RE: Advertise Yourself! .. Don't be shy ;)

baltus it's not my comment it's my ad wink rolling on the floor laughing and i don't false advertise like someone who playdate 's.grin rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Advertise Yourself! .. Don't be shy ;)

here 's mine laugh
im session the great i like barbecued wibs rolling on the floor laughing
but i prefer you lick my fingers after i, eat themuh oh rolling on the floor laughing
i like horse ,back riding as long it's under the sheets blushing rolling on the floor laughing
i enjoy gazing at the stars but not feet rolling on the floor laughing
if you put your foot in your mouth i'll think your a phoney.grin rolling on the floor laughing
and that will make me barf the end banana rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Golden Years

wow terbear i wish this was 1971 laugh i'd be all over you cutie.smitten laugh your pic now looks good to now your just an older cute guy.grin laugh teddybear peace

RE: Getting so Tired of the fakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you better be careful bunnytocool the fake faceless profiles might think your writing this blog about them.roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing you'd think they'd be at least smart enough to put a fake pic up rolling on the floor laughing unfortunately their brains are only their to hold up their ears. LMAO grin rolling on the floor laughing

RE: 100 year old men without shirts

is that morrissey from the smith's ? or only heaven knows.laugh

RE: Amsterdam

working laugh dreaming of living abroad one day but it's only a dream.moping rolling on the floor laughing peace

RE: Bear-ly Alive !

jim that's look real laugh a hiker in yellowstone was just mauled n killed last week startling a mother with her cubs. uh oh i think it said it hasn't happened a death for a couple decades. they don't move the bear or cubs either when that happens because it's natural for her to protect her cubs.grin

RE: Why do i feel lonely?

i'd rather be lonely than bored anyday.laugh god knows this thank you god for providing me with the internet and cable oh great one.yay laugh i lv being alone sometimes solitude is peaceful if you manage your time rite and enjoy your own company . i do.grin laugh teddybear peace

RE: Amsterdam

i want to taste them then.blushing rolling on the floor laughing they'd lv my yummies.innocent rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Amsterdam

i hope part of that game isn't pick pocketing someone.laugh amsterdam and all of the netherlands denmark has always been my dream place to live.grin not vacation i want to move their.laugh angel

RE: An important announcement

wow jim now that's a achievement thumbs up to bad it wasn't a money game in a bar circa 1981 head banger rolling on the floor laughing i lv missle command to and defender and galaxy and :laugh remember space invaders pinball machine . the best pinball machine ever.grin cheers

RE: ?????

i like they way they smell especially a couple hours after a shower with their cologne still coming out their skin. and whiskey on their breathe.blushing rolling on the floor laughing take me oh take me you beast.lips wink rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Dirty Rotten Liers !

those dirty rotten scoundrels.rolling on the floor laughing i must agree jim to much emo use.roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing uno how i use them appropriately.grin

RE: Is It Normal for Men to Ogle Women?

the question should be is it normal to want to control your partner in a relationship ? if it was christmas time a control freak partner could buy his/her love a set of horse blinders.laugh so their eyes only look at the ground or them.laugh give me a break lol human nature draws your eyes to things that are appealing or attractive .professor a person who takes it to another level is a control freak that's my report on the subject.wink rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Happy 4th of July weekend !

jim that sign fireworks DANGER stay away. lol and a kid with flip flops standing in the picture . LOL a professional . LMAO

RE: Happy 4th of July weekend !

yeah uno the ones the professional 's use the mortar balls .lol
and homemade tubes. lol it's kinda funny because everyone becomes a fireworks expert during the 4th .lol mailmen bus drivers heating and air condition guys. hahaha my brothers get crazy they go to missouri to get stuff that scares me. lol makes the ground shake. lol luckily after that accident everyone has kept it safer. lol i really like the loud stuff especially in the air but on the ground is great to. lol

RE: Happy 4th of July weekend !

i do to jim my brothers friend lost part of his face and a eye looking down the tube of a mortar round. i couldn't believe the damage it did he was good looking before that. he made a huge mistake actually he was in a coma and almost died. but has to live with the memory heavy drinking and fireworks don't mix especially mortar bombs and serious explosives like quarter sticks and M100 or M200 lol which are basically dynamite like a quarter stick. lol every year people die and are maimed playing with the heavy stuff . luckily my step dad is a electrician he knows what he's doing. lol happy 4th jim. btw his eye itches . LOL

RE: Happy 4th of July weekend !

them are cool pics jim. i lv the 4th their always fun until someone loses a eye. lol sorry i can't use emo's this time. hahaha

RE: pheeeeeewiiit! why no ADS for Latino men??

they're all at pedro 's barbecue for the 4th of july weekend.grin they all should be back shortly considering hangover recovery time of course.wink laugh

RE: MY new blog is about pets

that's because their little babies who need love and attention and talking to.conversing and they always talk back to you.heart beating grin teddybear

RE: Fireflies & Friendships

i still collect fireflys with my nieces n nephews.yay it's still fun doing . lol got to pass on the tradition i'll bet that tradition has been passed down for centuries collecting the fireflys.grin i wonder who started it maybe george washington to light the laterns for the boats on the potomac at laugh cheers peace

RE: MY new blog is about pets

remember the movie gus.laugh the kicking mule played for a football team.laugh cheers

RE: MY new blog is about pets

that's cool houston i'd like to see them.thumbs up hv a good1 peace bouquet

RE: MY new blog is about pets

i knew that was the program houston .laugh i, mean how many people do that.rolling on the floor laughing yes i hv my baby cookie heart beating i, hv a pic of her iin my profile. grin i lv horses 10k yes but i never been to cuba wink rolling on the floor laughing

RE: MY new blog is about pets

i love all animals.heart beating i seen that on the telly to.laugh it was a old pontiac bonneville and the guy cut the roof off the car so his horse could ride with him.rolling on the floor laughing and the state troopers pulled him over on the highway he was actually driving the highway with the horse.rolling on the floor laughing and the troopers let them << go.rolling on the floor laughing is that the one houston the
program ? or another one. hahaha the horse lived inn the house with them to it was great.laugh that horse was adorable i lv horses.grin cheers

RE: marry me

i think, he lost his mind to. laugh that's one scammer who'll be having cereal for dinner again tonight .grin rolling on the floor laughing he needs the re evaluate his career because he sucks as a scammer to.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: marry me

i usually only read the first line from them anyway.laugh at least he made it short and stupid . grin rolling on the floor laughing

RE: no one for me

hi ricky i bet i, can break that baby heart in one night.wink rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: My Favourite Place

that's sounds peaceful.angel i have alot of places like that i got to seeing the animals and birds makes your heart feel good.grin the badger is one of my favorite animals . their tough little animals laugh they don't back down from anything i like watching nature n animal documentaries i lvd the badger one i seen him backing down a 700 pound grizzly .laugh and their so smart n tenacious really an amazing animal they all are .. nice blog.. thumbs up you hv a good day to.peace

RE: I've lost my will to live

wow is that a sad story but if you can make it through all that which sounded like living hell for you . you can face the present obstacles in your life which are really small steps to getting yourself up again everyone has to do it trying to build a life for yourself . but don't think of suicide it's to final contact social security get on SSI and you'll get free health care therapists prescription drugs and cash. then get yourself back to normal and as happy as possible then start working the government even would get you a job to get you off the checks. i have a family member who completely turned his life around doing exactly what i told you. never stop moving forward even in your mind .grin gd luck to you.angel peace hug

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