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RE: I,ve said it before and i,ll say it again .....

Lol good one but what if I was wearing a dress? Where should I check? uh oh


Forget about this one and move on, next time when you like someone try to meet him in real as soon as possible .. Life is too short to wait for a ghost dunno

RE: OK, Here's My Great News!

That's an awesome news! I bet you are very thrilled about it cheers

RE: As One reaches old age.......

laugh wow! Felt like I grew up so much reading your blog!

Ignorance is a bless sometimes uh oh

RE: Bungee Jumping

Good one rolling on the floor laughing laugh

RE: When they said"I LOVE YOU"

Thanks! cheers .. I am staying for a while grin >> I have long holiday (until 8th of September)

I am glad I see the cool people are still here ..

I see that you quit on drinking wow

RE: When they said"I LOVE YOU"

Hey Angel! I am doing very well kiss just love my life right now yay

Missed the blogs though, how are you doing?

RE: When they said"I LOVE YOU"

I think a better question would be "when is the wedding?!" grin

PS: don't ask this question unless you like that person otherwise you might get stuck dunno

RE: Wrong Site?

I met a really cool and good looking guy from this site and had so much fun, so this site isn't as bad as you think wave

RE: Am I expecting too much....

When someone is in love they always wish to feel these little things, that's very normal and I don't think traditions is an excuse for not showing love to your partner ..


RE: bye

Good luck in whatever you choose wave

RE: have you every wanted to do something crazy to som

It depends whether that someone is hot! >> I can be little wild laugh

RE: .........I've put my foot........

The greatest loss is when you lose someone who truly loves you not someone you love!

Have a lovely day Virgo teddybear cheers

RE: .........we got Rain.........

I wonder when its going to rain in Kuwait mumbling yawn

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Angelpeppers: too bad I cant stay for long frustrated I need to prepare for tomorrow .. >> I might log in later ..

>> Dont leave cat unless you get something from him scold

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Angelpeppers: group hug what do you want to say? popcorn

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Catfoot: Come on! you dont have to say everything happened that night stuck shock

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Angelpeppers: He did many many many many things giggle but since I like cats I wont ruin his reputation roll eyes grin

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Angelpeppers: laugh what do you have on mind?

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Catfoot: you and I have the whole night scold you will confess whether you like or not flex

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

@Angelpeppers: laugh this guy did a lot of naughty things >> but I am trying to give him a chance to confess and have a new start troll

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

laugh You dont want me to be the bad cop here smoking

>> detective . . . . . . . . .

RE: A Matter Of Necessity!

hey confess laugh >> I know what you did last summer scold

RE: I'm feeling so so sad

if you are bi, let me know head banger

RE: Without the goodbyes

You can never make it easier no matter how hard you try .. All one can do is be optimistic and hope for the best to come ..

But I do agree that saying goodbye is much better than keeping the other person wondering while you are moving on and meeting other people ..

RE: Housewives

my mother had to be both! because my father was no good, anyway they are divorced and I havent seen him in more than 12 years ..

To my precious mother whom I love and adore wine lips

Have a great Saturday teddybear

RE: The Truth About 666

same as Angelpepers ..


RE: Guilty Pleasures!

@Boban1: stuck Nutela with salty biscuits made me gain some weight (1 or 2 kg) , I had to stop eating that laugh

RE: Guilty Pleasures!

Hi zweety wave

mmm would meeting cute guys be a guilty pleasure? uh oh >> because I cant stop doing that dunno & it gets me in troubles sometimes laugh

RE: hi

you cant epexct to fine someone that fast confused

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