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If we live our lives like in the movies and our Director is Kubrick.... On CS we are …

8 votes

No reason just wanted to try Polls I´m still not sure about Kubrick movie or Kafka book This is a self service Poll. No time for my comments, I'm sure heaven will compensate your effort. Please excuse me an... read more


Why do those a**hole does not allow to post a picture to the blog?

1 votes

Hi people. I wanted to post a former art work of mine. For you to see how sensitive, talantet and awsome I am (being sarcastic). But the system allowed me to post only my comment, you know: Bla bla bla - la la la. I've tried one day and then an... read more


Is the world heading towards WW3 ?

57 votes

I have never seen the world in my lifetime in such a volatile state It gets me thinking about Nostradamus quadraints.. Quatrain 81, where he wrote “The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of...


Do you believe President Trump will finish his term in office?

97 votes

With all the fake news, opinion pieces, lies & propaganda, paid protesters & rioters, criticism from the Left & other countries, rumors of internal & external sabotage from both the Right & the Left, Foreign terrorists, Non Citizens, President Trump'... read more


My rabbit

9 votes

In december i save a rabbit nearby. just before the frost. he was domesticated. i didn't want a pet. I saved the poor things life. he had fleas and few days after it froze - 8. Ever since i do hate myself for keeping the animal in an asocial ca... read more


What can I do – another round

2 votes

Feel free to give your stupid opinion....


What can I do?

6 votes

Would like to know, I haven't had much luck with the ladies. I'm starting to think I'm not a likeable guy....



19 votes



If you didnt have to buy anything anymore eg: food, house, car, land etc. would you...

15 votes

This is pure curiousity, to know the minds of others. Share your thoughts and suggestions....


It's the Internet ... do you wittingly or unwittingly modify your behaviour on here

17 votes

I think it's fairly self explanatory ... y'll lemme know if you have any problems understanding eh ?...

mykingdomforanamonline now!

Should Trump move his own business interests and money back to America too?

41 votes

In his most recent financial disclosures, Trump listed 144 individual companies that have had dealings in at least 25 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America, among other companies with regional international interests, acc... read more


What is the best poll in the world?

24 votes

Having created a poll about polls, I'm now wondering if I can make a poll about poll polls that would be funny or interesting enough for anyone to bother clicking on any of the answers?...


can humor still save humanity?

89 votes

in my experience there's nothing nicer than having a good laugh. i have a good sence of Dutch humor and in general adore the English humor as well. humor can cross so many bridges and nationalities and can unite people I'm sure. but nowadays y... read more

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