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Shape Poetry takes on the shape of its subject. Here is a list of Shape Poetry Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.



I walked a long the weary lane,Of Browning trees as Autumn came.Alone with my dog and black thorn stick, In a nearby field where rabbits sit. They danced and played in the Autumn leaves, That fell like snowflakes from the trees. A burst of speed and a violent roar, And rabbits sit and play no more. A tall pine tree the wind brought down , to lay in contrast with the brown. But the brown again will turn to green, Where Autumn leaves so brown have been.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2021
About this poem:
Childhood memories, memories of my two brothers Michael and Thomas RIP, Love you always,
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Viking Gods (Nonet)

Dad and I would sail across the lake
Slicing through the foaming white caps
Outrunning those summer storms
Fearless as Viking gods
Sailing down the coast
Memories made
Sail again
Sail with
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2023
About this poem:
Socrates…… another nonet for you!
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Piece Of Mind

Rise all those who meet the description of desire,
Speak whose hearts are made of fire,
Dwell low who are liars,
Sing high, banned from the church choir,--
Of what was lost,
And, what is to become,
Those who have many,
And, the lonely hearts,
Who have chosen to be alone,--
Those who carry pleasure on a merry-go-round,
Step forward, those who wear a golden crown,
Faces of those who show happiness,
Behind a mask made of frowns,
Those who succeed up,
Leaving those who ever put you down,--
Learn the only value of life is death,
Between those who accept and those who deny,
Scream those in love,
Whisper love to those who said goodbye,
All of this within the wink of an eye,
Seeking the warmth of the day,
Cold fear, of what lurks in the night,--
Those who wonder to be,
And, those in some places are blind,
Still remaining able to see,
But, have lost a piece of mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2021
About this poem:
It was 12-4-92 when I wrote this. Being towards very much more songwriter than poet, I started out loosely with this and it all took form. Odd as it seems, it was at the end of the Gulf War; yet, perhaps, it fits most best as of now?
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24-34 am looking for you

Even today am here,
I wake up every day to look for you, I watch love stories and I imagine it is me and you,
Ohh source of my happiness one day we shall meet

Even today am here
Many scammers have come my way but I haven't given up on the search for you, I still believe you're there and we are soon meeting

My heart bleeds, my soul longs for you, my eyes want to see you
I want to give you gifts, teach you new African games, cook for you the best dishes because am a senior in this, watch interesting movies with you because it's my hobby, but I can't find you

24-34,it's you, I have strong hope that I will meet you you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2023
About this poem:
It means the strong hope and love that I have for the person that is meant to be my soulmate
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The Burdens Of My Life

From the day I was born as a baby to the present day
Growing up as a child I discovered various difficult tasks
Including learning the English language also maths and
Other subjects. Things became harder during my teen years
Pubity and love, I knew nothing about, high school I left when I
Was sixteen then looked for work it was not easy but managed
To handle it well. I played sport like Squash, ice skating,and
Others, money was hard when I received my first credit card
It was not long before it was a test of nerves using it as the debit
Was building up. Eventually getting married in the late 1970’s
We had two girls. Problems of raising them I realised, organising
The family was a big responsibility for us both, The children
Went to school, purchasing school clothing stretched the budget
As time went on the children grew up and eventually left home in
The 90’s, living in government housing helped us but other pressures
Crept in I was out of work, getting the dole while trying desperate
Finding work to no effect as later I retired living to survive in 2000.
Divorce followed and then the dreaded Diabetes which claimed
My left leg. 2018 I was in hospital recovering from my injury
Then physiotherapy training me with a prosthetic leg, all the pain and
Suffering, everything was almost normal, in 2022 in February my
Glucose level was very high, the Ambulance took me to hospital
Where I was later put in various nursing homes. It was very hard for me
To adjust to being enslaved in these homes, as I suffered traumatic
Experience beyond belief being starved regularly, I could not adapt
To these circumstances, this is were I am staying living with no hope
Of having no quality of life hardly seeing family members. A terrible
Epitaph for me victim of bad doctors, their medication and amputation
Which has robbed me of a normal life, I am sitting in my bed now
Writing this. My future is uncertain, nothing to look forward to
My life what’s left of it, when I sleep I think of things that I loved to do
My family, friends it makes me want to cry, Where do I go from here .?

John Ginesi (Author)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
An insight into my life as a poet.
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How I'd like to
catch your nightmares
with my bare hands
and put them away
out of your reach.

How I'd love to
take away your insecurities
and replace them
with the wonderful thoughts
I have about you.

How I desire to
rip out your frustrations
and make you smile endlessly
maybe then you will see
how beautiful you are.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2021
About this poem:
The true about a beautiful heart never lies,when the best person comes in the heart begins to make everything in sweet .
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Tears Drop

Every moment we've spent together,
Has touched our lives, our souls forever.
The things we share, the things we've done,
are permanent things we can't undo.

The person you are, heart and soul,
came to life, with emotion, desire and passion.
Because of you, I'm full of love,
it's all your fault, I'm loving you like this.

We are connected, wide and deep,
no one can remove, this connection we have.
Our feelings are blended, never to be undone,
you are part of me, forever and ever.

A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me.
no matter what happens, that much is certain,
our souls are one, till that moment comes..

I will love your forever,
for worse or for better.
You are tattooed in my heart,
nothing can tear, our souls apart.

You'll always be mine,
with love and honesty, only for you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2021
About this poem:
One thing about LOVE is that the one who finds you will definitely summit to you when you are one is desperate.
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I dont know

I have decided to become senile,,, or whatever
to live without memory,, forever,
tis all a never ending cycle, i’m bored,, not dead,
want to be here,, not an obituary someone read,

how do I leave without dying?,,, how do I leave
without crying? I want everyday to be new,
Not live like most people do,
A wonderful new beginning,, that starts without
adam and eve sinning,

The answer is in us somewhere,,, that someone
some where said,,,,,, it all becomes clear,,,,,,,,,
when,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we are dead.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2021
About this poem:
not much to say
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The Wise Man

The Wise man feels his imperfections and is humbled. He labors in vain for his own approbation. But the fool peeps into the shadow stream of his own mind and is pleased with the pebbles which he sees at the bottom. He brings them up, display them as pearls, and with the applause of others he delights in himself.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2019
About this poem:
Many of us speak on things without root knowledge. And because of not having root knowledge we usually will speak about anything, positively or negatively, without full facts. We become self righteous on many levels and eventually become false prophets. And the more we attract ignorant crowds who embrace our incompleteness, the more monstrous we become.
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Is this a life or is this my death

My life dead my wife dead,
How can I find life when everything's dead Inside outside,
Why take my life why do you think I get into strife I am the underword, I'm am immortal, how you say you know me,
I'm not alive you are, I don't know why you believe in life we are all dead, well I have read, so are we alive or we dead? These are the voices the haunt my head, I once was happy, now I want to die, how come no one else was insane, I say this as a gift I'll soon be dead, I have had enough of life it's scrarred my head, I want you to know and learn I'm not doing it to hurt I have learnt death is better then life, I have been there many of times, one day we will see and I'll come back and tell thee, what life use to be, a matrix of lies
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2019
About this poem:
Just circumstance
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