What is understood by cheating the partner?

Having sex with another person
23 Votes
Falling in love within another person
2 Votes
Feeling better than with your partner in the presence of other (woman or man)
3 Votes
Having secrets
2 Votes
Speaking untruths
4 Votes
Applying double standard (one rule for you, other rule for the partner)
1 Votes
Breaking the agreement between the two partners (the expressed or the mutual)
6 Votes
5 Votes
46 Total Votes
I get a question some days ago. The question refers to the fact that some people being involved in a relationship are searching new relationship. Some are considering this unfair to the partner, other does not care about this at all.
Words like "cheating" rised. I am carefull with this word because each relationship defines somehow unic limits.
By the other way "cheating" is a response to the real state of the relationship. Contain more truth than all our ilusions about it.

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they come under the category.........of being a scumbag.......doing something like that....while still being in a relatsoinship.......professor

You failed to include the obvious as an option


confused dunno doh

Cheating means different things to different people.

As long as both of the people in the relationship know the same rules and limits, anything inside those boundaries is ok.


yes ... the boundaries .... different people, different boundaries. Some people are more sensitive, other less.


I ask only to check the low limit from which cheating is be considered. And this according people needs and expectations.

Completely agree with u Molly.

Once the boundaries are set then anything goes btwn a couple.
Too many don't communicate enough what they think is cheati ngt n what is not

All of the above

Couldn't agree more hun x

How can you even ask this question?



You see. Everything has a definition.

From the dictionary:

1. [no object] Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.
‘she always cheats at cards’

1.1 [with object] Gain an advantage over or deprive of something by using unfair or deceitful methods; defraud.
‘he had cheated her out of everything she had’

1.2 Be sexually unfaithful.
‘I wish someone had told me my partner was cheating on me’

2 [with object] Avoid (something undesirable) by luck or skill.
‘she cheated death in a spectacular crash’

To define cheating as a dishonestly action depends what the couple understands being dishonestly.
The couple has to agree what is dishonestly ... Some couple understand really very different this issue.
Each person see this in different way.

Human mind is full of surprises.kiss sad flower heart beating banana
you never know what will happen....

If someone I was dating was to even ask this very silly question.
He would get b i t c h slapped from both sides as to put some common sense into his little head.

There is only one cheating that counts and that is screwing someone else besides you significant other.
Whether it is mentally or physically screwing its irrelevant as the punishment should be death by stabbing with a kitchen knife or p*nis cut off Lorena Bobbit style

Clear enough for you boy? professor




For screwing another ...first she/he has to be neglected. This is another form of cheating.
So do not wonder when you discover it ...

People sleep when being in a relationship. They supose it is nothing more to do ....
Just asking for fidelity .... and surprise .... confused cheering love
another take your place ...and you are the last person who discover it .... because you sleep and you are selfish.

Is that what you are doing here?

Looking for a leg over?

Are u being neglected child?

Otherwise why are u on a dating site if you are in a relationship as your profile states?


Why are you curious? It is my business what I do here. scold
It is amazing what kind of people are here. You may do very interesting study about human beings.

But reagrding the subject of cheating ... I wonder how people consider the relationship more important than their own partner which is a human being. They would kill their partner just to save the relationship.

By the way ... is this a dating site ? teddybear heart wings

Why does it sound like you are testing us and our replies?

Are u a mad scientist looking for a Guinea Pig?

Shame on you for trying to play with our brains.

f*ck us over in the name of science.

You should be better than this.

You know.... selective breeding and all that.

It's a dating site for single people.

Not connecting married German men with broads that will give him the clap or some crap like that.

rolling on the floor laughing


And how many persons you date already? This site is for small talk.
People have dilemas and then they post something. But not much more.

I am not a fan of virtual environment. Not when it'is about sensitive issues. Like dating.
But I "met" interesting people here .... hug cheers

You know... you strike me as a pervert or a serial killer.

Dunno why... must be the beard...

I bet you never get a speeding ticket in a School Zone.



Today my beard is already white. Real pervert. An old "Speedy Gonzales".
Relationship exist only to be broken .... Only then one feel alive. Escaping from the cage. applause

When the door is open .... no tentation to leave the cage. peace

Hard to explain others some basic rules about human interaction. Freedom is a gift

It depends from person to person.

There are people think " guys playing with balls and tool by own hand or lady using dildo" while living with partner is cheating..laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Please dont mind Swami ji


Yes. A relationship has 3 main aspects. Physical connection. Emotional connection. And Intelectual connection.

2 Persons cannot match perfect on all tree levels. At least on one level one of the partner or both will connect with other persons or with themself confused

What is cheating? When two connection are ok then you destroy the relationship because one does not works?

One may do it,or not. People are free to choose. When two from dree do not work then people usualy divorce.

People close the eyes when ...they have to do it. No other choice. Instead of remaining alone they accept ...to be cheat. Is a personal choice.

All this talk about freedom makes you sound like dirty hippie.
But anyway just in case....

Have you ever gotten a Speeding Ticket in a School Zone buddy?conversing


No. In Germany you may drive on the highway as fast you may can. If you buy a Ferrari then be my guest.
Come over. No speed ticket.

In front of schools I drive careful. There are many girls.angel


I knew it!



Yes. You read me like an open book.rolling on the floor laughing grin handshake
Sorry but tomorrow I drive in a front of a school. I have to relax my eyes.head banger


Omg! uh oh


I may say the same. OMG!
The beauty is in the eyes of the watcher.
You see and watch the reality. But you understand what you want.cool laugh
Nobody can help you. You are on your own.
But never loose the sense of humor.

handshake teddybear violin

depends on which side of the fence Im standing


In the real world there are no fences. People build fences in and with their minds.
And next they wonder why is no freedom at all. And they feel in a cage.
And look to the other over the fences they build. And comment. and fight, and want to change the other according their own mind, defining their selfish ideas values.spam

The Tuaregs, people in north Africa, they are nomads, think and say.: "How can people live in their own grave."
They mean the houses/buildings the people build.

So we build a lot of constraints around us. Do we need all those?lightbulb

Surely you don't live in a wooden shack in North Africa.
So why do you try to patronize people in here with your free love hippie atittude.
Get a grip grasshopper.


Expecting a partner not to cheat is not being selfish is having common sense.
Unless you find a woman who likes to have an open relationship.
Otherwise you will have to keep your STD's to yourself.


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