Example: Test

Do you know your World Capitals?

1. What is the capital of Japan?
2. What is the capital of Greece?


The Taker will see one of the following sets of text based on which range their score falls in.
1. Not very Knowlegable (0 - 5 Points)
Dude! What were you doing in geography class?? Did you take geography class??
2. Somewhat Knowlegable (6 - 8 Points)
C or B Student! Remember wondering why in the world the teachers were making you learn this stuff? It’s so you can GO THERE, my friend. Renew your passport!!
3. Very Knowlegable (13 - 18 Points)
A Student! Either you got this knowledge from paying attention in high school or perhaps it’s from traveling! I hope for you it’s both with a lot of emphasis on the traveling! Life is too short, enjoy it while you can. Congratulations!!