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Messed up World

Wrath, wrath and wrath
Hate, hate and hate
War, war and war
Conspiracy galores everywhere

Killings, bombs, missiles,
Stabbings, shootings, homicides and suicides,
Displaced and dillusional

Strife and poverty,
Floods and famines,
Helpless and needy,
People in sorrow everywhere.

We ponder, on this messed up World
As we hear over and over, Attrocities.
But cannot fathom,
How the hate started.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 31
About this poem:
Just ignore those who are bad.
Try to make a better World.
We need to start from "me", "I", or "myself"

Wish a possible mindset for peace to All around The World in
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This Land is Who's Land

If you don’t own the land
Then the land owns you
You will never suffer again
We will take care of everything
You can always trust the State
We can never lead you astray
We will always defend your rights
From the cradle to the grave
Just as long as you behave
We fight we fight with all our might
Just as long as you believe
We will make everything alright
Don’t worry or be deceived
How do you know beforehand
Things don’t work out as planned
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 11
About this poem:
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Solutions to the Migrant Problem

Here are some solutions to the migrant problem are easy you see
Just make the place they left from where they want to be
Make it a place of good wages and violence free
A place where everyone lives in glee
Make the weather nice and the governments nice too
Everyone helping each other making some great stew
You bring the onions, I'll bring the beef
And we'll have a great feast with green grass beneath
So the people will live in warmth where they don't have to freeze
And the health of them is good so they don't have to sneeze
So the problem is easy, don't cha know
Just make Mexico and the rest where they want to go
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 7
About this poem:
It would be nice too if these companies south of the Rio Grande River would pay good wages too.
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


When we fell asleep last night
Did we wake into a world of fright?
Falling down a rabbit hole
Our lives literally stole

What phenomena occurred whilst we dreamt?
Were the evil red serpents sent?
To conjure up the lot of us
In stages that are just treasonous

Our voices cannot be heard
The lines of insanity are now blurred
Why has the seven heavens fallen
And our hearts and souls called in

Silence gives permission to the not so pure of heart
Sharing the truth to rise above must have a start
When we stop fighting for a life that is free
We accept the heavy hands on the control key

For what give rights to some and not others
Forbidding reaching out and touching our brothers
Rulers come and go not without a battle
Rise up and put an end to the psycho babble

Look deep into the eyes of peace and tranquility
Know this is the true state of all of humanity
Contemplate the truth absent of the unfitted
Never following doctrines made up by the wicked

Plunging deeper into a life of pandemonium control
Becoming lowly victims in a chasm that takes its toll
Breaking free should consume our every thought
Because freedom’s fight must always be fought

“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind”

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~
French writer, poet, and pioneering aviator

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 26
About this poem:
Freedom is our Divine RIght, not to be mandated or dictated by our fellow human beings, whether elected more like appointed however.
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Humble Pie

I've paid my dues
Worn out my shoes
Is life without much gain
I've suffered in silence
Avoided much violence
Peace came without pain
I’ve made my plans
Reached out my hands
Washed out in the rain
I’ve made my way
Always had my say
During my whole reign
I’m ready now
Prepared somehow
To start over again
I’ve conceded to
The cards I drew
Not all was lost in vain
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 20
About this poem:
The absolute truth is just like a small slice of pie and always better than nothing.
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Living Well Is Our Best Revenge

Like fine tuned instruments
When even one string is out of tune
Like a broken Christmas ornament
And stinks all the way to the moon

My message is please care for one’s self
Even endure some pain if bearable
Give and take is a thing in itself
In order to achieve its comparable

Seldom can you gain otherwise
Without making more sacrifices
The lives of our children are our prize
Something to think about twice

I bring to you this press release
More understanding than advice
A hope for change is a hope for peace
Better than the role of a dice
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2023
About this poem:
People should learn from our planet’s past history of aggression.
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Space and Grace

Don’t complain to me about life
If things were always that easy
Everything would be great

The sun and moon still rise
To a place where they feel safe
Can we all agree about that

The water is too hot or too cold
Whenever I need go for a swim
So I must somehow just adapt

Nothing else comes that close
To the warmth of your embrace
Freedom only love were the case

I am so sick of this life’s stress
Where I can sadly find no rest
Do I really know what’s best

Peace and tranquility do exist
If we slow down our hectic pace
And find some space and grace
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2023
About this poem:
This poem is about choices we all must make to feel whole or just needing to take a break.
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THE WALK(of shame)

Good morning America.
We’re mourning America.
The, once great America,
Dear God save America.
What the hell is happening?
Crimes were once a bad thing.
The hypocrisy is maddening,
He’s why the world is laughing.
Now what of law and order?
Most look on in horror,
Seniors breaking bad
On Pennsylvania ave,
And he was proud as peacocks,
The former “king of New York”
My, my look what we’ve got,
Tempest in a teapot.
See the rich and powerful,
They too are accountable,
So I won’t shed a tear,
While justice has two tiers,
One for me and mine,
For whom she’s never blind,
In the life a day,
Rich men never pay!
Poor man chasing dreams,
These men devils’ schemes,
And I won’t say his name
The lies his claim to fame.
So let him do the perp walk,
Mugshots take them too,
And let the whole world watch
See what pride does to a fool!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2023
About this poem:
Solemn past few days even for those of us not living there. Many will attempt to whitewash, to deny, to forget this momentous day in history and we cannot allow them to for the sake of democracy. Though we don’t know if he’ll ever be held accountable for his many transgressions no one is above the law! Be vigilant brothers and sisters many, even Christians have been deceived. To all I say It is never too late to embrace truth and chart a different path. Go forth in Gods grace and mercy!
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The Old Bait And Switch

Just because you’re thinking
You might outsmart us all
This has got to be riddling
Cause it ain't likely so
Just because were still friends
Doesn’t always mean you know
They’re ain’t gonna be much killing
When we all don't get along
So where does that leave us
Amoung the mighty and the strong
Just ain’t square...Just don’t belong
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2023
About this poem:
We all know what i’m talking about here friends……
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A Planetary Vision

If we could release the hurt that goes back generations
Just think of what a great world we could build together
When forgiveness is not swept aside like dust in the wind
When forgiveness gives a very human touch to offenses
As long as were ready to move on together in this world
We should be ok or what ever else humanity can devise
I just predict when bright minds are allowed to get together
To discuss the important issues that need to be addressed
This world will likely come together like nobody else
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
Ok. You asked and you shall receive.
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