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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


Vibrations pulse with a quivering cargo
Creating a rhombic magical flow
Some days fast others slow
Tick tock to and fro
Rise up and go
Shadows of white light luminous glow
Dancing twangs of a staccato banjo
Precision pounding of the bongo
Sync with magenta Bordeaux
And a luscious gateau

Strength in the multitudes of resonating macro
Formed in the firm stable base of a dado
On shoulders of giants from long ago
Life’s story as an evolved bio
As above, then below

Movements ending the linear time will show
Coalesced synchronicity in blue indigo
Loving embraces of a trusted beau
Gone the past we used to know
Tick tock, we move, we go

Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 13
About this poem:
Exploring movement and vibration in life
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!

This Old House

The old white house upon the hill
Holding past memories that linger still
Stained glass windows faced the park
Soft gaslights that glowed in the dark

Built at the turn of the century
In a different era from our memory
An historic legacy from those passed on
Embracing simplicity in a time long forgone

In the back a garden of Iris's grew
In the front were Lilies and Daffodils
Violets and Impatiens filled the windowsills
Adding a colored ambience to the outside view

An old wooden swing hung on the porch
A perfect pondering, peaceful place to perch
To watch the passersby on the street below
And sip wine while you contemplated Thoreau

Days were spent engaged in a joyful family affair
With lawn games, books, wagons, trikes and bikes
Children’s giggles and laughter filled the air
Full of love and personal likes and dislikes

Memories bring tears as they come flooding in
Visions of a life lost in the passages of time
Remembered in lines of this rhyme
All that was and could have been

Lives lived in time within the muraled rooms
Looking back to all the remembrances we own
Games played in costumes, dolls, balloons, bubbles and cartoons
The precious memories of that old house lives in our hearts as home

Wishing for a solitary moment somehow
That it could be the past, here and now
Healing parts that need to be whole
While strengthening our souls

Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 5
About this poem:
Memories of a time long ago raising my daughters.
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!

Games of Chance

The machines lined the labyrinth in rows
Lights, colors and animations all posed
In endless arrays of enticing sounds
Like children on turning merry-go-rounds

Some people can barely walk or breathe
Still coming in and taking seats beneath
The neon altars of chance, money and vice
All gathered together like a nest of mice

The draw of the elusions and a sum to win
Keeping the people in a polarized spin
Roundabouts in sheer tidal waves of hope
Not aware they are on a slippery slope

Participating for points to keep a status
In the all encompassing apparatus
Designed to become your new home
From its shadows you will not roam

Perceived as a beacon of true light
Serving the lonely slaves by night
Souls the darkest demons possess
Each slap of the buttons causing stress

Endless sounds of screams and elations
Winning money to calm the agitations
Still they file in like going to church
On a never-ending quest and search

Looking for the missing links in their life
Placating the unbearable internal strife
Never looking up, never seeing the above
Their misery resides in a lack of true love

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 16
About this poem:
Vice becomes the misery of a life lacking the highest vibration ….LOVE! Write on the "casinos" to drown out reality!!
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!

I Wish I Were A Robot

I wish I were a robot
With full metal parts
Built with sensible forethought
Even including loving hearts

Covered in modern, stylish clothes
Hiding an inquisitive que vive form
From my head down to my toes
Creating the perfect storm

The superpowers are awesome
With only one tiny little concern
I couldn’t take any direct sun
But, that’s the only downturn

I’d be almost perfect
Precision all the way
With a run away intellect
And foul villains to slay

At work I would be unstoppable
Much to everyone’s chagrin
All my parts would be swappable
Except my heart, buried deep within

Yes, if only I were a robot
Yet, I am thinking the unthinkable
The only better idea I got
Is to be completely invisible!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 20
About this poem:
Having a fun write with the current emphasis on "robots" and "robotics". This is my thoughts on what a Robot should be.
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


counting days in somber dreams
wildflowers, butterflies and bees
the truth of this fallen world
just takes me to my knees

counting money and pennies
bonds, stocks and trusts
all games played by the elites
despicable venues that disgusts

counting lives that are destroyed
in laws, mandates and evil plans
sly and deliberately deployed
blood dripping from their hands

counting the ones still standing
with pain, sickened and lost
a war of lies against the people
and our freedom has been the cost

counting days until we awake
knowing, living and well
for love, peace and blessing
is our natural state to dwell

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 4
About this poem:
Reflections of a changing world since the dawn of 2020
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Pinkbird, are you here?
They searched for you and did not find you
You are not what they think you are
They can't describe you
In consecutive letters
I think you are here
Do you hear me
is not it
Point to me
With my class
If you don't care
I hear you
The pink bird
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 1
About this poem:
Talk about someone who lost a bird
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Islandgirl61online today!

The Girl in Me ...

Even though I've lived through my own lot ...
Tried, loved ... and lost several times,
though broken down ... but irreparably not ...

And yet , it amazes me still ,
at this my age ...
Seeing your pectorals wiggle,
my eyes just can't disengage ...
Can't help but let out some involuntary giggle
like I would have done
when I was decades younger and single ...

Still, I'm glad there remains
a bit of that girlish naivity that shows ...
Not hardened and embittered,
but can still with candidness
curl up my toes ...

Perhaps it contributes
to not really looking my age,
who knows ...?
I'm just somewhat glad I can laugh silly
and not worried that it shows ....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2021
About this poem:
With everything going on around right now ... a little lightheartedness for a much needed relief ...
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


The softness of your touch slowly slips away
Another lifetime lives clothed in a secret array
Strewn with silver threads of fading memories
Time frozen in a distant sculptured frieze

Remembering the laughter of children's play
Smiling while peeking through the doorway
Time seemed endless in that golden moment
Full of warmth and peaceful contentment

As our minds remember we try to recapture
Our life lost in emotion and wounded fracture
Those days we spent immersed in this or that
Never looking forward and never looking back

Nothing more than an earthly creature
Waiting for the light and distant rapture
Living in circles of unidentifiable stories
Accepting the fate of other worldly glories

Our journeys consist of many ups and downs
Where joys, laughter, tears and loss abounds
Days go by in never ending turns and twists
Suspended in memories where peace exists

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 26
About this poem:
Memories of bygone days.
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


There is a heaviness that falls upon the soul
Demanding a precise and exacting toll
Measured in endless nothingness day and night
Obscuring the distant horizon of glimmering light

What is this innervated feeling of hopelessness
Banishing the mind in degrees of dispossess
Emotions fading and falling to the barren ground
Sunken depression pushes deep and profound

Time moves slowly in a grand progression
Devoid of voice affecting definitive expression
Anticipating soaring on whirlwinds of change
Replacing the darkness in a swift light exchange

Feelings evaporate into undusted thought
Oppression laden in full anxious fraught
Lift up the lucid burden of minds unchained
Live a life in union with peace unrestrained

Glance back on memories in cloyed reflection
A mission of freedom in adjunct projection
The misty sunrise of breaking new days
Washes over heaviness like simple nosegays

Visions reflect a new dawning to apprise
Carrying thoughts to accelerated highs
Contemplate the emotion of passionate elation
And emerge like a butterfly a most unique creation

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 26
About this poem:
Growing and emerging into the beauty of creation
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Jaded_Ravenonline today!


When we fell asleep last night
Did we wake into a world of fright?
Falling down a rabbit hole
Our lives literally stole

What phenomena occurred whilst we dreamt?
Were the evil red serpents sent?
To conjure up the lot of us
In stages that are just treasonous

Our voices cannot be heard
The lines of insanity are now blurred
Why has the seven heavens fallen
And our hearts and souls called in

Silence gives permission to the not so pure of heart
Sharing the truth to rise above must have a start
When we stop fighting for a life that is free
We accept the heavy hands on the control key

For what give rights to some and not others
Forbidding reaching out and touching our brothers
Rulers come and go not without a battle
Rise up and put an end to the psycho babble

Look deep into the eyes of peace and tranquility
Know this is the true state of all of humanity
Contemplate the truth absent of the unfitted
Never following doctrines made up by the wicked

Plunging deeper into a life of pandemonium control
Becoming lowly victims in a chasm that takes its toll
Breaking free should consume our every thought
Because freedom’s fight must always be fought

“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind”

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~
French writer, poet, and pioneering aviator

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 26
About this poem:
Freedom is our Divine RIght, not to be mandated or dictated by our fellow human beings, whether elected more like appointed however.
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