How did the atty go ? "You have a case and I charge 2000 hour?" Or was he honest and just shrieked and hollered in laughter!!!!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

the atty.said watch out for FB dem pervs,lol.

u work for free for killary,etc.?

Western Jouralism

(2:52) Facebook Handed Out Contributions to 85% of House Committee Ahead of Zuck Questioning

From nearly 87 million users having their privacy breached, to foreign ad campaigns using the platform to allegedly “divide America,”
Facebook has been making plenty of negative headlines of late

Facebook Gave Money To 85% Of House Committee "Questioning" Zuckerberg Next Week

the dog n pony show today!

hes doin the yank job now.

they/FB is now putting plants in as friends on folks who are banned/where is congress?!


yeah , at least the Trump campaign paid for the info , Obama campaign got theirs for free . Guess it would have been better for Trump to have friended Zuck

libs are above the law.

You can use Google services
Or hangout
Texting voice call
The same way Facebook offering services
And Google keep a lot of privacy
And give you the right of forgetting and deleting the data anytime
Now Google supposed laugh on Facebook
But I think they don't
So there is something went wrong with Google
Only Microsoft on the safe side

GOOGLE is about as private as Facebook,they all make their Money by selling your INFO!
You are their Commodity,their Product!
They are also an extension of the sundry Alphabet-Services!laugh

There's a reason why it's free and the dirty secret is they should have been paying you the whole time, free use of a website is inadequate compensation for our attention/data and remember - gratitude is a sick man's disease(Joseph Stalin).

Graititude is a sickness suffered by dogs. That was it. Anyway the point is you're all too easily bought by capitalists.

And the reason for that is because politics is too easily distracted by adoring or bashing Islam and gay rights or flag-waving. It's to keep you preoccupied with petty shit so that real power rests elsewhere.

Years ago I had a fb account.

One day I was going to play a game on there, and read the tos on it...

You can't play a game on fb, without releasing all of your friend's data!

When I saw that, I deleted all of my friends, and quit using fb.

After reading fb's tos, I don't ever add anybody to my friend's list on any site, and don't have one online "friend."

Google plus (G+)
When launched in the first time they were mocking Facebook as if it was the end of Facebook adventure on the world wide Web
But G+ gave in to the fact that Facebook is a difficult number to overcome
But now they don't mention anything about Facebook
When Appl had conflict with the FBI AGENTS about decoding the iPhone for security matter
All the silicon valley were stunding together side by side
But now when Facebook got them company in trouble no one said a single word
Truly there is something missing
And maybe all of them just shaking now

they took my gun control hall of wall pic on wall of stalin n hitler,etc.then a pic of a nazi about to shoot a woman w/ a child in the head u want gun control now?!

they made FB take down find a kid for sex area thats a big time fed crime there!


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