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i was floating on a cotton bud

i was floating on a cotton bud high up in the sky,
when an angel flew by, and asked me ‘hey, why?’
there’s so much work that needs to be done
here on this earth, so many issues. everyone!

i told the light creature, that i’d had enough,
of humans who’re selfish, uncouth and so rough.
for all his intelligence, man has ruined this world
with plastic, and warheads, and hatred unfurled.

look at the environment, the seas. even space.
the murder of forests, and oceans’ deface.
dead satellites in orbit, we now call space junk,
what’s there to shout about, this planet is sunk!

so the angel got busy, to turn me around,
from my floating carriage, in silent surround.
go back my dear fellow, to the sins of the world,
but look at the goodness, your vision unfurled.

the birds in the skies, chirping and singing away,
the great humpbacks of the oceans, a sight on any day.
the lord of the jungle, with his mighty roar,
and the graceful gazelle, we all love and adore.

there are good people, if you really care to look,
not in the bible, the koran or any other holy book,
but just look around you, and marvel and see
happy children’s faces from any degree.

for that aught be the reason, to strive and to toil,
and make this earth safer for them to grow tall,
the beauty of love, and the tests we must solve
to get goodness remembered, and bad to resolve.

so i floated down gently on the same cotton bud
and got off my carriage, with ne’er a thud.
and looking around me, i was in this room
chockfull of children, and no elbowroom…..

all colours, all sizes. all smiling. .... no gloom.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 7
About this poem:
we see what we want to see, though it is getting more and more difficult to see the good over the bad of this world. peace.
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BobbyC1348online today!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 1
About this poem:
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Cash Call

I love you Cash Call!
Cash wired right in my account
No one would lend me any money
Not even my relatives!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
(Three months later)
I hate you cash call!
500% interest taken right out of my account
I can't afford to do anything
Not even visit my relatives!
Boo! Hoo! Hoo!
Boo! Hoo! Hoo!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 17
About this poem:
The first part is an actual advertisement with the late Gary Coleman as their pitchman. The last part you won't ever see on TV, but these money lending places are making out worse than bandits.
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No truly cognizant person can deny minorities are synonymous with crime
according to the Pretzel Left it's Whitey's fault not the animals doing time
It's no coincidence blacks are increasingly seeking out a clueless white girl
believing it's purely contemptuous induces Nausea followed by a violent hurl

Marches and Movements always about making America bow to minority demand
incessant whining resulted in changes they wanted to the constitution of this land
The never ending nonsense 'America owes them' is unquestionably guilt abuse
they'll never accept they cause there ruination or surrender the 'Race Card' excuse

Whites must walk on egg shells because every other group we must first appease
patriots helplessly watch their America get turned into an irreparable disease
Proponents of political correctness successfully set the 1st Amendment on idle
it doesn't negate the fact that everyone 'Stereotyped' absolutely earned the title

Deemed 'Greatest Nation on Earth' obviously required becoming the Melting Pot
all but guaranteeing the great 'Promise Land' lasting forever would certainly not
Some 'Fool's' felt a vastly diverse society could equate to a harmonious United State
the inundation of foreigners and uncivil menacing minorities was bound to stir hate

"TRUTH" to those on the LEFT is without question Kryptonite
what happened to 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' being what's right
Whitey's to blame for plenty but Americas' collapse isn't one of them
'Telling It Like It Is' will provoke the deniers of reality to condemn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 12, 2017
About this poem:
Tell it like it IS!!!!
Political Correctness...
is criminal.

Tweaked and added lines
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Promises, Promises.

Promises, promises, all you give are promises.
Issuing such sweet, alluring dirty lies,
Building up my hopes for a better tomorrow.
That will only lead to great sorrow.

Constantly telling me how you will make things better,
How you are such a righteous, unstanding go getter.
Tell me again how much richer, wiser and healthier I will be,
If only to your secret plans I will unconditionally agree.

You instruct me to follow you blindly about,
Never to questions or show any doubt,
Your endless devious drivel gets repeat every day
Telling me never to wander from your path or to stray.

You shout from the roof tops, and whisper in my ear.
That I should blame this one or that one for all that I fear.
You take from my pocket with such stealth.
To ensure I can' have wealth.

You grip my soul, my very being in your hand,
To squeeze out my essence, every last strand.
You wish me to crawl and beg at your feet,
Whilst you tell me one more great myth or deceipt.

Is breaking my spirit your ultimate goal?
Slowly draining the dignity from my very soul?
I am to become your obediant slave?
For the rest of my life until the grave?

Should I be grateful for the few scraps you distainly give?
Is this the way I am now meant to live?
Crushed and destoyed by your cruel lies.
Of a the better life, of endless blue summer skies.

Is this bitter tale about a spitefull love?
Is it a divine cruel beauty that I dare speak ill of?
A siren singly sweetly, luring me to my doom?
What person or thing could cause such dire gloom?

It is not of just one person these lines do speak,
They instead tell of the ignorance and arrogance of a constant sneak.
That orders me to give up every last cent.
It Is My cruel lying Government!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 5
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(( dimensions of human ))

when, life - smiling, widely at us
when, everything, goes properly for us
when, days - are full of - charming colours
when, all melodies - touchig - our hearts
when, passing moments - taste so sweet for us

we, forgetting ( so simply ) all and the whole

but : when, we are weepy - of life challenges
but : when, we get caught - in grip of hardship
but : when, we are aware of our powerlessness & misfortune
but : when, we wandering in vain on trackless path of life

suddenly : the ocean of kindness & compassion, arise in us
suddenly : by A great might, we struggle to discover pure belief
suddenly : we displaying, A perfect & angelic FACE
Ah ::::: ( HUMAN ) ?? !!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 20
About this poem:
my very simple words, displaying dimensions of human
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You get up there to sing your song
You hope you sing it well
You hope the audience is actually listening
You hope they enjoy your performance
You fight the fear of being on stage
You try to get to a place where you don't care what they think
You just let it flow
If you are successful you get a good feeling
But you have to have a good song, performance, and audience
Getting all three to come together is real tough
But it is the desire to give joy
A joy that will make them forget whatever is going on in their lives
For a brief moment all is right with the world
I guess that is what drives all performers
Whether they be comedians, singers, artists, athletes
You want to inspire people
To bring happiness to their lives
To be a star
And if you're really good
To be a diamond!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 19
About this poem:
I sing karaoke every Thursday night, just one song. So far this year Gold Digger by Kanye West was my best.
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BobbyC1348online today!


It's buzzing all around us,
In a never-ending stream,
Electronically digitized transmissions,
And blinding fiber optic beams,

Messages, emails, texts,
TV and the like,
Radio, cellphones, computers,
Microwave saturation blight,

Bouncing off satellites,
Marauding thru outer space,
And it all passes thru us,
On it's highly charged race,

Technology is wondrous,
But what's the real cost?
I'm afraid one day soon,
Our brains won't be the boss,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 19
About this poem:
Most poems I title after they're written. But I've carried this title, and idea, around for days not receiving the words to express it.
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danube3135online today!



i hate, hearing complaint and complaints
i hate, endless conflicts and battles
i hate, deep valley between hearts
i hate, mysterious whispers & hates
i hate, human similarity to vacillatory statue
i hate, nonsense & colourless words
i hate, exaggeration & bragging
i hate, false & unreasonable ruckus
i hate, praising golden idols & treasures
i hate, roguish tricks of capital accumulation
i hate, insatiable bellies
i hate, dumb minds
i hate, owning ears, but acting as a deaf
i hate, owning eyes, but acting as a blind
i hate, rootless promises
i hate, lack of similarity between words & mind
i hate, the duality of humans

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 14
About this poem:
All i hearing and feeling in every day life
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Keeping America Beutiful

There are many things you can do to keep America beautiful
Reuse plastic bottles and fill them from the tap
Don't throw garbage out of your car onto the side of the road
Instead put it in the trash when you get home
When hunting, fishing, or trapping, only take what is legally allowed
So the future generations can have an abundance of wild life
If you camp, be sure your fire is completely out, even the coals
If you must have children, have only one
So the future won't be overcrowded and the animals lose their habitats
Vote for candidates that believe in strong immigration laws
So the future children will have jobs and safe streets to play in
Recycle so we don't use up all our resources
Be kind to your neighbors so they will have peace in their hearts
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 13
About this poem:
Watching an old informative commercial from the 70's with the Indian crying over the bag full of fast food containers thrown out of someone's car.
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