can get up the next morning 2 go get
your next drug hit and come back
2 go back asleep again.
Recovery Homes are 4 people that desire real change
2 happen in their lives.

If U were raised in an 'Evil-Inn,'
if you're tired of that 'Disaster-Co-Student-Forecasted,'
about U, u can get rid of these Circus Lovers
that Love 2 clown around in-sin.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 11
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This woman had went out of her way to make something
out of herself.

2. For hundreds and hundreds of years in the United States,
American Men had always had a secret career called laziness,
that's why they had slaves to do their work for them.

3. This woman chose not to join the ranks of men that love laziness
as a secret career.

4. And I still run into a number of men that have made laziness
as their continued secret career.
This class of men before they had graduated from their educational
public school, they were in a hurry for it to end.
Once their educational public schooling was over with for them,
their mentality about anymore schooling,
I had asked a number of them a question "if given another time and chance
to go back to school to make something out of yourself,
that wasn't available and offered to you when you were in school,
would you go back and make that something out of what you can be?"
This is what they all had told me, "The hell with school I'm finished
with-it and I don't want any more of it!"
"I'm not wasting anymore of my time kissing up to
to going to anymore school classes, it was the most
boring thing I had to do!"
I said, "Ok, if you would rather put your(Psalms 38:5)foolishness to work for you
instead of putting your already learned education
to work for you, then that's your choice."


When a woman's heart is set to what she has chosen to do
and her mind is made-up,
this means she will push any and everybody out of her way,
just so she can feel herself that day she's been fighting for
to come to completion as in graduation
to be able to see herself walk into her own hopes and dreams.
These kind of women will never give-up!

In this sport she had trained in she had lost her fear over men
in other words she won't allow any males put her in that
fear factor box,
that mentality that men treasure so much over women.
Like a mouse will run from a cat
she won't run away from a man,
after kicking as the rock puts it -
"after kicking their candy-asses,
she will walk away not run away from a fight,
and if they haven't had enough,
she will turn around and go kick their candy-asses again!"
This woman is no Coward!

4. This is no joke!
The Gospel Saves The Soul
and Self-Defense Saves The Body.
Mother and Father's teenage girls
and you grown-up daughters,
this is only going to get worse.
Here's some past proof of evidence:

5. Your Mother and Father aren't going to be alive forever,
after they're gone who's going to protect you then?
I don't care if you're a rich girl
or a commoner or a peasant girl.
These Serial-Rapists seem to know who has self-defense
training and who hasn't been trained.

We have in the United States four classes of men;
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly And The Monsters.
The right kind of religion teaches the male how to learn
how to keep his hands to himself.
Isn't that what you women want?

Even the Commander and Chief of Heaven
he to is against rape.
(2 Samuel 13:14 King James Version)
This Original First Printed Bible In The 1500's
mentions the word "FORCED."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 29
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World would be freezing, but for men like you

You’re looking in the sky
With questions left unanswered.
All that you need right now is hearken your heart.
The world is full of pain…
The city’s unfamiliar – half-step to freedom.
All that was once in past - let go,
Half-word to dearness…

World would be freezing, but for men like you,
World would be freezing, but for men like you.

And destiny in wind as twig will tap on pane,
And say: I am with you, your love I now sing.
And voice will be so clear. Who is to make it brilliant
This day, who else but you, with whom else but with me…

World would be freezing, but for men like you,
World would be freezing, but for men like you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2016
About this poem:
I am not sure who the author of this Russian poem/lyrics is. Must keep on searching.
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Eyes wide closed!

You didn't grow into you by mistake,
You took years, you cried the tears,
You played your part, from your heart,
And all of what you did was only just you,
All of what you will be, will be you too,
Strange but true, you created, you dictated,
There's no one to blame, it was AND WILL
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 23
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Rejoice in the flow....

I've finally matured.
I'm starting to notice
How the hands of a clock
Scroll the time.
I realize I'm already not twenty.
So, I am not shy to cry .
I love nature and
I enjoy Aprils wind
And for the first time
I can see
That some things
Are deafeningly " too Late".
My voice trembles
Treacherously in my poems
The universe is right,
Our life just makes circles
On the water,
And I rejoice it,
Following the flow....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 18
About this poem:
just some spring mood...
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