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Antipathy permeating a portion of society stems from excessive 'Diversity'
no matter how valid an observation 'deniers' will surely deem it absurdity
Rarely do answers sought arise through closed door talks between each side
obviously both Parties 'firm stand' on their Ideology negates resolving divide

Drastically changing Americas' landscape was never a true recipe for peace
white's being unwillingly forced into 'Minority Status' assured hate increase
Mankind seeks out honest reasons behind their propensity to be 'racist'
I'd surmise 'Human Nature' alone is why this unfortunate reality exist

Self-righteousness and deception in Politics has climbed to an all time high
belief in any genuine justice coming out of government long ago ran dry
This insufferable world induces the very best of us to "Fall from Grace"
life having fallen far short of a 'Gift' spiritually crushes the human race

The 'Left' feel unlimited 'hand outs' are more inspiring than earning it
the 'Right' knows working for what you get truly defines the word legit
Dems pretend to care about 'women and minorities' to secure their vote
the weight of their perpetual 'lies and hypocrisy' never too heavy to tote
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 7
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Upstate NY small college town

Noontime whistle atop the volunteer fire station
awakens every motorcycle still parked from last night
repurposing every decibel left over since the big bang
Traffic lanes tighten between parked cars and bikes
the venturi sets empty cups to rolling with the straws still stuck in
And because some students have cars and cars have tires
A man in a hi-viz vest tugs and strains on a 4-way wrench
another friday night oops to support the local economy
his fee will be proportionate to the squeal of stubborn lugs
if the Judge was involved, well then he or she's torqueing too
No net effect on unlimited data plans
point of sale pizza, energy drinks, flavored vapes
or bedbug powder
Nearest damn salt water beach a good six hour drive
south by southeast in this case
seldom has anyone here considered that do-able
local law enforcement barely lets the kids breathe anyway
lucky enough spend four semesters here
A lot of apparatus is in place to keep green urban affluence
apart and away and unresponsive to rural towns brown
A million congrat's to Yale and Harvard, these and the other
hallowed halls of long-term planners across this big ol' land
In a quick hundred years collectively have opted to
to commoditize, to cannibalize their own
Institutional spinelessness can be surgically corrected
absent anesthesia
Most of the cups have been squashed by now
the lids and straws need more running over
excellent reason for not picking them up
Enrollment and graduation keeps traffic moving
retail suppliers roll 24/7
the library keeps the stats
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2
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Yankee4youonline today!

Runaway Love

I want to runaway to where
I am free
Joy of feeling a home to share
Hiding away
I want to catch my first kiss
Trying my way
The magic of my first wish
Lighting up
I want to burn a long candle
A fragrant one
I want to watch over the sand hill
Gazing as one
I just want one to discover
One called ours
I want to reach up and uncover
Secrets inside
I want to curl up and be still
My heart swells
I want to listen to it spill
Louder it beats
The power of its message
Pounding away
I want to swim through its passage
To the other side
Freedom to explore the unknown
Searching for freedom
How grateful love was shown
Escaping away
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 19
About this poem:
That feeling that you get when your heart races with love, perhaps? :)
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trurorobonline today!

The World Just Closed

The old tramp kicked over the bin
For holding onto remnants of the past
Was just a forlorn hope
That tomorrows rubbish would
Be any the fresher
And the artist, forever daydreaming
Would think that brushing fresh paint
Upon an ancient canvas
Would make life more worthwhile
If he could just grab “The Past”

Where the poet whose head was
Forever poking through the clouds
Trying to see if he’s feet
Would ever touch the ground
And if he wrote something daring
And oh so poignant
Then he would not have been
Yesterday’s hero
But only the bankers could write the poem
Such a remarkable lament and
Appropriately titled
“Where has all the money gone?”
As if a poem would restore fortunes
And the new currency was “Flying Pigs”
Because everyone had seen them
And they made trading so much easier
Not like money that didn’t exist
And we could still “Fly to the Moon”
But it was far easier
To throw ourselves off a bridge

And the disfigured crumpled sign
Now barley legible after hanging
For so many years in the bakers shop
Window where dust and dead flies
Blended together to form a cremated carpet
And some artistic wag had scrawled with
He’s finger in bolded italic century gothic
“f*ck Off!!”
And the tramp read the sign again
Just in case over the years it had changed
But no even after two thousand reads
It was still a remnant of the past
Just like the now faded baker who
Had written with so much despair
“We have no bread today”
“The World has just closed”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 16, 2011
About this poem:
As usual just my strange take on the World economic situation.
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mcradloffonline today!

REO Speedwagon

A friend paid for me to go to your show
59 bucks they decided to blow
We got to enjoy some of your top hits
You've been performing since the 70's
You don't seem to want to quit
You started with Don't Let Him Go
You did a tribute to the shooting in a California bar with Time For Me To Fly
Can't Fight This Feeling
Keep On Loving You
Take It On The Run
And In My Dreams were some of my favorites you performed
I haven't paid for a concert ticket since Weird Al Yankovic in 2000
I enjoy you much more singing in my car
But still I am thankful I got to see live the people who created those songs
The 80's were a majical time for music
And I sure enjoyed you and the rest who created some awesome music!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 16
About this poem:
We had some of the cheapest seats, at 59 dollars. The ones up front I figure went for around 300 dollars. REO Speedwagon is a good show.
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mcradloffonline today!

Green Bay Packers

I've spent over two grand going to your games
I have a friend who work for you just the same
I don't like that you've lost more than you won this year
I am just tired of coming here, that's quite clear
The weather should be free of snow
And it will be quite cold
I'll sit crammed between a lot of screaming fans
136 bucks is what you demand
It was just 59 bucks 12 years ago
I wish my paycheck went up at 6% a year
I'd have a lot more cash to blow
On pop, brats, and other yummy stuff
I'll eat and eat till I've had enough
As far as the game
I hope they beat the Dolphins
Make some more wins
It's any experience there's no doubt
Cause getting out there and doing fun stuff is what it is all about!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 9
About this poem:
I've only seen the Packers lose one in the 11 games I've gone to, the first year Aaron Rodgers played as the quarterback in 2008.
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Yankee4youonline today!

Flight of a Dove

I have been hurt
In my weakest places
What’s left to agree on
Accept your solution
Surely you’re not serious
Even if you are
I don’t doubt you are
I just want to hear you say it
What’s going on
We all need some grace
We all need some love
So do not disgrace
Or even try and disguise
The flight of a dove
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 12, 2015
About this poem:

(c) Yankee4you 2015
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lindsyjonesonline today!

Justice is served

Wailing losers you are
liars, users and blind
you fail to recognize
you have no place in this land

Trump is the president
all he does for the people
is serving with purpose to
quash you all

You that are deplorable

Now KAVNAUGH is confirmed
your drama is done
you should all go to hell
and should all be burned

Pelosi, Feinstein
and all the stupid, blind democrats
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 7
About this poem:
we won
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mcradloffonline today!

Foot Pain

I got the call the day before Halloween
My nephew wanted to know what pumpkin pattern I was carving for his son
I got off the phone and was distracted by this rare call
I only hear from him maybe once in a blue moon
I accidentally hit my foot into the chair
I have had foot pain since then
And now I wonder what I could have done differently to prevent this
Could I have called and found out what his son wanted for a pumpkin?
Could I have worn shoes?
Could I have been in better shape so I could recover from this faster?
Could I have eaten a better diet without Mountain Dew and Mello Yello?
But is my story of pain just one of many resulting from this opioid crisis
At least my nephew is still alive
Many arn't
Over 30,000 lost their lives last year alone
One of the things that happens when you have a broken health care system
A system making huge profits off the pain and death of many here
70% of our health care goes to insurance companies
How much happier would we be if it went to the sick and injured?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 4
About this poem:
An election just two days away, I wonder will we get some good health care for working people.
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mcradloffonline today!

Virtual Reality

I've been playing video games for years
Pong being my first
Then it was Atari
Nintendo came in around 1984
I got my first Sega in 1995
Then it was Playstation in 1998
After that I got an XBox in 2004
I got a Nintendo DS in 2011
Which is a handheld game you can take with you anywhere
Now they have Virtual Reality arcades
Where you wear a goggle headset and are put into the game
I did my first on July 30 of this year
It was Google Earth where you can fly to different famous location on Earth
15 bucks for 30 minutes
So today I'm going to go play a zombie game
I've had a lot of fun playing all these games!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 19
About this poem:
There is a VR arcade in Dubuque, Iowa. I have also seen one in WI Dells.
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