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Teacher Rant

I hate these kids
This pay I'm getting
What a joke!
There is no respect for teachers
None, zip, nada
How has it gone so bad so fast
It used to be good for teachers
A good pension after 30 years
You could retire in your mid 50's and have about 30 years of good retirement
Teach 30, retire 30, sounded great, right?
Now that has been stripped away to give it to fat cronies like Donald Trump
And don't get me started with these kids
Parents who want to be friends to their kids
Kids being raised by grandparents because their parents chose drugs instead
Kids who do things so disgusting and bullying that redefines cruelty
I should quit, but I have three things that keep me going to this tomb
June, July, and August!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 7
About this poem:
After the school shootings on Valentine's Day, I have been researching teaching and what led to this and many other shootings in our schools. I got out in 96, as I taught and got bulldozed over by those kids every day.
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Eyes wide shut.

I may only be a teenager in this new world,but already I see what's in store for me
A world were corruption and lies are king, and the takers keep taking cause they can never sin, why is it we suffer while governments get rich, if they cared for their people no mess would the world be in, they serve others but just think of themselves, did they ever serve the people, or is that just another lie like all the rest, I haven't been here long but I see what's going on, and I hate to say this but some governments are wrong, so who is corrupting them for so long, we need to stand up and say enough is enough, this world belongs to all of us not just for the takers, don't think you have won, for my generation well stop you this time, your in power long enough time for a change, and I promise you this you well all know my name.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 29
About this poem:
Take a wild guess?
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Be exactly who you want to be,
Do what you want to do.
I am he, and she is she.
You're the only you!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 6
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It’s Chilly Up North

It has got chilly
and wet up north now, as expected.
The wind can cut through you real quick.
So do be very careful how you go
for there is ice underfoot and
there is snow.

Let us try
spare a thought for those we don’t know
who are trying to survive, living out on the
As for them to get through each day
is surely no
easy feat !

Let us try remember
those whom are less able bodied
that maybe can no longer venture outdoors
They may not ask for help,not wanting to be a burden or
to moan
A quick knock on their door or, a quick hello on the phone
can mean the world to those who are so isolated,
maybe feeling forgotten or
living alone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 27, 2017
About this poem:
Community spirit...
Just a thought as winter bites to try keep well and as warm as can be , and try look out for one another
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Winter Olympics

I sing karaoke
Last night I sang Weird Al Yankovic's Headline News
In the song there is a reference to Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan
In the 1994 Winter Olympics Tonya hired someone to club Nancy's leg
The attack was a failure as the attacker missed the knee and hit the leg
Nancy was able to recover and still get the silver medal in figure skating
With all the bad press and a broken shoe lace Tonya stumbled big time
Tonya failed to medal at all and was later banned from the sport for life
The performance ranked #11 of all TV shows ever on television
And the only Olympics that ranked as one of the most watched
I like ski jumping the best with curling a close second
I do watch the figure skating too
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 16
About this poem:
I have been watching the Winter Olympics and remembering the news of Tonya Harding. Now we have the whole school shooting news from Florida eclipsing the headlines right now.
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Values Lost

On the news, just today,
A child with a gun.
Inside a school, killing all,
My God, another one!

Whats happened here? How can this be?
What have we become?
Why are our children lashing out?
With hate, at everyone?

Where are their parents now?
Why aren't they safe at home?
Why are they being raised by television and constantly left alone?

There's no respect, there is no love,
There are no consequences!
What will it take, how many to die,
Before you find your senses!?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 15
About this poem:
Another school shooting here in the States.
It is both terrifying and heartbreaking.
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Humanity's future

Bleak without my freedom
Choice I was given none
Out of fear you trod away
Resigned from it all
Submission to defeat
A call you obliged to
At the expense of my future
In the hands of bigots
terror clad robbers
An offering of my guts and
Spilled my lifeless body
In a cup of sand covered with blood.

Over my dead body will I lose sight of my children's future.

We have as much right to be who we are and I will fight till my last breath is charged protecting that right, wouldn't you?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 25, 2016
About this poem:
In honor of a world we once knew which will disappear because of our indifference and nonchalance.

It's easier to accept defeat especially for those who are weak.
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The Other

Who am I?
I am the Other, the other brother
The brother you would rather forget

I am the shadow shivering
Under the bridge
When winter comes;

The child selling cheap pens
In traffic jams.

I am the one you make fun of
For eating with my hands
For not speaking with your accents

I am the Other.

I am the one who does your slave work
I am the one who cleans up after your party
I am the one who pays with my blood
For your Eternal Frontiers.

Laugh at me, snub me
For I am not like you.
But some day I shall rise,
I, the Other.

I am, I will be
The stuff of your

Fear me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 9
About this poem:
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My State of the Union Address

I address this to not only the people of the United States of America
But also to the people of the world
Whether they live in Japan or Liberia
Italy or Turkmenistan
The state of our union sucks a**!
How does it suck a** you might say
Well for one we have half of this country sitting on their lazy butts
They contribute nothing and consume a vast amount of our tax dollars
They get free health care and care nothing for their health
They get free food stamps and spend it on food devoid of nutrition
They live in free housing but their neighborhoods are death traps
Full of violence and all sorts of immoral behaviors
The other half who choose to do what is right
What is their reward?
Higher taxes and stagnant wages
They watch while the CEO's make over 400 times their salary
The Federal Reserve continues to print money
That does not have the backing of gold to make it worth something
So the dollar continues to plunge
And the real wealth of the average American goes down with it as well
They have to work overtime not for fancy luxuries
But to pay the bills and try and scrape by
Our infrastructure is a rusty mess
Our schools are the laughing stock of the world
Teachers who get absolutely no respect from their students or their parents
On a positive note
We have the greatest military in the world
At least we're good at blowing things up!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 3
About this poem:
Just pretending what it would be like to be president, just pretending of course because I wouldn't want that job for any amount of money!
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When it pertains to s*xual Misconduct Judgment comes double quick
even if those accused get exonerated the stain tends to stick
Hypocrites vehemently chastise when they too are guilty of harassing
this reality will always be since being human involves masking

The spiteful minded will twist innocent comments into an assault
dismissed is the notion that alleged victims often share fault
Pawing on someone who didn't agree to being fondled is a crime
I'd argue it's arduous for those in power to refrain from being slime

To be perfectly honest women do induce behavior such as this
not 'telling it like it is' would certainly make me feel remiss
Women no doubt dress provocatively with every intent to tease
walking on egg shells in the workplace negates feeling at ease

Harassment in whatever capacity shouldn't be addressed lightly
ruining a life also mustn't come out of engaging politely
Not one sex can deny having acted in this unacceptable way
again I say it's happening in all facets of life everyday all day

Several actors and others I've long admired are culprits it turns out
free passes will be given to the most powerful people with clout
People who act so shocked at every accusation sickens me
gullibility runs rampant but this goings-on the stupidest can see

What derives from parading what you've got is an obvious reaction
as human beings it is only natural to respond to physical attraction
It's deemed disrespectful but the exact opposite I am truly expressing
what you can't have not only causes pain inside it's depressing

More often than not women get "harassed" because they look the part
wearing clothing that doesn't scream 'Harass Me' would be a start
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 1
About this poem:
It is nothing new!!!!

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