Example: Personality Quiz (Points-Based)

How Shallow Are You Quiz (sample quiz)
1. Do you consider yourself to be stunning?
2. Would you consider cosmetic surgery?
Scoring (for sample quiz above)
The Taker will see one of the following sets of text based on which numerical range their total score falls into.
You create these in the "Scoring" tab when you create a quiz... you can create up to 20 of them.
1. Not Shallow (0 - 3 Points)
You can honestly say that you are not in the least bit shallow, and you like to take people as you find them. You’re kind, warm-hearted and offer hospitality to everyone who comes into your life. However, no one is perfect, so you are allowed to be a little shallow at times if you wish!
2. Little Shallow (4 - 5 Points)
You are a tad shallow at times, but it is only at times. Mostly, you try to look at things from all angles so that you can enjoy a little freedom and exploration in your life. However, sometimes you do feel rather vulnerable, and you worry that people may try to take advantage of you if you take all your barriers down at once.
3. Shallow (6 - 7 Points)
You’re pretty shameless and aren’t afraid to admit it to anyone if they ask, but you are prepared to look a little deeper if the mood takes you. You do, however, like to be in control of every situation, and if that means making you look cool and attractive, then so be it!
4. Very Shallow (8 - 9 Points)
You’re absolutely shameless and could probably start your own website “Shallow.com” to allow you to chat in the forum with other like-minded people. At least you’re honest and others admire you because they know exactly where they stand with you. It would be nice to say: ‘keep up the good work’ but I’m not sure if it would be appropriate.