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8Dreamsonline today!

Nature determines Rhythm

For a day in late April yesterday it was stiffly shady with a cold wind.
The year before last was already summery warm so moved naked and freely in the way nature created us.

When came back from a bike-tour where visited emotionally cold, unfriendly mutants,
thraw in warm bath water cleansed of
negative influences.
From the bathtub straight to bed;
Floating snowflakes confirmed the cold.
Duged out the Winter blanket and woke up
bathed in sweet sweats because morning sun's rays
heat up the room.
Stayed in the cozy home, because it's cold outside.

Nature determines Rhythm

Sleepin' in the dark and gettin' up when the rooster crows in the dung heap,
followin' dreams
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
nice to be home again after a hardship and exertion
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The book of love

When all that matters is no more
and emotions lay bare on the floor
when all that once was no longer is
then life has surely lost its fizz
but hope springs eternal, or so they say
and maybe I'll find love again some day
maybe not now, or even next week
but in time I might find the one whom I seek
She might not be perfect but then neither am I
she might not come to me in the blink of an eye
but as the saying goes, and we all know it well
'there's someone for everyone'.....
it's on these words I dwell
we've all been in love and lost someone dear
and after the pain then comes the fear
the fear of finding someone new
and of closing the book on the past that we knew
and the one that we loved and with whose love we grew
but books are written with a start and an end
and love is the same, no matter how we pretend
all we can do is enjoy each chapter
while cherishing the love of the new heart we capture.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 15
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Love is hard to forget...

On lonely days such vacant space,
An empty chair, no warm embrace,
Her smile no more my life to grace,
The loss inflicts much pain.

Still haunted by the happy days,
Fond memories a smoky haze,
Warm seaside walks in sunshine rays,
Now all I feel is rain.

Those magic times I fondly miss,
When we enjoyed our lovers bliss,
I yearn a single fleeting kiss,
We join no longer twain.

In quietude a lonely prayer,
That hope won't wither to despair,
Across my eyes a vacant stare,
Peers out my window pane.

Time slowly helps my mood improve,
On with my life I've tried to move,
But wistful thoughts I can't remove,
Where lost love left a stain.

A candle flickers in the hall,
It faintly glows should e're she call,
Just once more to my heart enthrall,
I'm waiting here in vain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2021
About this poem:
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Texas Roadhouse

This place is packed!
People waiting outside in the cold
People waiting inside stacked
This overcrowding is getting old!
Then my name is called out
I got a table
It's hard to hear as the people shout
I hope my waiter is able
We get the chicken fried steak
Cinnamon butter roll
Seems someone made a mistake
Taking home peanuts and more rolls was my goal
Seems the waiter is too busy with many other tables to serve
I play my trivia game and electronic golf on the table device
I just didn't have the nerve
I should have asked for more than rice
So I'll go home
Next week I'll be back
To Texas Roadhouse I will roam
To get the cheesy fries and the big ol' brownie I lack
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 28
About this poem:
Using 50 dollars of gift cards, so the meal was free, next week I'll have seven dollars to put towards the next bill.
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Red Robin

Sharing an appetizer and a desert with a friend
Cheesy Mozzarella Twists and Cinnamon Sugar Doh Rings
And a wish the Packers would have a good end
Where is the sugar on the donuts, should have gotten Saucy Bone-In Wings
Playing trivia and pool on the electronic device on the table
Having a Coke because there was no Mello Yello
I would have gone to a movie instead if I was able
Stuffed in like sardines next to a lonely older fellow
Got a replacement for the sugarless donuts
No extra charge for the new ones from our waiter guy
They still had about half the sugar I wanted, which was nuts
Next time I'll order the Mountain High Mud Pie!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 21
About this poem:
Red Robin is a good resturant, just got unlucky with the donuts, and the Packers later that night.
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Sugar time sweet

your curls wrap down
in the season of the sun
oh I been waiting, waiting
so long, so long baby
angel dance for me
slow movement in the dark
feel you drawin' a breath
come ride with me, ride with me
been a long time, long time
sugar time sweet
come shut the door
for the night
now you feel its right
I know the rain come down
it come pouring down
washed my blues away
washed my blues away
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 11
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DiggableHippy49online today!

Well Maybe Not

I am the story that they'll tell!,
Made of pain!,
Spit out of Hell!, -
On my way!,
Thought you already knew?!,
Yeah, who I am?!,
I might be you?!, ---

-"Well, maybe not?!",
"Because you seem to feel things!" ---

(puh, puh, puh, puh, puh,)
Pushing on!
Wearing that smile?!,
It's you or me, babe?!,
Let's see who walks out of here alive?!, -
To be alive!,
What thrill is that?!,
Yeah, who to live for?!,
Is that a fact?!, ---

-"Well, maybe not?!",
"Because you seem to love things!" ---

(woo, woo, woo, woo, woo,)
Willing to survive!,
On these cold, hard streets!,
People step to the side!,
When they see you or me!, -
And the story that they'll tell!,
And about me they'll say?!,
As poor Hell got lonely!,
And wanted me back to play!, ---

-"Well, maybe not?!",
"Because you seem to need things?!",
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 15
About this poem:
Wrote this one 1-15-2024. This one is a straight push and shove Metal song! Maybe see some of you folks in the mosh pits?! lol Until then
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DiggableHippy49online today!

Self-help, or, And Love

Like, I'm the God of the Damned!,
Lord of the Beast!,
Will there ever, ever be another woman to come along?!,
To tame me?!, -
Self-destruct, I can't tell?!,
At this Heavy Metal speed!,
Maybe? Maybe, she'll come my way?!,
To slow down me?!, --

And love,
Seems so long ago, far away,
Seek but ye cannot find,
In thought, her smile begins to fade, ---

Like, I'm the crazy thought in your head!,
The nightmare in your dreams!,
Should I feel, feel anything?!,
Or is this just me?! -
Self-discipline, I know well!,
Dressed in goth, blood stained, military green!,
I need, I need a woman!,
To soothe me! ---

And love,
Ahead, now, gone,
Always watching you,
Especially when you are all alone, -

Like, I'm the shooting star!,
(ha) Today's rising son!,
Would you? Would you keep this to yourself?!,
Or tell everyone?!, -
Self-hate? Been there!,
Easy, but that's no fun!?,
I see, I see her in the crowd?!,
Is she the one?!,

And love,
Always the sun shines, no rain,
Her smiles set your sails adrift,
The end of the pain,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 8
About this poem:
Wrote this 1/8/2024. This one I'd consider trippy! Hard, Heavy Metal intro beginning and then very soft 4-line verses to alter in-between. The conclusion would end the song with mix of both sounds instrumentally! A wild idea to begin 2024 with, eh? lol Until then
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deep past the arrival of eve's night
long after the throng of the city's holiday paraders have gone
he is left far from the crowd, hopelessness his only companion
the avenues mostly still, mostly silent
the homeless panhandler remains in an alley
set against a structure where exhaust vents release warmth from below
he is posed for yet another long night's passing
the only place available to him where a freezing death may not find him
sleep may or may not come for him
half a bottle of wine might offer some comfort, for a short while anyway
as he sips his salvation, he journeys in mind
on a road traveled often, destination never to be found
where his future may lead him, he knows not
it seems that he has always merely tried to last into the following day
with a grimace he muses of tomorrow
when the sun rises next, it will be christmas day
not the best of days for him
truth be told, it could be only the worst
for he knows very well what this will mean
that his usual routine of finding nourishment will not exist
there will be no bakeries tossing out old bread
no eateries filling trash dumpsters with food deemed unfit for customers
only a mere fragment of passers-by from whom to solicit
but most folks crossing his path on this day will be just like him
with little to offer, not even a smile
snapping out from his speculation, he hunkers down upon the grate
trying to escape the bitter cold winds that seem to blow through him
he has found something to concentrate on
this is all that he has
so, we should all take this little tale to bed with us tonight
and recall it tomorrow as we enjoy our great feasts
in the warm comfort of home, with family and friends
for under the fate of circumstance
…every man could be a homeless man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 24
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The Best Christmas Gift

I've received many Christmas gifts through the years
Stretch Armstrong, Evil Kenievel motorcyle are memories of happy tears
Toss Across, Light Bright, Lawn Darts, Battleship, and a tape recorder
A weight bench and a stereo with record player, 8-track, tape were in order
A majic set, metal ball space game, a dart gun
Having someone to play with all these things would have been more fun
If I had a wish now is the time with someone to play with all these things
Because the best Christmas gifts is a friend and the joy it brings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 15
About this poem:
I have three days off till Monday, then four hours of work and another 14 days off, maybe I'll get lucky and have someone to play games with during the day, that would be nice!
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