The Ferrymen of the heart

The Ferrymen of the heart

Thanks. Well my 100 years are over I suppose, so I can write about it :)


Sounds like you should read "The Secret" and "The Power" unless you have already done so. Lovely stuff.

RE: How can I make the positives I'm my life work for

time to check out buddy - it WORKS!

RE: Is there anyway to get an ex out of your head?

I know how painful this is and I have no quick fix for you but, there is some good news - it DOES get better :)

You know that you broke it off for a reason,many reasons in fact. Whenever you find yourself missing her just mentally list the various reasons that led to you parting ways. There are good memories of course and you should not banish those but remind yourself that the good times were not enough to prevent you from going your separate ways. You still love her and of course you do; she probably still cares tonnes about you too. Having reminded yourself of why you are not good for each other wish her lots of happiness and send her loads of love and move on to other thoughts or better still do something fun.

What we really really miss most when we break up is the sense of companionship - we miss our partner in crime so to speak. Take this opportunity to fill in that gap by reinforcing family ties and spending more time with friends and colleagues. Engage in social events and try some volunteering too.

You will be fine, just give yourself some time..

RE: The Case of the Ex...

He is prob all alone or his latest conquest dumped him and he gets the time to reflect on the good thing he took a dump on.. He knows full well he screwed up big time; asking you why you hate him is his way of minimizing his unforgivable misdeed until it can no longer be seen as grounds for you to have told him to pee off. Cheater's way of shifting blame back on to the cheated.. as if he was not the prob but your "over-reaction" was to blame. Surely you figured this out yourself no?

RE: I don't wanna be called " BEAUTIFUL "

Swan you gorgeous nutcase don't believe a word these guys tell you. Loads of people think it is just cool to hang around here and lead folks on and then when things approach anything remotely serious the excuses start piling up.. They are only here because they are bored and they think that chatting up someone who is far away is "safe" since they will not have to face the music.

And another point; on the site they all say they do not care if you are from a different culture or religion or if you are half purple or quarter insect but in real life they would never consider you as a partner.

I am referring to the time-wasters of course, and I know very well that are many many wonderful people over here who really look beyond such things and are in search of a partner in the most beautiful sense of the word.

Naturally there is only one way to end this - you are BEAUTIFUL, all good souls are :)))))

RE: How to Create Lack or Abundance

Read the book this week, wonderful stuff

RE: Dont Be Afriad !!!

Sorry but it depends on the differences..

In some parts of the world being from a different religion or country or caste can lead to a hellish life for the couple and sometimes they even come in harm's way.

We have all heard stories from the Levant and the Gulf, and Egypt had a prominent story in the headlines lately.

Love knows no boundaries, but manking has MANY of them unfortunately.


come on man.. EK107/108 flies daily to DXB and it is just a 25 min hop to Doha

do it!

RE: He is ALLAH,The One (Verses from Holy Quraan).

Everyone is so keen to jump to conclusions and act holier than thou

Perhaps if you reread my posts you will understand what I actually mean!

PS I assume the poster of this thread is responsible for the nonsensical hate mail I received - you have been duly reported, nice example of the peaceful faith you profess to have.

RE: He is ALLAH,The One (Verses from Holy Quraan).

I just do not understand why someone would post excerpts of any religious book without any additional background info or commentary.. I can copy and paste endless passages from a variety of books but, seriously, what is the point?? Is this dude out to convert anyone? This is not the place for that. It verges on blasphemy in my opinion although I am not a Muslim myself. That is all I am saying. Lord knows I have friends from all religions and we get along just fine :)

RE: From Cyprus to the WORLD

4ectita Koleda :)))

RE: Is there a Heaven,, or just Hell on earth,,,,,,,,,

lolling to and fro.. nice one cheers

RE: perfection what is it to you

A beautifully imperfact being who can come together with my imperfection to produce a perfect duet :)

We can all have a PERFECT love story :)

Glad you liked it 10k - the "Big Guy" is very loving and I assure you that 99% of us will make it past the Pearly Gates not the other way round angel

Hope you had a nice Christmas; best wishes for the NY in advance

RE: men

Girls you are generalizing quite frankly..

I assure you that some of us men have been at the receiving end of such behaviour and it hurts just as bad.

I think it is extremely widespread in both genders - most folks seem to think that they should look like and behave like the characters they see on TV when in reality those folks end up living sad materialistic lives devoid of any true meaning. Is that what I want for my life? N O P E....

All I want..

Thanks! I had a really pleasant Christmas with my family, there is so much joy in the simpler things and I must remind myself of that more often :)

RE: He is ALLAH,The One (Verses from Holy Quraan).

Just a question if I may; do you really think a dating site is the right place to bring up the name of your deity? Seriously!


Your tears are too precious to waste on such losers ;)

As for NY in Italian we say

"meglio sola che malaccompagnata"

better alone than in bad company

Sending loads of hugs your way cherie


Swan you are breaking my heart - stop settling for so much less than you deserve. FULL STOP

Repeat after me:








;))))))) angel

RE: GurlFriend !! You're Using Me !!

Just set some boundaries.. do not always be available, do not always say "yes".. she will get the message.. unless you tell her where to stop she cannot know ;)

What lies to the west of the West?

I guess they do not know themselves where it starts and where it ends. Blonde hair and blue eyes help no end of course..

What lies to the west of the West?

Naturally the discriminators are not from the West themselves but they have coined the term "Western-educated" to soothe their egos lol

What lies to the west of the West?

Yes and the complexes are deeply ingrained in the minds of people. If you check out the ads in Middle Eastern papers you will find that even these days they have no hesitation in soliciting applications from "Westerners only" and they even specify which countries they will consider at times.. I am often tempted to write in and ask them if I am from far West enough and if they would require a DNA sample perhaps lol

RE: Only Breath

Truly if it was worth writing he has written it.. I too greatly appreciate the Mowlana, thanks for sharing this :)

RE: Should I ?

We should always try to forgive, for our own good if for no other reason. Resentment can eat you up slowly from the inside otherwise.

However in the context of love it is not always advisable to also forget besides forgiving.. I have learned that people seldom change and if there is something majorly wrong with the person you must either come to terms with it or walk away as it can only lead to you being hurt again.

Take a step back and let things move slowly for a while.. your inner self will soon show you the way.


Ask the loafer how much his rent is..

I say well done, this obviously means a lot to you


Farewell, and good riddance

Sure mate, I can do with all the company I can get while I am lying here recovering from the op :)

Keep well


You raise an extremely worrying point Swan.. This is part of what is wrong with modern day society. Most people have NO clue about how to communicate and the importance of doing so.

We have many talkers, very few speakers
We have many hearers, very few listeners
We have viewers not seers
We have thinkers not reasoners

Be patient, there is still hope ;)

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