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Pets / Animals Poems (167)

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Dear Fellow Critters

Hello my fellow critters.
I will give you a lot of jitters.
My name is boom boom.
My bark is a signal of doom.

Can you hear the sounds of my bark.
It's a little bit dark.
Please open the light.
So it will be all bright.

Let's play a simple game.
Let's see who has the best aim.
Throw me my delicious treat.
Time for me to take a sit.

The spoiled dog is winning.
Please stop from crying.
There's always a next time.
But, the treats will always be mine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 23
About this poem:
A poem about my pomeranian dog, Boom Boom.
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Have Mercy on the Animals

Have Mercy on the Animals, they have feelings too.

See the little fawn, move too fast and she'll be gone.
She knows to run away, when the hunter comes to spoil her play.

Have Mercy on the Animals, they have feelings too.
Have Mercy on the Animals, they feel just like we do.

Mother Cow's out in the field, so much milk she can yield.
Father bull he tills the land, providing grain for beast and man.

Have Mercy on the Animals, they have feelings too.
Have Mercy on the Animals, they feel just like we do.

See the birds up in the tree, they also have their families.
Build their nests way up high - just like you they don't want to die.

Have Mercy on the Animals, they have feelings too.
Have Mercy on the Animals, they feel just like we do.

Have Mercy, the mercy will be shown to you.
Have Mercy, and mercy will be shown to you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2022
About this poem:
I don't need to say anything about this poem, this poem says a lot in itself.
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My Sweetie Pie.

She glares at me with warm brown eyes;
Her posture, firm and unyielding.
I glance from my laptop to her face,
And she sighs, impatiently…still waiting.

I think I know what she wants;
But is it time? No, not yet.
I glance upward at my clock.
So what does she want me to get?

She changes her posture and lays down on the bed;
She rests a front paw on my wrist.
She’s annoyed with me now and makes a low growl,
In hopes that I’ll get the gist.

I’m not very good at reading dog signs,
So I have to guess at her need.
It’s either she’s bored and wants to play catch,
Or maybe it’s time for her feed.

How would I live without her in my life;
And how did I manage before?
She lights up my days and keeps me in tune,
She’s my life-saver for sure.

Few things I have with me can give my life joy,
Like the joy she inspires in me.
Sweetie’s well-named; she’s a ‘sweet-tempered’ soul,
And a gift that keeps giving sweetly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2022
About this poem:
My sister and ex-sister-in-law often say that my dog, Sweetie Pie, behaves much like a real person. They describe as being “a whole human”. She amazes us.
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ReaderOfSoulsonline today!

Of Beloved Dogs

Inevitably they talk about their dogs
Leaning against the bar;
Leaning against the fenders of their pickup trucks,
Gazing at the stars.

Little do they know
Those little silver specks in the heavens;
Are the reflections from the eyes,
Of all their old friends long gone.

And those silver streaks, not falling stars
No, frisbee balls and sticks
That got away in the weightlessness of space.

I was on duty often when they came
And I cried along with their masters;
When their time had come,
The rich, the poor, free spirits and cowboys.

Old couples, young children
Survivors of the holocaust;
Marines home just in time.

Well, we know where they go
But whence came these drifters?
Some just showed up on the porch, quietly waiting
Like they had an appointment.

Others came in little squeaking boxes
And restless hands fed them with nippled bottle;
Their mothers lost,
Until irresistibility became full value.

And they rode home
On the leather seat of the Rolls Royce.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2011
About this poem:
The experiences while working as a veterinary technician.
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Alligator floats, stalking the pond
Bears ignore spectators, they don't even respond
Cougar rubs its face and body, on the side of its cage
Dolphins bring in the crowds, see they're all the rage
Eagles sit proudly, up high in their nest
Foxes yard play, attention arrests
Gibbons swing in tree's, with their whooping sounds
Howler monkeys are chased, from the trees to the ground
Indian Elephants admired, by fans of Ganapati
Jellyfish haunt their tanks, some plain others spotty
Koala's bring "awe", to kids that look on
Lion male wakes from sleep, with a stretch and a yawn
Macaw's of bright colors - red, blue, and green
Newts hide in foliage, trying not to be seen
Otter is acrobatic, playing in the water
Penguins won't come out, summer heat's gotten hotter
Quail peck through their yard, looking for food
Rhino turns his butt to the crowds - oh my goodness, how rude!
Snakes have turned milky, as they shed their skin
Tapir's start to mate - "uh, let's view the next pen"
Uguisu was pretty, 'til it pooped on my back
Vampire bats scare the kids, let's just skip that
Wolves howling inspires some onlookers to howl along
Xantus are so beautiful, I loved hearing their song
Yabby looks delicious - "imagine that on my plate"
Zoo visits are fun, when coupons give discounted rate

© March 12, 2014, L. Karriem
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2021
About this poem:
I wrote this for a poetry contest back in 2014. I got an honorable mention.

This was written in A,B,C style. Each line had to start with the next letter of the alphabet until you have A all the way through Z
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lovecanberealonline today!

One Friday night at the trots (old Harold Park)

Rapt in attention
As the pace car quickens
Horses score up behind
Like a phalanx
Seven off the front
And five behind
Makes a full field of twelve

Drivers in formation -
Now bursting off the arm
To settle down at speed
In two neat rows

The first sectional is fast - 27.6 seconds
And they are going like last weeks pay out there!
Back markers get busy and the field has already
Covered 600 yards

The driver in front plays on the reins
In an attempt to slow down the field
Only to hear a three wide train -
All flashing silks and thundering hooves
Now rushing around his outside

Eight hundred meters are gone
And the're already three wide-
Has the favorite gone all too soon?
At six to four on she makes a bid for the top
Only to land in the breeze

Another fast split 29.2 seconds
(Only slightly slower again)
They burst past the post
And out rings the bell-
Another fast lap now to come

At the burst of the bell
Horses quicken their feet
And drivers lean back in their gigs

Number one she still leads
Flashing silks gold and green -
Will she be an Emerald City girl tonight?

The driver leans back harder
To slow down the field
And succeeds in a 30.9 second split

The mare gets a breather -
But now they come faster
Rushing three
And now four horses wide

The home turn approaches
And they all fan out
To each get a shot at the post
The crowds on its feet screaming and cheering
For the tough little mare to get beat

The favorites now gone
(Loud swearing beside me)
But still the game mare just hangs on
They flash past the post
And I can see now shes lasted
To get up at forty to one!

© lovecanbereal
All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016
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A horse for the course!

Maybe one day I will buy a horse.

Then when it finishes last in the Grand national I can sell it as the greatest horse to have never won the
famous race.

I will tell the people that if it had of just got over that first fence
It would of... fell at the second!

When they interview me I will tell the media that I never trained the animal to jump fences. When they ask me why?
I will say I was afraid he’d fall!

When they explain he did actually fall I will say I told you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2020
About this poem:
It is just a humorous tale. I love horses and if I ever won the lottery id buy a horse and put him in training.
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ReaderOfSoulsonline today!

Blessed By A Good Horse

Some are blessed with tranquil passing
While others met a tragic end
Truth is, it's never easy
When you've lost a trusted friend

As horses go, it's sometimes told
In simple words that cowgirls use
He darn sure was a good one
He's the kind you hate to lose

He's the kind you'd ride the river with
Roam the canyons and the breaks
In rough country and wild cattle
He'd be the one you'd take

His efforts weren't ruled by stature
With him you'd finish what you'd start
His limits were governed only
By the dimension of his heart

His expectations were simple
Merely fairness from a friend
But when he'd feel the need to run
Don't try to fence him in

Pure poetry in motion
Across the plains he'd fly
A tried and true compadre
In a seasoned cowgirl's eye

His courage was unmatched by mortal men
From conquistadors to kings
Cowboys sing his praises
At roundups in the spring

Ain't it strange how thoughts of horses lost
Mirror those of men past on?
And though they've gone to glory
Their spirit's never gone

Sometimes simple words seem best
When final words we choose
He darn sure was a good one
He's the kind you'd hate to lose
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
A tribute to the horse I lost in September '09. I never did have the time to mourn him but now I do.He was a beautiful dapple gray, hence the color I used for this work. *wipes away tears*
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Dog In The Pound

I'm weary and I am lonely and,I am so afraid.
Please don't pass me by, will you come to my aid?
It's hard to understand why I was thrown on to the street
Left alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing around to eat.
I wasn't given a reason for being wanted no more
I was left alone and abandoned. Now what was all that for?
I never did any naughty things, of that I am so sure.
I never barked or ruined things. I even gave my paw.
So why do human's feelings change? I'm trying to see why
They would throw a good dog out like me, Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.
And now I'm here inside this cage,there's nothing more I can do
But pray that someone could love me. Could that person be you?
Each day goes by and I'm more afraid. I'm afraid in here I will die.
Because you all walk past my cage and, can't look me in the eye.
You may not think I'm pretty cos I have awfully scraggy hair
But that could be all mended if someone chose to care.
Oh please just stop. Look in my cage, one chance is all I need
I'd give you love in abundance and take very little to feed.
I'd be your loving companion and like to end my days.
Knowing that you loved me and, my funny little ways
It's so hard living in here but, I have my dreams you know.
So please don't walk past my cage. Please don't. Don't go
I'm getting rather desperate now for someone to hear my plea.
Please stop and look inside my cage. Please, please let it be me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
I am a foster mum and look after dogs that come from the pound until their forever home is found
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and all the world can see, without an animal in your life, such a lonely life it will be

it will keep you in shape by walking your dog and introducing them to the world

you"ll add him or her to your family and gloat at their antics so enjoyable

all animals have something to smile about they bring such joy to your life

and you"ll wonder how you survived without an animal in your life

i might be the cat prince but anyone can benefit from an animal in their lives
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2020
About this poem:
i have always had animals in my life. i dont know what i"d without them
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