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Poll NamePollerCreatedLast Post
Where and how would you like to meet ?BButterfly5381936Apr 4Apr 6
Do you know of anyone who met their partner here and are still together? Gf/bf or husband/wife?SweetnFunnyChic1,5414142Feb 5Feb 26
Bank Balance Wellness MeterSnookums32,1782424Apr 2015Jan 2016
Do you trust Unions in North America?chatonlyman22,4583857Nov 2015Dec 2015
How Many found their real Love on connecting singles?ranjitha3,41610171Aug 2013Aug 2015
For relationship to take off, who makes the {first} move ____ Woman Or Man?always_besides2,1116554Jul 2015Jul 2015
An apple begins with me and age too. I am in the midst of a man and foremost in every apprehension.Unknown1,778525Jul 2014Jun 2015
why does south africa attract so many touristUnknown1,9264845Jul 2014Sep 2014
Can you find the odd one out - "Stun", "Ton", "Evil", "Letter", "Mood", "Bad", "Snap", "Straw"?Unknown8,058727Jul 2014Jul 2014
Do you agree there should be a special place on earth where we can dump perverts?StormMc2,4979789Oct 2013Jan 2014
Best Ship to work on in the future ! and why ?nonsmoker2,1076432Dec 2013Dec 2013
Which Is Most Important To You?Unknown2,15629106Feb 2012Aug 2012
If a stripper gets breast implants can she write it off on her taxes as a business expense?BlueOceanBoy1,5171734Jul 2012Jul 2012
who is next pm of indiapnaveenbaria1,405517Jun 2012Jun 2012
What do u think are the chances a long distance relationship succeeds?Sakineh1,7585112Feb 2012Feb 2012
As a member of CS, what is / will be your definition of "success"Unknown1,91730104Dec 2011Feb 2012
If you Google: Rob Lee, who comes up in the search engine first?Unknown1,292222Jan 2012Jan 2012
ONLY FOR LADIES:what would you do if you encounter a nude strange man on your bedroom?Unknown9891337Jun 2008Jun 2008
what do you like to celebrate alone ,only alone?Unknown783138Jun 2008Jun 2008
diogenes is .....Unknown1,9284563Jan 2008Feb 2008
lemonika22: "10 reason why men won't commit"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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