RE: Run Away

Perhaps they've got toothache ? Lol

RE: Do You Smoke?

Luckily I dont smoke anymore. I smoked for almost 22 years and I stopped 4-5 years ago.
head banger

RE: Happy New Year Every one

happy new year...

Good luck in Italy banana

RE: Beyonce vs Less Make Up

" wear less make up " ...

OK. no foundation, no powder,

RE: same old story

Oh no...comfort
perhaps she had something to do comfort

RE: Holy Cr*p i have a date!

wow... sounds great thumbs up

Good luck

RE: ........Love is Patient.......

Gotta find one for me then laugh crying

RE: I love it

aaahh you banned my number mumbling doh hahahah

@happy369 : hey Mbak... apa kabar...?

RE: Translation Needed :)

Tidur....woiii tidur dah malemrolling on the floor laughing

Have a nice weekend!

@ all
thank you...
and have a great weekend to youu banana

Have a nice weekend!

thanks, Elmo.
You mean the boat shown on this pic? Nope, they're my friends.
I were the other side, opposite them.

a cyber-affair ?

Well we still friend in real life,but I just could not stand it seeing her on social network

@ particolor : she made another facebook account, no one knows her another facebook. Well except me grin doh

@virgo : I hate cheaters. I don’t want to see her as a cheater –even its hard to do- but I want to see her as a friend.

@cyn_real : hahhaha yeap indeed. grin

@rubincon76 : I just don’t want to see what she’s doing on facebook. We’re friends in real life. I never talk about her cyber-man tho.handshake

Happppppy Holidayyyss !!


WTH.... Happy Holidays, peeps.... cheering cheering


@ Virgo : not sure when and where but perhaps its on list
@ lachi : ahaaa... to where?

RE: do or dont scold


good luck...banana wave

RE: Genie for you


RE: Genie for you

Gue mau Si Won....cheering laugh

RE: "Kiss my A$$ pussies !!"

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing nice a$$

RE: Finding love and marriage on CS

I attended my friend's wedding. They were active in forums. Her husband lives with her in Jakarta now.


Nope Lachi..from my supervisor.. Orang malay yg demen banget ama bunga. Dia ke Rawa belong kemaren. Kayaknya ucapan terima kasih krn gw kasih tauk jalan deh.


@backintolight : baaaaaah muncul lsg punya anak aja luww… Nama ID gw masih tetep… mutual friend kan temen kuliah luw… hahahaha
laugh teddybear
@ cherrie : ada nich…. Gopean mau? laugh
@ shay : indeed… love it blushing
@ parti : heeeeeeeeeey partiii….. I hope good luck for me… applause
@ St Elmo : Nooo….. My boss is a female. And her birthday is past Happy Wed Elmo cheers
@ Bambina : hahaah boss gw cewek, neng… eh sapah yg mo ketemuan sama bule back? Gak mudeng nich


@ Wafwotam : well good news then wink
@ coco : yes ma’am… with cash or credit card ? wave
@ backintolight : laaaaaaaaaaaah kemana aja luuuuwww… di FB juga gak ada lagi luw yak… taneeen euyyy… hang out yoookk
reunion wave


@calliopesgirl : hahahah I wish. But not only me get the flowers. My senior secretary too. laugh

@ wafwotam : hahahha, as long as he is a human roll eyes

@ single again : ttttttttto bad the flowers are not from CS.

Hello Peeps..

Thanks peeps for your advice..
I hope I could keep it up...head banger

Hello Peeps..

aww..that's so sweet Virgo... Thank you. cheering
What a nice welcoming cheering dancing

Hello Peeps..

hello Virgo wave


laugh laugh

RE: Word Battle.

aw aw aw...manis banget mbaak,,,wink

RE: If your from indonasia let it be known!


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