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We say a man thinks with his head,
but does the truth lie further down instead?

Some men's stronger brains are in their balls,
the source of their keen prowess or calls.

Pretty women are seen as objects of sex,
if they can't be used, some are vexed.

Others rely on their testes to feel alive,
glands are stimulated to have their drive;

But see France's leader, so sharp and bright,
in love with an aged mentor - his heart's delight,
A solid power couple strong as rock,
there's no issue with a generation gap,

True intellect knows no bounds, no walls
and it certainly doesn't reside in men's balls.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 28
About this poem:
A real intelligent man knows that sex isn't everything.
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


I want to cry with you
Hold you
I want to feel your pain
Really feel your soul
Nothing to gain

I want to spread my arms
Look into your eyes
Feel your tears, hear your cries
If I could I would
Make the pain cease to be
In a world filled with misery

I want to cry with you
I want to feel your pain
Really feel your soul
Nothing to gain

I want to hold you
Die with you
Feel your tears
Feel your fears

Close your eyes and you will see
This is how it has to be
For you and me
Suffering derailed
Love prevailed
Forever more
We soar

Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 26
About this poem:
My deepest thoughts on Loving people. Love is the only currency in this world and we seem to be far, far from that today.
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yonik1988online today!

A lonely life

I chose a lonely life
Without a wife
No one to share
Tears of despair

No one to give
Reasons to live
No one to love
And meet above

No one to care
When i get there
No one to wait
Beyond the gate

No hand to hold
Till i grow old
No lips to kiss
And none to miss

But to be fair
Let's not despair
It's not all bad
When i'm in bed

It's not all sad
If i get mad
No one will keep
Me from a drink

So if I may...
It is okay
I guess I could...
Say, it's all good
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 24
About this poem:
I just wrote this poem, it is the original version, no Romanian version this time :)
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In the springtime

In the springtime maybe we will dance in the flowers sublime

In the springtime maybe we can love one another just one last time

In the springtime maybe we can touch the sky as we learn to fly

In the springtime maybe we can smell the rain as it falls on upon the rivers and streams as it washes away our pain

In the springtime maybe the sun will glisten upon your golden skin and hair that I may be intoxicated by your beauty so fair

In the springtime maybe we can start fresh to see ourselves healed in mind and spirit instead of carrying around yesterday's mess

In the springtime maybe we can learn to get along and sing happier songs

In the springtime maybe we can dance to a new romance if we are willing to take a chance

In the springtime maybe we can run and play as kids once again before we get too old and only have time to visit each other's grave

In the springtime maybe we can let go and forget past regrets and write a new chapter of love and happier moments to get

In the springtime maybe we can wake up together embracing with our hearts racing making love until the evening sun and moon is facing

In the springtime maybe the love we sought for so many years we will recognize we had it all along but, it was hidden within our tears

In the springtime maybe just maybe instead of writing and dreaming of the love we seek we may one day fully experience it with someone we meet

In the springtime maybe we will wake up and realize it was all but a dream as we watch it flow gently down the stream
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
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12qw34er56tyonline today!

Returning to life...advice

Every heart wants warmth at every time of the year and age has nothing to do with it. No matter how cold life is, where there is love, the weather is wonderful. It doesn't matter how old you are... The main thing is to wake up every morning with the confidence that the person you need is next to you and loves you... Always be loved!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 17
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The book of love

When all that matters is no more
and emotions lay bare on the floor
when all that once was no longer is
then life has surely lost its fizz
but hope springs eternal, or so they say
and maybe I'll find love again some day
maybe not now, or even next week
but in time I might find the one whom I seek
She might not be perfect but then neither am I
she might not come to me in the blink of an eye
but as the saying goes, and we all know it well
'there's someone for everyone'.....
it's on these words I dwell
we've all been in love and lost someone dear
and after the pain then comes the fear
the fear of finding someone new
and of closing the book on the past that we knew
and the one that we loved and with whose love we grew
but books are written with a start and an end
and love is the same, no matter how we pretend
all we can do is enjoy each chapter
while cherishing the love of the new heart we capture.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 15
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Ande205online today!


In the realm where dreams take flight,
I seek a love that feels just right.
Through uncharted lands and starlit skies,
I search for love that never dies.

In whispers of the wind and the ocean's sway,
I yearn to find my love, come what may.
Then in the cosmic dance of fate,
I'll find my match, my destined mate.

In you, unseen but ever near,
I sense a love that's pure and clear.
With every pulse, I feel your call,
In you, my love, I'll give my all.

No longer lost in the shadows of night,
With you, my love, I'll find the light.
Together we'll journey, hand in hand,
Bound by love, across the land.

So here's to us, wherever you may be,
In the tapestry of fate, you're meant for me.
In every heartbeat, under the sun,
You are my soulmate, "The One" yet to be won.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 11
About this poem:
The poem is titled "The One yet to be won " is written in a romantic and reflective style. It expresses the speaker's longing for a soulmate, someone they haven't met yet but eagerly anticipate finding. The poem evokes feelings of longing, hope, and anticipation for the future. It uses imagery and symbolism to convey the depth of the speaker's emotions and their yearning for a deep connection with their destined partner. The style is characterized by its free verse form, allowing for a natural flow of expression without strict adherence to rhyme or meter. Overall, "The One" captures the timeless theme of love and the universal desire to find a soulmate.
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Wasting time
Hating myself
Never good enough
Tears and tears
Feeling sorry for myself
I don’t deserve anyone
I don’t deserve to be loved
Told as a child all my life
Believed it all of my life
Let it be told
None of that is true
All this time wasted
Love - Love
That’s all I need
To Love myself
First and foremost
The rest of my life will now continue to grow
For I Love - Love myself for the first time ever
What an amazing feeling .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 12
About this poem:
Love -Love
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yonik1988online today!

Look at the sky

Look at the sky
And tell me why
We can not fly
And touch the sky

Look at the moon
Make me your groom
You'll be my bride
Dressed in white

Please be my guide
In all dressed, in white
Guide me trough life
And be my whife

Let's be tugether
Now, till, forever
Let's shine together
Like stars, forever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 27
About this poem:
just wrote this few min ago
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yonik1988online today!

i wish

I only wish, we had more time
I wish that you, wold still by mine
I wish for things to just be fine
I didn't want, to cross the line

I didn't know what love can be
Untill my life turned in to we
Before all this, was only me
I wish i had your eyes to see

Exactly what you saw in me
That made you, change, us, in to we
My life is better, when youre with me
It's better then, it used to be
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26
About this poem:
i wrote this poem few hours ago, hope you like it, thank you
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