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thank you for doing this- ur a beautiful lady!

im good enough smart enough and darnit people like me lol
cs is an entertaining website with interesting people
life is goodhug

RE: good woman wanted

grin rolling on the floor laughing


one of my fave jokes!


sounds like a great plan! good luck on finding a companion

RE: My Revenge

The best reveng is living wellhug

RE: Slut Walk

thank you for your last comment musicfreak- couldnt have said it better.

thumbs up

RE: Slut Walk

i agree with boban- dont blame the victim with "they asked for it since they were dressed that way" rape is not about sex - but about power, control and domination- about humiliating the woman.

Im originally from Georgia- back in the 1970s there was a guy that terrorized my hometown. He was dubbed the stocking strangler he raped and murdered women He was finally caught convicted and is on death row. His name is Carlton Gary.
here is a link to his story:

My point is: these women were all elderly- so how could it possibly be about sex? it was a sick man/rapist/murderer taking out his rage/hate/evil on these women- they were not being provocative


RE: Where do u draw the line?

Jode I agree with swiss-- both of you ladies are gorgeous and look great with long hair. I have grown mine out since my pics were taken (3 years ago lol) I need to update badly.

Men like long hair- it is more attractive- the hair cut in the pic is very cute- but remember that it is a drastic change and that style is about the only way you would be able to wear it.

I would keep your long locks- but if you prefer maybe go to a wig shop and have fun trying out a short look at the store to see what it might look like or try a website that might allow you to "try" out the look by using your pic on their hair. If you have a trusted stylist ask them for their opinion. Maybe go gradual- cut the ends a little and go from there.

Whatever you do - I know youre gonna look fabulous

Keep posting those funny pics-


RE: That is called LOVE!

well said and extremely thoughtful and mature point of view. It has taken me waaaaay too long to figure out that love is not a feeling that overwhelms you and when the feeling is gone - then it must be over- that is infatuation-

again - well said!!! cheering

RE: call

rolling on the floor laughing cute!

RE: God's blessings

thanks for sharing trazz - beautiful and eye opening story


RE: Is she real

I agree with the above posters that this is not a real profile- very attractive asian girl. How do we know that even the pic is real and not a model with a guy behind it scamming?

be careful...and good luck to you my friend

RE: Blind date ???

@tallman--- rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Blind date ???

i understand what you mean about other people in your life not understanding that it is okay to be single. my parents act like its "wrong" to be single. they keep trying to fix me up too. Like you, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I am not sure if they are doing it for us single people or if they are doing it because it makes them uncomfortable...doh

RE: Arabic make up

so gorgeous- it doesn't hurt that they have such amazing features and beautiful skin- very lovely- thanks for sharinggrin

RE: Iranian tradition before new year

wonderful! have a happy new year! applause cheering cheers grin


@calliope, calmheart and lovely- well said ladies - very well said

@narnia- thanks for starting this bloghandshake


we are all His children and He loves us no matter what. If we look at the person as we see them we may still remain angryhug

RE: a lie detector robot

bunch of liars! rolling on the floor laughing laugh

RE: How to Have a Healthy Relationship

handshake thumbs up

RE: Advice for womens

that was lovely! hug

RE: Good women wanted!

i totally agree with swiss- please put on a shirt- you will attract the right kind of woman by doing so


RE: Psychic or not?

count me in...let the magic begin...grin

RE: May you never steal, lie or cheat

thanks for sharing! that was lovely!applause

RE: found this hilarious!

that was hysterical! thanks for the laffs
rolling on the floor laughing laugh


i am so sorry that your bike was stolen. here is another curse for the thief: may the fleas from a thousand camels attach themselves to their crotch and their arms too short to scratch...

RE: Nice words

that is beautiful! thanks for sharing!
applause hug

RE: would you date me

just a note to wish you good luck- you look like a nice guy- you are very direct open and honest about what and who you are lookig for- i am sure you will find the right lady for you- just give it time

RE: Never Ending Role Playing Game

you never mind that- all in due time agent fraser- i will be in touch- i will give all information on a need to know basis -

RE: I met an AMAZING woman today.

that was a beautiful and heartwarming blog- i have to admit i did make an assume out of myself as I am a reader (and enjoy) your blogs...this was the best one ever...thanks Jim!peace

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