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RE: Mum

laugh rolling on the floor laughing You mean Tupac Shakur? There is a certain irony quoting this literary genuis, in the context of women, whose lyrics mainly comprise the word "b*tch", (in addition to nigga).

RE: Age?

Although it upsets me to agree with anyone, I am forced to side with Jana. "Age is only a number" tends to be a phrase used only by those above a certain age?


Well genetic research indicates that the first person who will live to be 1000 has probably already been born. OK, its likely they are a baby at the moment, however at some stage life expectancy will make a quantum leap forward!

RE: Who do you believe ??

Jana, OK thanks for the "V" word clarification. I have to admit that some part of me slightly admires Putin, I mean whatever his faults he is portrayed in our country as a strong leader type who goes bear hunting with no shirt on. You may not think much of him, however you dont have to suffer the clueless, witless, macho-less excuses for leaders that we have.

RE: Crocheting

Thank you very much, thats really....enlightening. However Im thinking you just set up this site yourself. I tried to register as a member and it tells me, "sorry, new memberships are currently suspended" !! I mean why would it do that unless its either a) dodgy or b) not really in use.


I guess if you are really only 3 feet tall then you must be very attached to those high heels.

RE: average guys finish last

Have confidence and get some attitude. This will put some women off, but who cares? There are plenty more around who will go for it. Be prepared to be rejected and dont let it bother you, develop a tougher skin. It doesnt mean you have to treat women with disrespect, but it does mean you value yourself enough to expect respect in return. Thats all and then just go hunting.

RE: Who do you believe ??

So its a good thing that Camilla, one day to be Queen Camilla of England, is not called "Camilla Putin". For otherwise she would be known as "Camel va*ina" in Bulgarian.
If I am not mistaken Russia abstained (along with China and Germany) in the UN vote on Libya. They could have blocked the action, but they chose to abstain. So its hard to see any legitimacy in this criticism.


Sorry Goatee, but what has this blog got to do with religeon and the word of the Lord?

RE: average guys finish last

What's "nice" about being "meek and shy"? Its just boring, boring, boring. Thats the simple truth, its weak and unappealing and its little wonder that people like that dont win things. Life is competitive and with that sort of attitude you've lost even before the race started.

RE: Miss them ...

Crocheting is useful for relieving the stress of missing someone.

RE: Sexy

Surely, surely perception is reality, isn't it? If other people perceive you to be sexy, then you are sexy. If the whole world says you are not sexy, then you are not sexy. Thats a reality.

RE: Crocheting

Im sure no English boys are learning to crochet, whatever you lot teach over there. I mean whatever next...boys will be playing netball and learning ballet. Yuk.

RE: why do man lie?

Its probably a bit like when a woman writes that she is looking for someone with a good sense of humour, who is spontaneous and open minded. What she tends to mean is that she is neurotic, (therefore a very good sense of humour is required by her partner) and coupled with that neurosis is a constant need for attention many times each day, (of the spontaneous sort). In addition to this she is inclined to date other guys when the mood suits her, (therefore the guy needs to be open minded too).

RE: Crocheting

Mein Gott, I never realised there were so many on here with an interest in drying paint. HappyGoLucky, you sound like a highly creative spirit, however the kind of drying paint I had in mind was more the walls of a room or the iron girders of a bridge, not really watching a canvas creation. Anyway Narnia sorry, I also didnt realise that crocheting was more than a niche activity. Seems you have the makings of your own CS Crocheting Circle here. However, a bit like the rest of CS, I would be careful until you really know what you are doing as its all too easy to end up with a prick.


Oh Lord, if I were you I would stick with the crocheting.

RE: jokes post here plz add to it.

Tracey the blonde Essex girl was out driving her Escort XR3 and because she was applying make up at the same time crashed into a tree. She had blood pouring from a wound. Fortunately the ambulance crew were quickly at the scene and the paramedic said to her, "Are you OK love?", Tracey weakly replied "Yeah". "Where are you bleeding from?" asked the paramedic. "Im from bleedin' Romford", replied Tracey.

RE: Crocheting

Hmmm.....I thought crocheting was something which old ladies who couldnt get out much did? For a less strenuous but equally interesting hobby, how about watching paint dry?

RE: Stupid people

Nymphe, you are right. Its pretty sick to "hate" people from a country today in 2011 because of something which happened long before they were even born. But it seems some people cant get beyond this kind of hatred.

RE: When the Bubble Burst

Surely "faith" is really just fear. Noone wants to think they die and that's the end of it all, but perhaps that's how it is. Some people cling to the belief that they will one day win the lottery, but maybe it's their brain which has burst?

RE: chinese girls who just got here

All you guys are welcome to your crappy cars. Look on the bright side, you think china is rich even though your GDP per head is ranked about 104 in the world, but you still have the famous Chinese family culture which ensures that each successive generation is as backward as the last. Dumplings I am a bit surprised at you and disappointed by your attack, I think you know me better than that and I think I deserve better. I thought that one lasting quality of Chinese women was loyalty but seems not the case with you.

RE: Stupid people

Kagero, I am extremely sorry for the Japanese people. You will never get sympathy from some of the Chinese, they will never forgive the 2nd world war. Most of the Chinese live in the past as you probably know, so that's how it is.

RE: chinese girls who just got here

Ms Nymphe my dear, I am sure they were happy before they contacted you...........
Come on, dont take it all toooo seriously.

RE: chinese girls who just got here

However, you should try to differentiate between comments made seriously and those meant light heartedly. I can see by your photo that you are lacking humour, you should try to acquire some.

RE: chinese girls who just got here

Nymphe, the question is do you? I lived in China for years and still go there often. So yes, I know a little.

RE: Hi new here

Wow! Cool! Free! Have fun friend, its a real blast!

RE: if your patner not same religion with u, what do u

Really, how can anyone take such a stupid question seriously?
There is no comparison between your partner who is real and something which is just a figment of your imagination. Its a no brainer, except to retards.

RE: Cougar Hunters

Just goes to show how many desperate / stupid people there are in the world !

RE: chinese girls who just got here

Surely there are Chinese women everywhere who just want the work permit, just marry to get out of China. Who can blame them?

RE: Facts About Relationships

I suppose this at least proves you to be capable of looking up quotes from the internet. Congratulations on that, but have you ever thought about trying something original? No, I guess you havent.

This is a list of blog comments created by happy_slapper.

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