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Echos of Lost Paradise

I cannot remember who I was back then,
But in this very moment, I want to be that guy again.
I did not know that life is hard in many ways,
I did not know that life can trap me like a maze.

I remember the feeling of freedom when I was flying high,
I remember the sensation of peace when I was touching the sky.
I remember the love that surrounded me like a warm embrace,
I remember the happiness that filled my heart in that special place.

There are many times when I miss it, being there,
'Cause living in this place is much harder, to be fair.
I wish I could remember who I used to be,
And I hope that he still lives somewhere inside of me.

But as long as I'm still here, I guess I need to live
And give advice to people whenever I can give.
It's better to live good and die with no regrets
Than live a bad guy's life and die with haunting threats.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 28
About this poem:
Another poem, writen in english, hope that you will not judge, and hope that you will like it. thank you in advance for your time
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God made and loves you the way you are

To Him you are one of His shining stars

He gave you a talent special for you

Ask Him to guide you in everything you do.

When you are scared or alone in the dark

Remember He loves and is with you no matter what

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2015
About this poem:
I wrote and dedicated this poem to my Vacation Bible School children in June 2013 as I gave them "glow in the dark" bracelets to wear the last night of VBS. Love all my VBS children.
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Jesus died and left us the gift of forgiveness
Making a way for all his children to Heaven

There will be no beginning and no end
Just like the Eternal Cross continuous bends

All we need to do is accept Him as our Savior
His love for us will never waiver

Written by: Kathy © March 27, 2024
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 5
About this poem:
Easter poem
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I'm new here, and what I see, this world aint
ready for me,
I'm unique, I'm different, I won't make your mistakes,
I know, don't tell me where to go,
Your life is not mine, things will be different, but,,,,
now I am older, life got colder...
I realise... I am that soldier, ....older and aware,
life revolves, thoughts combine, your thoughts are
now mine, it took time, it took pain, now I see,
life becomes you and life becomes me, in the end,,
we end the same!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 30
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The walls fall and the debris call, to me, a part of being,
now seeing, shut it down and start again, never will that be,
Words that mean nothing really mean a lot, don't sweat the
small stuff, sometimes enough is enough,

Open mind, closed life, live and die, cry, lie, and be, who?
were you ever true?.....
Hard to be, harder to see, what you were meant to be!,
Fall short, and in the end, don't cry, you will see,,,,,,,
nothing....and everything.....and know eventually!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 22
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Gaze Upon the Clear Sky

Gaze upon the clear sky above,
Where stars twinkle with gentle love,
Like a canvas, it's painted bright,
Carefully etched in the night.

Observe the vibrant nature's art,
Unaware of your weary heart,
It doesn't know of your missteps,
Or how you've wandered, ill-equipped.

You've strayed from your intended way,
To know God, you seek day by day,
But your path is preordained,
Even when you feel restrained.

For a time will come, you'll see,
To know God, you'll be set free,
But until that destined hour,
Embrace life's uncharted bower.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 6
About this poem:
like the others it was originaly writen in Romanian words, but i have translated it in English with a bit of help, it was writen late at night, i hope you will enjoy it
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After long winter’s darkness and fear
Snowdrops under the snow appear
Gradually cold white melting away
Everything appearing in brown and gray

Sunshine and gentle warm rain
Signs of new hope after winter’s strain
Baby animals all over the place
And beautiful blooms showing their face

Year after year new life reappears
From the old life from the past year
Popping their heads up to regrow
The colors of the promised rainbow

We too are promised a new life ahead
When our old body enters winter dead
We will be reborn in the spring
For a new life with the King of Kings

Written by: Kathy © March 31, 2021
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2021
About this poem:
Spring has sprung and Easter is this coming Sunday. Write a poem every year for my church's Easter Memorial Bulletin.
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One night I dreamed of walking green hills
Seeing little people that gave me chills
Following a rainbow to the end
Seeing a pot of gold and a little green man

"Top of the day to you", he said
With a little green hat on his head
"Come closer my dear to me
Come over and rest under the tree"

He said he was a cobbler by trade
As we sat under the tree in the shade
I noticed a black kettle off to the side
With gold coins he guarded with pride

He asked didn’t I want to steal them away
I told him – no – I wasn’t there to prey
He said I had earned 3 wishes for this
So think careful and tell him my list.

The first I asked for a long and healthy life
Second that in the world there no longer be strife
For the last that I wanted 3 wishes more
He laughed and slapped his knee and roared

For I'd found the secret to eternal wishes it seems
To keep using your third wish to fulfill all your dreams

Author: Kathy © March 8, 2019
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2019
About this poem:
Hope you like Leprechauns everyone!! GETTING READY FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!
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Earthly man.

Once I was an earthly man standing on my own. I thought I just had everything, but yet I stood alone. I had my car, My money, I had my family too. Just one thing I didn't know the devil had me too, He helped me lie, he helped me cheat and steal. He helped me do those earthly things in hopes to make a deal.
Then some people sent my God, showed me where I stood, I would not listen to what they said. I thought I was just too good. But when I was down and left all alone I remembered what God's people said and how to get along, I had to come to the cross just as Jesus did and asked the Lord to forgive my sins just so I could live.
Now I walk and talk with my Lord. Every single day and he gives me what I need when I humble myself and pray.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 11
About this poem:
As much as we would like to think, the world has the answers.
Try a different alternative. You might like it.
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hey you ! a Christmas thought :)

Well Christmas is a time of cheer,
when most share love and a bottle of beer,
a time to get closer to the family,
maybe even a hello to aunty emily.

but to most here on CS,
Christmas could be a time of stress,
for thinking thoughts of family past,
yet really having wanted it to last.

and in this shortish message,
i dare to undertake,
remember what we're celebrating,
Christianity ! the birth of a Babe.

not fancy presents, Santas on sleighs,
a shopping frenzy, and many delays.
pictures of pine trees covered in snow,
and fairy lights blinking, competing to show.

let it be simple and wonderfully pure,
like fresh fallen snowflakes, a picture, i'm sure.
open your hearts and banish hard thoughts.
it's Chrsitmas for God's sake,
give, share and be happy.
not just take, and take and take . . .

Happy Christmas everybody. God bless.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2009
About this poem:
just a thought. love you all my cyber friends. xx virgosign
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