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how old was holy maid mother Mary//Maria

1 votes

Hey, how old was she when she delivered? It seems wrong for a god to knock up a 14 year old. And below. how old do you think she was when she got married? She is so famous but yet general public doesn't know much about her. (regardless if it...


Emergency cheering up required HELP

4 votes

Once or twice in the past CS has hauled me out of the glums but I'd settle for a good squabble What I'd like is a rollicking outrageous flirt but it's Saturday night and looks kinda quiet so any reaction at all would be p... read more


Those who state 'Smoking ... trying to quit'

6 votes

I guess the poll questions say it all ... but feel free to ask questions if you need clarity on anything :-)...


10 more uniforms to pick from!

45 votes

If you think of any others, do tell. Some of them can be male or female so whatever applies to you!...

Would you vote for LePen?

13 votes

Putin has met with candidate Marie Le Pen, who thanks to her extreme views on immigration looks like the next leader to raise from the ashes of the one great country of France....


Online Gambling

16 votes

Whether it is sportsbetting, slots, live casino or p2p games like poker and backgammon, online gambling is everywhere. It's even (slowly) returning to the US, State-by-State and accessed by 'grey' markets through VPN. But is it a beneficial servic... read more


How many times should you break up with your SO without calling it splittsville?

7 votes

How many times should you break up with your significant other before calling it splittsville? Cannot see the light? Something rotten in Denmark?...



59 votes

Hey Guys,,this is my question to all CS audience out there??especially Americans. What do you make of Donald Trump as the president of America? Is he good or bad for the COUNTRY? If you have any other view pls mention........


How do you like your coffee?

25 votes

Milk or cream and 1 sugar for me. Would be nice to have George Clooney with it too (Nespresso, what else?) but he's "busy" these days! Ginger biscuits are lovely dunked in coffee too (cookies, to some of you). What kind of biscuit/c... read more


Your favorite Easter tradition

25 votes

Easter is a fun time for me. Just got done watching HOP....


Best Black and White Movies

76 votes

Feel free to name others if your faves aren't on the list. There are so many good ones....

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