RE: I Got the Job!

Congratulations!! Remember that "NO" Means New Opportunities.... cheering

RE: Opinions Welcome

Springguy: "NO" to me means: "New Opportunities". The important thing is to not give up and don't change who you are to accomdate a potential mate if in fact you say you are a good/ sweet guy etc. She has to accept you for who you are and vice versa. Don't settle for the first woman that comes your way immediately. Get to know each other well. Keep your list of requirements/expectations up to date and make sure she is in fact what you are looking for. Best of luck to you and remember if you ask 100 girls out I am sure at least 10 will say yes.peace

RE: Relationships: The World of Contradiction

Great Blog Sir Stevenmagosprofessor

RE: Cougars

@Canuk: You are Hilarious!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


Hi Mary! I love your hair do, and you have a great smile!hug

RE: self destruction

Hi Oly I am not a Scorpion I am a Capricorn.....lips

RE: Do you believe in LOve at first sight

I believe that you can be so enfactuated that you can mistake lust for love and rush into things. I know I have done it and paid the price dearly. Love takes time to develop, it has be nurtured, valued, respected etc. I honestly believe that the more time you spend as friends (getting to know each other) with your future partner/lover, husband, wife, etc. the better you will know each other and wether or not you can tolerate each other and make the relationship work. Keep in mind that we live longer now. Our life expectancy is approx 80-100yrs give or take depending on what part of the world you live and your economic situation. A couple may have different professional goals, hobbies, ideas, morals, values, political views, etc. and they can drift apart apart if they do not communicate and understand one another. A close relative of mine married a very handsome young man at the young at of 22. He's a good man but unforntunately not as accomplished intellectually/professionally as she is. She can't take her husband to her work functions because he simply would not fit in. He can not share in her scholarly/professional accomplishments due to his lack of education/professional accomplishments. It really is frustrating for her sometimes, they have come close to separating several times, but they have managed to make the relationship work. There are many variables to consider when getting married. With time, personal growth and experience you will become a good judge of character and find out what you truly value and are looking for. If you are a young lady and I tell this to my young daughter on a regular basis. Work on your college education, have a good career, boys will come and go. The best thing you can do is be prepared to be able to take good care of yourself and not have to depend on anyone. Specially a man. Best of luck ladies! professor

RE: Burned biscuits!

You are a Great Love Story Teller! heart wings

RE: the trouble with parents..

I used to work at a call center in AZ back in 1994 and met a lot of good friends there. Two in particular that are gay and I still keep in touch with them on Face Book to this day. I am not gay but accept people for who they are. Your dilema is very common. I know that one of my friends I will call him "Franchesca" also knew at a very young age that he was different than the rest of the boys. I recall a story of when I was in college in a sociology class. We had a guest speaker she was a member of PFLAG: Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. She basicallly told us the story about her son coming out of the closet. She said her and her husband went to visit their son in college. During the drive her son and his partner were passengers in the back seat of the vehicle with dad drving and mom as a passenger in the front seat of the car. She said that her son basically came out and said it: "mom, dad, I am gay and this is my partner". She said she was shocked at first/almost wrecked for a second, but basically accepted who her son, for who he is and she was there to educate us on the fact that Gay, Lesbian, purple, brown etc... We are all human period. Check out the website ( think it will be a great resource for you. Best of Luck! hug

RE: Guys ...! This is Unfair !

It's like Blue from the movie "Old School" put it: Women will tear your heart out through your a**

RE: Burned biscuits!

Heliya: Wonderful Story! You have a great father and mother as role models. Wish you the best of luck on your search. hug

RE: i will be missing you ( N O T ) ... !

Pixels1 it looks like Kasih is not interested in brunch at the Airport. I can always rebook my flight and fly into London

RE: L.H.S (Lonely Heart Syndrome)

Chris @ the age of 23 I got married, joined (with 2yrs of college completed) the US Army and had my first son. Holly shit dude! Don't get hung up on this marriage stuff read my other blogs and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Right now if you haven't done so already focus on your career, personal growth and development. Your FUTURE!! Figure out what you want out of life/your purpose, see how you can make a difference in the world. The next time you fly in an airplane pay attention to the safety briefing: In the event of a sudden change in cabin pressure the oxygen mask, blah, blah, blah place the oxygen mask on YOURSELF FIRST breath normally and then help others. Chris needs to be concerned with Chris right now not getting married. Women come and go as do lifes ups and downs. Your ability to have inner peace will dictate wether you make it or not. You have to be good and at peace with Chris and what Chris values, stands for etc.. As you go through lifes different experiences learn from the good and disregard the bad. Everyone makes mistakes, try not to make the same mistake twice. Pay attention to your college professors, role models etc. I was fortunate enough to join the Army at the age of 23 that is where I was surrounded by leaders, learned how to be responsible, goal oriented, a leader, and my current profession. I had the opportunity to live in HI,AL,GA, travel to Italy, Thailand, the Middle East and across the continental US many times. Life is all about choices Chris. Every action has a consequence so think before you act/react. Most importantly life is about having no regrets you don't want to be 99 and say I wish, I coulda wouda...You are the creator of your own destiny. You have to take action if you want something... my friend! Chris Best of Luck to you!! peace


Stareyes: thank you for your kind words. I live my life one day at a time. Making tomorrows happy memories today. If I can make a positive difference in your life it makes me very glad. Life will always have it's ups and downs. The idea is to learn from our mistakes and grow spiritually and intellectually. The key is to figure out our purpose in life and how we fit in this world. As far as your English is concerned from now on you can change your outlook by saying: I may not know a whole lot of English/grammer, stuff about computers: you fill in the blank(_______ )but I am learning more and more everyday, and by doing that you are actually putting positive reinforcement in your brain and you will succeed...

Best Regards,

Carlitos peace


@Faithfullnes: I have attempted to read the bible, but it's just simply to long. The "God" of my own understanding does not ask me for money, or critize my outfit on Sunday morning. I learned as a teen-ager that I did not want to be part of a group of people (church groups/bible thumpers etc.) that do nothing more than gossip about each other. It's a free country and you do have the freedom of religion....peace

RE: !!!!!!LADIES BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

This is Hilarious! Any self proclaimed Engineer or Business man that has the nerve to ask for financial assistance for his business from some one he just met is pathetic, let alone ask to be financed on someone's personal credit card.
A real business man will have all the Banker/Investor Contacts that are necessary to finance a real business venture etc. If he is approaching an every day regular working joe/anne that should be your RED-FLAG WARNING.... professor

RE: men

Swiss: Cosmo Magazine suggest that women have sex on the 2nd

RE: Be true to yourself

Inner peace is priceless and it can only be found through deep soul searching. One must have inner-peace: not only before the storm, or after the storm but DURING the storm. Without self love, appreciation, and understanding of one-self. You can never truly love someone else if you don't know how to love your self first. We all grow spiritually and intellectually as we live our lives. Our paradyme or what we perceive as reality will be based on past/current experiences, intellectual abilities, where we have been, done, tasted, seen, etc. People may not always perceive things the same way you view them. I personally believe that being open minded, having humility, and treating people the way you want to be treated will always have a positive outcome in your life. If you are a lost soul looking to figure out your purpose in life, start by looking at yourself and see how you have contributed to this world positively to make a difference for our future generations... If you find out that you are nothing more than an oxygen bandit then it's time to refocus and start working towards your new goals.... peace

RE: i will be missing you ( N O T ) ... !


I will be flying into Jakarta for my conecting flight to Bali on 03 February @7:55 a.m Garuda 89. My connection flight departs at 9:50 a.m. I will be more than happy to have a nice conversation over breakfast/brunch at the Airport Terminal with you. As far as the walk on the beach you would have to catch my conecting flight to Bali. hug

RE: What are you waiting for?

NamasteWeareone: Great Blog! You are absolutely correct a lot of people will just sit there and complain and make numerous excuses on why they can't do this, or why they can have that. I never in my life imagined that I was going to be a homeowner at the young age of 23, let alone have the opportunity to travel abroad. Ultimately we are our ourselves worst enemy. Imagine the things that you would do or go after if you knew that FAILURE was not an option or if did not exist for that matter. Life is about having no regrets and you touched on that. You also talked about staying focused and working towards an attainable goal. There is a book out there titled "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill where he pretty much spells out a lot of the things that you brought up. Do you remember growing up teachers and adults would always say "If you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything" The thing is they never told us how to set our minds....The "Think And Grow Rich Book" does exactly that. I read and applied what I read in the book. It truly does work. Our minds are a very powerful tool if used properly. If you are not happy with your current job quit! Find another job. If you don't like how much money you are earning go back to school or find a better paying career field. People are always saying "the economy this" "the bad economy" blah, blah, blah, Look on If there was NO jobs out there that website would be gone. Granted, some opportunities have dried up, put your pride aside and take a lower paying job it will lead to something better and it will keep your from going into deepter financial debt. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move forward....peace

RE: judgement & hatemail.

@PinkBubblez: If you are not romantically involved with any of the hate-mail senders and if they are NOT the ones signing your paycheck/supporting you. You should NOT care what they say.... yay


@lovelyza: Not mad. I just have a low tolerance for ignorance. barf

Why is "Alcoholism" so prevelant in the world??

Lovely4u7d: I agree with you 100%. The drinking/drugging is behavior used to mask a deep rooted emotional/physchological issue. Wether it's dealing with some type of abuse like you mentioned or filling a "void" of a missing loved one etc. The bottom line is that alcohol/drugs are not the answer. If you believe that your life is f*cked up, you can drink all the whisky in the world and it will still be f*cked up and then some the next day. When a suffering addict/alcoholic decides to get help and goes trough the 12 step program of AA it is there where they learn why they are drinking and how to stop. To simply say that drinking is the only answer to resolve/relieve some ones pain would be absurd. Eventually what happens when you continue to drink/drug to mask/soothe your pain, sorrow, self pitty etc. You get into a "state dependent learning stage" where your brain/body will not feel normal unless you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that's where the downward spiral begins. We all have issues in our lives, living life on life's terms is the only way to live. Keep in mind that we are all spiritual beings trying to be human.... handshake

Early Warning Signs: That You Are Dating A "Gold D

Look @JimNastics #4.professor

Why is Marriage a Failing Institution?

It's complicated. I have been married, been there done that. Ultimately being married and getting divorced brought me: Loss of my children, loss of my house, loss of my career,loss of my jeep, bankruptcy, it set me back 10yrs financially. In America marriage it's overrated, it has become a financial risk period. You mightest well just sign all your personal assets away when you get married because Family Court (has financial interest of 15% of every payment made through family court, gets skimmed right of the top) will award all of your hard earned assets to your X. It's rather bone chilling to know that someone will have the right to take everything that you have worked for, even if they didn't contribute to the acquisition of the assets. I have found that being single is not so bad after all. It gives you time to reasses what you truly value and to learn more about yourself. I have found that I can be alone and be happy. Being single and having inner peace is priceless. I have come to the realization that everytime I am single somehow it seems like I can acquire more assets and Actually get to keep Not trying to rain on any ones parade but this has been my personal experience and if you can make your marriage/relationship work more power to you...peace

"No Rings No Strings" Relationships Do They Work??

Does he at least buy you dinner first? It sounds like you have a good arrangement. My only concern would be if he is practicing safe sex with his other s*xual partner/s?sad flower

What Are The Early Warning Signs: That You Are Dat

She knew what she was after... Let me tell you. What a night mare did the short (Thank God!)relationship turn out to be... I made it and lived to tell about it... cool


@lovely: It looks like you perhaps lack in the reading comprehension department....Your attention span is quite short also. You apparently are trying to make a SAD attempt at bashing people. If you don't have anything good to say take your negativity somewhere else...professor


Excellent failures know they can't avoid failure all the time, but they refuse to be pinned down by it. They know the road to success goes directly through the town of failure. They understand that failure is just a bend in the road, not the end in the road.
When Einstein arrived at Princeton from Europe in 1935, he was asked what he would require for his office. He replied, "A desk, some pads and a pencil, and a large wastebasket to hold all my mistakes." As a scientist, he knew it was not only okay to fail, but it was necessary.
When you begin to fail, you'll join some select company. Gregor Mendel, the Austrian monk who discovered the principles of heredity, failed his teacher's exam three times. Regardless, he carried on his experiments in breeding plants, crossbreeding some 21,000 plants over a decade. Enrico Caruso, recognized as the world's greatest tenor, was told to quit singing because he repeatedly failed to hit the high notes. Vince Lombardi, recognized by many as the best football coach ever, was still an offensive line coach at Fordham University at age 43. He had failed to break into the big time. The Green Bay Packers had yet to call. Einstein and rocketeer Werner von Braun flunked math courses. When automotive pioneer Charles Kettering broke his arm turning the crank on his car, he started thinking of creating a self-starting automobile. Walt Disney went broke seven times and had one nervous breakdown.
While others may have quit on them, while opportunities may have dried up, while conditions for success may have been absolutely horrible, they never quit on themselves. They just wanted to keep creating - they wanted that next opportunity to fail.
This longing reminds me of a story. Once there was this pottery teacher who divided his class in two. To the first group, he said, if you produce 50 pots by the end of the semester, you will get an "A," 40 pots will get you a "B" and so forth. To the other group, he told them they needed to produce just one perfect pot for an "A." It turned out that the group that tried to crank out 50 pots also made more quality pots because they kept failing and improving their production process. Their blems eventually became beauties.
If you still don't know what to ask Santa for this Christmas, ask for more opportunities to fail in 2011. That way, you'll be right on a track for a great year.
Merry Christmas from

WOW!! You are HOT!!

As with any other sugery there is always risks involved. Consult with your Dr. and have him recommend a good surgeon. After you have your initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon you can make an educated decision on wether or not it's the right thing for you to do.... Best of Luck! cool

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