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Good/Topics for Date Chat

7 votes

Which topics are you most likely to talk about? Maybe more than one or others not mentioned?...


Would Donald Trump make a good President

209 votes



Do you believe President Trump will finish his term in office?

41 votes

With all the fake news, opinion pieces, lies & propaganda, paid protesters & rioters, criticism from the Left & other countries, rumors of internal & external sabotage from both the Right & the Left, Foreign terrorists, Non Citizens, President Trump'... read more


An Epic Love Story...Rank characters from worst to least worse.....

12 votes

There were two small towns next to each other. In one town lived Jack in the other town lived Jill the towns were separated by a dangerous river. Poisonous snakes and big alligators were in the water. Each day Jack would go to the riverbank and ye... read more


Why people not look sincere

17 votes

This question raised in my mind from few weeks. I was there on that site since November-2016. i felt personally that i sincere and trustworthy, god fearing man. but my living country is not define me in right way what i am , That's why people thin... read more


Tell a true story nobody will believe

68 votes

For the last 2 and a half years I have been advocating to many the significance of the Ring Of fire. So far I am Right On. And I am not in the know....

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