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Fantasy/Science Fiction Poems (812)

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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


Vibrations pulse with a quivering cargo
Creating a rhombic magical flow
Some days fast others slow
Tick tock to and fro
Rise up and go
Shadows of white light luminous glow
Dancing twangs of a staccato banjo
Precision pounding of the bongo
Sync with magenta Bordeaux
And a luscious gateau

Strength in the multitudes of resonating macro
Formed in the firm stable base of a dado
On shoulders of giants from long ago
Life’s story as an evolved bio
As above, then below

Movements ending the linear time will show
Coalesced synchronicity in blue indigo
Loving embraces of a trusted beau
Gone the past we used to know
Tick tock, we move, we go

Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 13
About this poem:
Exploring movement and vibration in life
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8Dreamsonline today!

Secret love

Suddenly he was standing in front of the neighboring house
with the thick camera around his neck.
Where are you from all of a sudden ?
Ah, American accent.
Out of the blue,
did a Higher Being send you ?
that was Love at the first view,
Lightning shot through, arms and knees grew weak.
It's been 13 years now and my heart still beats faster when we see.
Open your heart and soul to reach you !
You told:
"Once and for all, it's just not on:
I will never fall in Love with you, not in your nelly,
neither shall you fall in Love with me".

You give me peace and serenity, security and protection,
from evil, bad people who want to use and rob.

Unfortunately, you are dismissively, gruff and hurtful,
when I ask about your feelings and thoughts
-> that's why I stopped asking !
Clear your blockages and fears, opening for Kisses and Cuddles
in eternal Love, yours 8

~~~~ come back well and stay healthy~~~~ Toodle-oo !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
probably nothing will change anyway
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!

I Wish I Were A Robot

I wish I were a robot
With full metal parts
Built with sensible forethought
Even including loving hearts

Covered in modern, stylish clothes
Hiding an inquisitive que vive form
From my head down to my toes
Creating the perfect storm

The superpowers are awesome
With only one tiny little concern
I couldn’t take any direct sun
But, that’s the only downturn

I’d be almost perfect
Precision all the way
With a run away intellect
And foul villains to slay

At work I would be unstoppable
Much to everyone’s chagrin
All my parts would be swappable
Except my heart, buried deep within

Yes, if only I were a robot
Yet, I am thinking the unthinkable
The only better idea I got
Is to be completely invisible!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 20
About this poem:
Having a fun write with the current emphasis on "robots" and "robotics". This is my thoughts on what a Robot should be.
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Israelis122online today!

Santa Clause

1. Santa Clause & His Wife was from the Snow Planet
100-Light years away from earth.
Since Santa & his wife and all his helpers had immortality,
the man upstairs had asked Santa Clause,
"could U and your team grace all the children
of earth with presents."
Santa said, "yes I will."

2. Santa's planet called the Snow Planet,
there were no four seasons a year on his planet,
it was winter all year long.
There was so much show everywhere on his planet
a lot of the children of the earth would love to play in it,
this Santa already had knew.
Santa's wife had decided to stay behind for those few of
Santa's helpers she chose to take care of, why?
Some of Santa's helpers had got married and they had children,
when Santa's helpers wanted to go a honey moon,
Mrs. Clause already knew they would ask her to babysit their littles ones.
But the huge number that had come with Santa was enormous.
Santa and all his helpers had enough magic to cover their entire journey
from the snow planet to the earth planet.

3. Santa's Wife had reminded her husband Santa, "Please remember if a few people ask you from earth what is your location."
"You are to tell them the North Pole, honey you're lying to them,
our Portal is in the North Pole we can enter earth
and come back to our snow planet."
The people of the earth don't know it's all your magic
combined together that turns on earth's north pole portal,
and it stays on until you all are finished delivering presents
to all the children of the earth.
Santa didn't like that Portal was upon a high snow mountain,
to the people of the earth that tall portal had looked like an over
sized Christmas Tree.
There was magic involved to keep that portal hidden from the people's
of the earth, when earth people had looked through binoculars
all they had always seen was an Over-Sized Christmas Tree.

[To Be Continued]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 15
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Dare To Dream.

Climb into my mind,

But be careful, if you walk down the wrong path you can get Lost.

Sink into my bloodstream,

But make sure you get to My heart, if I get hurt you could just spill out onto the floor.

Walk into My Aura,

But make sure you repair the damage with rainbow colour.

Or, I could just imagine that you saw me inside my mind, found my heart and held it, and that you broke all the barriers and put lights inside the darkness.

That would be safer, that I could handle for now.

But ohh how amazing if you were real.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 5
About this poem:
Bit lost today.
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There's this interesting Stairway made of stone, that has many levels.

The top level is smooth and well kept, many people have been there.

The middle level has a few cracks and patches of moss, but you can still walk without falling.

The lowest level is where you have to tread carefully, many crack's, lot's of moss and you can fall off easily.

But the few people who take the time to get to the bottom of the strairs, who have the patience to walk slowly and learn the staircase, they get to see the gentle garden where wonder and magic can be found.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 5
About this poem:
People, like stairs, need to be handled with care if you are too make the journey into the garden and discover Magic.
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A Kind of Stop Watch

In the Twilight Zone there is an episode called
A Kind of Stop Watch
This guy gets a stop watch which can stop time
He ends up breaking the watch when he robs a bank
Then he is stuck forever with no one to talk to
I think that if you get a majic stop watch
You should press it before you leave home so it stays safe
If you can't part with it then put it in a cushioned case
I do so with my cell phone
What makes this episode one of my favorite is the character
He desperately wants to be a good communicator
But instead is the biggest bore on Earth driving everyone crazy
Including his boss who fires him
If you haven't checked out this series from the late 50's to early 60's
You should, it has a lot of great episodes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 9
About this poem:
This episode is from Season 5
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Israelis122online today!

Victory Outreach Church Of Portland

This Is Their "HISTORY."

1. Since 1991 our Ministry has provided faith-based recovery homes for men and women within the city of Portland and surrounding cities. We have been involved in helping individuals overcome and break the cycle of drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, gang, and domestic violence, through a comprehensive live faith-based approach. It is our Vision and Commitment to Reach, Teach, and Equip individuals with the essential tools and resources needed to live a positive and productive lifestyle. Our recovery homes offer a variety of classroom training, bible studies, prayer, and support groups to help our residents overcome their insurmountable problems one step at a time.

2. This Is Their "SERVICE."

• Housing/Food
• Transportation
• Counseling
• 12-Step Classes
• Anger-Management
• Bible Studies/Prayer
• Life Skill Classes
• Soft Skill Job Training
Many other services are provided to help them succeed.

This Is Their "RESULTS."

For those who complete our recovery home, we have seen a 45% success rate of staying clean and sober. Many have become missionary workers, rehab directors, and business entrepreneurs.

3. This Is Their "AFTER GRADUATION."

The men and women are encouraged to enter the Second level of our homes, which is called Re-entry. The purpose of this is to help them:
• Integrate back into our Community, Church, and Family
• Find Job Placement
• Support and Accountability
• Independence and Stability
We believe in working and holding the residents accountable until they feel they can stand on their own. Every year we help hundreds of men and women not only recover but reunite them back with their children and families.


We ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to become a part of something great and rewarding. Let us together break the cycle of drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, gang, and domestic violence within our communities.
Any financial gift amount would be greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

Tammy Beatty
Women's Home Director
(503) 498-1514

Alex Zafra
Portland Men’s Director
(503) 927-3514

1-A. My First Comment:

United States is the Modern Day "Sodom and Gomorrah."
Too many hundreds of years ago God had destroyed
the Middle-Eastern "Sodom and Gomorrah."
I think it isn't wise to build another Sodom and Gomorrah,
you will wake-up the genuine wrath of God.
According to [Revelations 22:18] God will drop more Viruses and more
plagues when scripture is broken out just like a window pain in a house.

When you break his Commandments: [Matthew 7:2]
he will turn around and break everything that you hold so dear.
He will always give u back the same measure that u had given to him.

2-A. My Ending Comments About This:

I was in the Victory Outreach Recovery Home For Men.
I Miss It So...It Felt Like I Was Visiting The Holy Land,
I Had Never Felt So Much Love In Their Church In All My Life.

This Is A Place Where You Will Learn How To Stop Putting
Your Foolishness To Work For You -- Psalms 38:5

3-A. My Final Ending Comment:

2 Chronicles 7:14 [King James Version]

14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Ok, different nations of men all over the world,
I already know a number of you hate this God of ISRAEL.
If you look at this verse of scripture real close 2 Chronicles 7:14
God calls all nations "My People."

15. God Would Never Call All U Different Nations of Men,
"Immigrants and Refugees."
God's Son Had Never Once Called Different Nations of Men
"Immigrants and Refugees,"
America Is The Only Place In The World That Does That.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 13
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My ghost

There's someone out there He's my ghost.

My being knows him, He was my whole life in my past life.

This life is getting shorter and I sometimes feel like I will miss Him.

But my beautiful Ghost I am here and if we need to wait another lifetime to feel what we have, I am good with that.

Until then let's make memories and live.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 3
About this poem:
They say that we have a soul mate, I think I might have met mine but maybe not, or he's not ready.
Never stop looking and hold tight when you find them.
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He lives in my mind.

Hard, work roughened hands, interlocked with mine
Pulled into His chest, my Face resting against His heart, arms behind my back with His fingers still wrapped around mine.
My happy place, control and choice removed from me for a while.

My fantasy that I am not sure I will ever find.
He would have to be mentally stronger than me and know me.
Physically, older or around my age.
With the right amount of gentle respect and Dominance, to be able to receive submission without demanding.

He would also have to be real enough to one day touch me physically as well as mentally.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 11
About this poem:
Still a fantastic fantasy.
But I guess each relationship teaches you that maybe.
Always believe and maybe, the next one.
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