Your Favorites count is the number of people who have favorited you. No one can add you to their Favorites List more than once. If someone deletes you from their Favorites List, this will be reflected in your Favorites count. You cannot see who has favorited you because this would discourage the use of the Favorites List. The Favorites List is a personal list for members to keep track of profiles they like (and want to come back to).


Each time a person views your profile, your View count gets incremented. If a person views your profile 10 times, your View count will be incremented by 10.

How this differs from your Who's Viewed Me list
Each member will only appear on your Who's Viewed Me list one time. If they view your profile 10 times, they will only appear once. If a person who has turned off Who's Viewed Me views your profile, they will not appear on your Who's Viewed Me list, but your Views count will be incremented.

**You will have a lot more Views to your profile then people on your Who's Viewed Me list (a person that views your profile multiple times will get counted multiple times in your Views Count but only once in your Who's Viewed Me list).