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not really, but I might borrow that line! handshake

RE: short jokes...

Thank you! Funny stuff!

RE: careful wot u wish for!

Thank you! hug

RE: careful wot u wish for!

yeah...I wanted slim leg...blushing so better healty than otherwise! doh

RE: careful wot u wish for!

I just broke my leg...so 6 weeks for recover and time for blogging, like your joke...I had a wish...hug


"Do you believe in love at the first sight or should I walk by again?" rolling on the floor laughing

RE: careful wot u wish for!

ok...I have more time...for writings...one day! handshake

RE: careful wot u wish for!

right! grin

RE: FYI: i am bi polar

good for you dear, at least someone is honest! laugh

RE: regrets

let's sail! bouquet

RE: Poems for WIFE and HUSBAND.

nice compilation! how come the wife had the last word? confused

RE: This is me... at work..!!!

hello N&E! bouquet

RE: AMERICA ON ALERT! Civil Rights, defending America!

to victory! wave

RE: This is me... at work..!!!

are you using a laptop now? cheers

RE: bored

hey, what about baking some cookies? wink

RE: Song, not a love song

I bet this sounds great with the proper melody! blues

RE: AWESOME!! Must Read

interesting grammar's lesson!grin


Your name fits you, sounds as you are a free spirit, I have to be in agreement of your blog but not in everything, there are loves which last forever, a mother loves her kid forever and the child too! heart1

RE: Sally could fool anyone, . .

I wanna too what she ate! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: love hurts

hahahaha, that wasn't love just lust laugh
Hello cherry, my ans for a future blog...I think I will, thanks for the tip, just gimme sometime! wink

RE: commitment?, . . one step further, . . ok?

hahhahahaha, not like that, he must have many faces, moods..etc...so I won't be bored! wave

RE: how was ur new years resolution going....???

Hello dear, well...you can look your investment like savings!!!My goals from 2011 are moving in the right direction..even the movement is slowly...and I need forbearance!!! wave

RE: commitment?, . . one step further, . . ok?

NO!!! but if that pair of shoes will be like a chameleon, YES!

RE: commitment?, . . one step further, . . ok?

correction: color

RE: commitment?, . . one step further, . . ok?

ohhhhhhhh not again!!!yeah...the colore is important...you cannot fix a dress with any colore...and size no doubt about it..I mean the shoes one, then..the shape...yeah...high or without it...hmmm

RE: Enough is Enough!!!

"enough is a adequate quantity ...is more enough to achieve a purpose"!!! so...if all was set now... move on and be good! hug

RE: the truth of our existence

you are funny my friend, John with that bang boom...etc rolling on the floor laughing who knows...I like to think and I believe we are humans being of God!

RE: guys who can't fully commit

holy moly AJ laugh what a equivalence!
what may I say...if she/he isn't fit well...won 't be a fully commitment...is simple? blues

RE: Kindness

Nice blog! I do not think we are kind person or unkind from the dictionary, no?
We cannot respond rude if someone shows us just kindness, that is the way which works things for me and for many of us!applause

RE: what is love?

Love isn't an effort,jmo but yes is grows everyday...step by step, news from news...! then...there is a reverse, no? till love will be disappeared but even that we can call it love... it last one day or a lifetime! It depends from culture to culture for one to another...and the intensity is different from a lover to another etc...but in the end...the results is the same, no? Love rises (up) us and pulls down! hug

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