Example: Personality Quiz (Mapping)

What Kind of Animal Are You Quiz (sample quiz)
1. Which of the following games is most appealing to you?
2. What kind of movies appeal to you?
Scoring (for sample quiz above)
The Taker will see one of the following sets of text based on which "result" they picked the most often.
You create these in the "Scoring" tab when you create a quiz... you can create up to 20 of them.
1. Lion
You are a born leader and you're not afraid to take charge when necessary. You tend to be very adventurous and others look to you as a trusted example.
2. Dog
You have a lot of energy and always know how to make people laugh. You're liked by nearly everyone and you enjoy making others feel good and get along.
3. Lamb
You tend to shy away from attention and don't often draw attention to yourself or your accomplishments. You are quiet and contemplative.
4. Hyena
You've probably either been tempted by, or have participated in, some sort of get-rich-quick scheme at one point. You're crafty and can take advantage of loopholes that you find.