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Loss / Death Poems (1,049)

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yonik1988online today!

In the paradise of my thoughts

And now the longing starts to grow,
Then slowly, by longing, I am consumed.
Feeling as if I'm dying from their loss,
I sense my soul fading, softly, into gloom.

In the paradise of my thoughts, I roam,
Gently carried away into their embrace.
As if I become weightless, I am flown,
Lost in the center, in that sacred space.

It seems to me, astonishing and grand,
I would not dare to hinder their flow.
Slowly, I begin to ascend and expand,
Through the paradise of thoughts, I go.

Now a traveler in realms unknown,
I seek to explore with a tender grace,
Places adorned by a longing tone,
Beloved by angels, in sacred space.

I lift my gaze to the sky above,
And witness a passing cloud's chore.
I realize I'm a traveler, guided by love,
Through many worlds, an explorer.

Then a weary thought does smother,
Forcing me out of that ethereal soar.
I shall return, just another,
Back to the earth, a mere mortal once more.

And now the longing starts to grow,
Then slowly, by longing, I am consumed.
Feeling as if I'm dying from their loss,
I sense my soul fading, softly, into gloom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
Originaly writen in Romanian word, but translated with the help o AI, i hope you will like it, thank you for your time
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yonik1988online today!

The Vanishing

Like leaves on trees, we dance and sway,
In winds of time, we have our day.
Born to grow, to multiply,
But in the end, we all must die.

As leaves fall softly to the ground,
We too depart, no longer bound.
Leaving behind a trail of pain,
A whisper of hope, a silent refrain.

Others will follow the path we tread,
A carpet of memories, the living thread.
Beneath their feet, our legacy lies,
For in life's fleeting moments, everything flies.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 16
About this poem:
the poetry is part of my book called " the souls capturing city " it was originaly writen in Romanian, but i have translated it with the help an AI hopw that you will like it
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Israelis122online today!

Your American Dream Was Stolen From You!

1. To all Americans and Foreigners
that had experienced U.S. Police Officers
stealing your own personal property from you
that went back starting too many decades ago,
and there was no proof of evidence
of criminal activity.
Write a book about it.

2. To you foreign-American diesel truck drivers
that had all your hard earned money
stolen from you by a Florida Highway Police Offices.
If you have proof of evidence of it
write a book about it.

3. Crooked High Way state patrol police officers
had been known decades ago for planting
drugs on the general public just to build a court case
against people.
If you have proof of evidence of it
write a book about it.

4. Don't be afraid to continue to live your hopes
and dreams if you live in America.
They have a Law Against Racism in China
and a law against stealing.
No country is as safe as Japan as what their internet web page said.

5. For you citizens foreign and American in the U.S.
if you have proof of evidence of what U.S. Policers Officers
had done you wrong in other words if you have
proof of evidence of Police Officers Mis-Conduct.
Write a book about it.

6. In the United States we have too many racist police officers
and too many racist judges that will side with
these racist police officers.
Something like this you should email your local news station.
Not just one but all of them.
Only if U have proof of evidence.
Write a book about it.

7. In past accounts here in the United States
I had experienced Chinese and Japanese
and others nations of peoples
complain to me about Nazi-Ku-Klux-Klan
Police Officers.
Nazi-Ku-Klux-Klan Racism are the main headers
and guiders of all racism being started and kept
alive in the U.S.

Foreign People have a way of either softening or hardening
the heart of their governments either for or to go against the
United States.
This will take time as their foreign-countries collect U.S.A.
news paper articles that show real proof of evidence.
Racism done to any people is a crime in and of itself.
U.S. Racist Police Officers Using black Americans and Muslims
as their target practice is wrong to.

The Nazi-Ku-Klux-Klan FBI Kills Muslim Leader
years ago.
This is a very fast way to break a peace with other nations
United States!

Lots of our Muslim Neighbors are flocking more to China
instead of the U.S.A.

United States you had better be careful China and Japan
are gaining more nations little by little
to join their Military Super Power.
Outside of the U.S.A. to racism in any form
that ranges from A to Z isn't welcome to their countries.
China already has the Taliban and Islam.

As alcohol impairs a persons judgement to operate
a motor vehicle so does Hitler Racism impairs a police
officers judgement to operate his commonsense in his mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2
About this poem:
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Happychatty1online today!


In a seemingly crazy world ,may we not necessarily forget but strive to overcome our yesteryears
Move on in unity and peace with love for our fellow human beings instead of being crippled by hatred and fear
On this our borrowed land that’s been stained by innocent shed blood and drenched from grieving wept tears
Move forward together,irrespective of when or where one came, what was brought or sought

Some may abuse generiousity but in a world of such inequality,injustice, how can we just look the other way,bury our heads in the sand
For who does it all really belong to anyway, why not offer a helping hand ?
Who gave a Robin his song to be sung and who can say where he was born is where he shall only belong ?
And, whos place is it to declare, to shout, or say who is really right, or who is wrong ?
Who shall throw the first stone, if the truth be known who is right to cast any blame ?
Who really deserves to be clothed in robes made from shame ?

We’ve had too many wars where the heavy burden of evil came to rest upon the shoulders of young soldiers
Who believed and declared that peace was the food they fought for, I wonder how it tasted
when so many gifted lives around them were cut down in their prime so tragically wasted ?

Where did the melting pot go, does anyone know ?
Does it, or should it matter who is right or wrong ?
Or, from which religious organization you may, or may not belong
Who said we must humiliate,segregate, isolate, kill, destroy
someone else’s prescious, beloved girl or boy.

We cannot change the past only try to change the future,have hope and a purpose for which to aim
So let us all rise up against such evil, stop playing this destructive blaming, shaming game.
Stand up and be counted, claim victory, wear a crown of great pride and dignity again
Let’s not waste time trying to propagate,exterminate but instead try protect the children of the future, try embrace
And do so now, today, before all of tommorows promises expire, vanish, gone without a trace !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2019
About this poem:
Sad reflection of our world
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One more loss

If you look at the sky for a long time,
You will see the stars falling.
I'm throwing them for you out
Of the rainbow with my paw!
If you look at the sky for a long time,
You will see white white clouds,
Those are me and my comrades,
Running after each other
Across the rainbow!
If suddenly from a gray cloud,
The rain starts dripping
Onto the ground,
This is me and my comrades ,
WE MISS you...
AND WE start crying...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2
About this poem:
another painful loss
We lost our dog right before the new year . I hope he feels better and calmer THERE
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"Money can't buy back your youth when you're old, a friend when you're lonely or peace to your soul " Johnny cash
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 30
About this poem:
It talks about inevitability of death and old age
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Angeldanceronline today!

Lest We Forget

Splashes of red engulfed the now quiet meadow
Tranquil to a fault, reflective battle in regret, conceded
As the poppies held their heads up high, swaying
Looking over the cascading cliffs at the stormy sea
And as the soldiers wistfully remember, today was the day
That the fallen gave their lives, memories of the pain
The bloodshed, the wounds, the gunshots and the dead
When death himself carried away those souls that had fought
Valiantly in the front line, memories which fled their very grasp
Of ghosted fingertips, lost in their fight, when the survivors won
Their right to stay on this day of rememberance Sunday
We mourn the loss of those that once lived, to give
Freedom, peace, and all that happened from before

A day of reckoning, with warring forces that thought
That it would not ever be stopped or won
When the dead of that era, and the living are here now
And the world remembers them, the wars they pledged
Their lives to their country, to do the duty that required
Strength, luck, digilence and instinctive skills
To survive another day, a piece in the chessboard,
Pawns that swept across the same old black and white
Pieces used that travelled across the world with all their might
To ensure that the wars were won and that no other war
That could take its place, indeed, when all was said and done

Those poppies have a lot to say in so very little words
They stand for the voices of the forgotten, when all was left Unsaid, those that gave their lives for us today
When the world, the tears that had been shed

We have no need for reminders what the wars were about
But to this day, we remember them, as the sombre words say all
Within the realities of today as traditions and legacies live on
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 12
About this poem:
Introspection on Remembrance Sunday, lest we forget.
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Where is your love , God?

There is nothing more in my soul.
Only grief and sadness.
And a little bit of warmth.
I'm silent.
Am I already dead?
My pain is terrible.
Blood flows everywhere

God! tell me it is just
A bad dream!
The world has gone blind.
The world has gone deaf
The earth is burning.
Where is Your love now?
At least try to leave
Them a memory of the place,
Where their children's bright dreams
Could be saved.
And a bar mitzvah
On the last night before the war.
I'm silent. I concentrate on the pain.
Please tell me it"s just a bad dream
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 16
About this poem:
no need to explain.. I guess...just my feelings.
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To Build or not to Build

If you want to build your own family hold your man . With an open arms ,lovehim, share every thing with no secret between the two of you care him.But if you don't want to build your own family open your hands live the man fly away like a bird. That's the life.Be Happy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 4
About this poem:
My poem nothing it's come only in my mind.Because I'm only passing by in my own account
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I am stretched on your grave
And would lie there forever;
If your hands were in mine
I’d be sure we’d not sever.
My apple tree, my brightness,
‘Tis time we were together
For I smell of the earth
And am stained by the weather.

When my family think
That I’m safe in my bed
From night until morning
I am stretched at your head,
Calling out to the air
With tears hot and wild
My grief for the girl
That I loved as a child.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2023
About this poem:
Grieving from the Grave

by Criostior.
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