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I keep finding people I would love to talk to even if its only to point out that their profile says they're 3 feet tall. But you can't talk to them because they have a filter blocking me out for my age or height or the some other discrimination of possibilities. What do you think are filters necessary or should we be more adult and read the profiles and informed decisions?

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I use filters because I simply don't want to be getting mails from people I have no interest in.

There is no point in wasting both their time and mine.


That makes sense if all you are doing here is dating. I have read your comments on a lot of these forums and found you to be quite interesting. WE could never have a conversation because your filters exclude me from direct contact.

So here my question would you rather not have heard my point of view here, all things being equal?

I don't use any filters.
Anyone from anywhere can contact me.
My main filter is my profile, it's uninviting and works well for what/who I seek.
I don't walk around town with a sign 'do not approach' around my neck or any restrictions on who may approach on it.
While I have no interest to have a conversation with anyone in town, I'm not exactly going to wave a club around to keep one at bay just because they want to ask a question/start a conversation.
What the answer will be or how the conversation will go is on a case to case basis.
Same rule I apply here but I did learn that decency from the outside world does not apply online.
What you get away with here is not the same as on the outside world.
It takes time to learn that


But that is the whole point of being on the public forums and blogs, you can converse/banter/discuss/debate with everybody, male or female of any age, from any region of the world. There are no filters here.

Profile filters are simply there for the actual dating side of things. For me anyway.

Most have peeps blocked from certain countries etc...

But they still have a say about LDR's in blogs and on forums yada yada yada blah blah blah

I have always thought that anyone that gives their all on dating sites were losers, and deserved what they got in the end (getting scammed etc}... moving to other countries for lub

I must admit roll eyes i was wrong foot in mouth ... And admire now the women that do it hug coz i have never experienced lub ... and don't know what it entails ?????

I have learnt so9 much on CS... but sorry guys blushing i have never bought anything from your advertisments blues sad flower


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