My Zen Experience

In my early thirties, I was reading two books alte...
1,9193Feb 2014


Everything in life is in a continuous state of bec...
1,2900Oct 2015

Atheism, Theism and God

When the term “God” is mentioned, it s...
1,3250Jul 2015


To truly love, one must first be free; one must ex...
2,0891Jul 2013

Aristotelian Logic, Paradoxical Logic, and God

Aristotelian Logic Since Aristotle, the Western wo...
2,8100Mar 2014

Wisdom and Knowledge

A cup may contain water but it is not the water &n...
1,6180Sep 2013

What Is Time?

The present - tomorrow's past yesterday's tomorrow...
1,4770Aug 2013

Thought, Logic and Reality

The sensory mechanisms of a human being are contin...
1,7670Aug 2013

Euthanasia And Suicide

Euthanasia is a very controversial issue. One of t...
2,2340Aug 2013

What Is Reality?

What is reality? Is it strictly the world based on...
1,9760Jul 2013

Shiva's Dance

The exploration of the sub-atomic world in the twe...
1,9120Jul 2013

Direct Realisation

Life is dynamic and constantly changing. Any think...
1,6040Jul 2013


Society is the product of man and man is the produ...
1,7440Jul 2013

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