How will Free college work in America?

Ten year waiting list then maybe?
Minority first dibs
Don't ask questions
Just be happy there's Phoenix U (Online Course)
Utopia today ,Gone tomorrow
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Cut military spending in half.

That frees up $15,000 per year for every US citizen between 18 and 22 years of age, and we'll still be spending many times what any other country on the planet spends. I'm not advocating less support for troops, I'm advocating a less aggressive position in the world. The reality is we can't afford what we're currently doing and it's a large part of why we're falling behind the rest of the developed world.

If we also stop building professional sports stadiums with tax dollars,

we could problem send them all to med school.laugh

...and we additionally stop over incarcerating our population,

we could probably educate an entire generation of neurosurgeons.laugh

The money's there, it all in the priorities.

The math on the first claim...20 million people 18 to 22 in the US.

Defense budget(not including veterans benefits btw)...$600 billion.

Half of $600 billion is $300 billion.

$300 billion divided by 20 million is...$15,000

At $300 we'd still be spending 2.5 times what the next biggest spender on the planets does.



"Cut military spending in half."

or make better alliances laugh

I am not for free anything yet I do know that education is obscenely expensive in USA.

Education must be affordable for anyone whom wishes to get an education.

In fact education must be mandatory giggle everywhere!

We have free university education here. It was 'freer' before the crash.
Technically, there are still no fees, but there is a registration fee now.
It opens up further education to a wider group, but it is still usually middle class and upwards that go.
But at least nobody has huge student loans afterwards.

Sanders estimates his plan would cost $75 billion a year, which would be paid for by a tax on Wall Street speculation. But experts fear that in the long term, rising college costs could become unsustainable and wind up being shouldered by taxpayers, too. Some research has found that student loan and Pell Grant expansions can lead to more expensive tuition. Hillary Clinton’s college plan addresses this issue, at least in part, by putting more responsibility on colleges to keep costs down and make sure students graduate and can eventually repay their debt, an idea gaining traction in Washington.

Read more:

Obviously there is no such thing as a free education one way or another we all end up paying whether it be our own or someone elses.

...who knowsdunno maybe it is an utopia but i'd like to believe that things could be changed and someday will be different, everyone deserves a better future...


I drove over a bridge this morning and it didn't cost me a thing. It's a Socialist Utopia!


It is a matter of priorities as Ocee points out, but you should hold to that sense of priority in education. I don't know the American economy like I do the British, nevertheless, you should make free education where you have a shortage of skills or a plan for development, less expensive for education of middling value, and full if not increased rates for liberal arts college.


Possesing dual citizenship with Italy, I believe higher EDU is available free to me when living there. I don't think it's accredited though.

Curious, are your Travelers allowed to participate in your free EDU programs?


Education was one of the things the soviets got right. If there was a need for 10000 geologists then within a few short years 10000 geologists there would be. If Britain did this for 1000 geologists and petroleum engineers the economy would be much better off. We are missing out.

Education is one of those areas where planning can work. And prisons, too. Although they privatise prisons - which are just about the most regimented and even to plan institutions out there - and now we receive a worse service at the same cost. The tendency is to privatise even where privatisation is obviously an inferior choice.




Sure. There was one or two here that had 3rd level edu.

It still costs money though. The registration fee, relocation, books etc is prohibitive for many though.


You'd think as a tax incentive, Apple computer company in Ireland would give students there free fully-functional IPads and then the universities would provide digital versions for books.


I think Apple make money by selling Ipads, not giving them away.

If I was a student and got a free ipad, I'd sell it immediately. And buy a netbook.

And probably drink the balance. cool



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Free education - until high school, I agree with! But free university? I cannot support this initiative. If you have "brains"...apply for a scholarship....IF you have the academic ability! Do NOT dilute post-secondary education by saying everyone is entitled!

I'm not in favor of a free college education. Having to pay for a college is way to filter out those who would go to college for the wrong reasons. Moose is right in saying that there would be some who think they are entitled.

If so many applied, new colleges would have to be built defeating the purpose of "free".

Work hard in high school to earn the right to attend a college in the United States. Various ways to get a college education ... Apply for a Pell Grant, scholarship or a community college.

When you work for it, you will appreciate it more.


Thank you! Although EVERYONE deserves basic education, post-secondary is to be earned and merited! It should be based on academic prowess...not wealth nor societal emtitlement!

Signed the guy hoping the doctor operating on his heart got better than 50% in anatomy class!

Oops. I meant "entitlement!"

Signed 1475th place in the Harvard spelling bee


For Math related careers students not only they do not pay a peso, they get paid If enrolled in graduate programs.

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