Party Like It's 1999!

Some Mandrill!!

One of the best bands around in the early years!!

Party Like It's 1999!

Thanks miclee!!

I just posted James Brown so everybody throw down!!!

Party Like It's 1999!

Party Like It's 1999!

Hey everybody! Thanks for the responses.

It's been so long that I posted a song from you tube I forgot. Someone please help!! I'm sitting here reading the comments and I suddenly remembered I forgot.

Just like Angel said. Whenever your ready just jump on!! I'll be back on about 7 p.m. California time. It is now 4:45 pm.

She smiled a quick smile with her head cast down!

lj !

Unfortunately this is Arizona. I am not familiar with the law there. I would suppose it's close to what is in California. And I don't know where they go to school although i don't think it would be hard to find out. I just may pursue that option!! I leave them alone and I just watch!!

I am doing real good and I hope you are too.


They are from California and i only know them. i do know that her mother is very much against the man. I was told that early on during tghr course of conversation.

RE: 2018


Same to you!!

She smiled a quick smile with her head cast down!

Again, I apologize for the late response:


Your absolutely correct. I keep watching and since i'm in the habit of waking up all night I get up and take a peek out of my window constantly. I also keep in touch about this with my neighbors. It's so unusual, the family have "suddenly" stayed very low profile. But I keep watching.


Thanks for you comment and I appreciate your friendship.


The guy is passive aggressive. He smiles at everyone like "showtime" proving he's Mr. Personality and on the other hand I see different, but I'm not going to be fooled.


I do!! Like a chicken hawk! As I said in my intro we sneak peeks at each other.


Hi lulu!!

That's what gets me about this situation. Right after I let the GF in we spoke for a couple of days. In one of her remarks she said, "Ben's (the guys name) not mad at you. He's just not well"! Yep, a red flag went up because when we were on speaking terms Ben complained that his GF's mother wasn't real happy with him. My thoughts were what I have always said. Mother knows best!!! It is so sad. I have seen this phenomena over the years. Pretty young girls wanting that big good looking guy by her side.


Hi friend. They are such wonderful beautiful children. And I do!!! (P. S. How's your cold allergy coming along! Mine is beating me up. It's so funny. I am really itching now that it's winter and I bundle up like an Eskimo. It's not freezing in Arizona. It gets down to about 65 but no matter. Anything under 70 whips me down good!!)


My bro!! That's funny you should mention the whole danger of things like this. I was aware of that danger but as days went by I keep careful watch but nothing. It may be he's on the lam from a California problem but then who knows. I watch MUY careful!!


No they remain quiet. It's as if the guy is not happy, but he keeps quiet now.


I was very concerned about that. But the guy just stays low key. Now here's the problem with reporting a seemingly harmless "problem" here. When a problem occurs the witnessing party can't do any reporting unless there is blood or bruises. Then the police will respond. But verbal abuse is a son of a gun. There is NO proof that anything is happening. The complaint MUST come then come from the abused party and she does nothing. You see, she seems to be so in love with this man as I explained earlier she doesn't do anything. From a legal standpoint. It's NOT my problem!!!

She smiled a quick smile with her head cast down!

I am so sorry that I have not acknowledged your comments. I have been busy with my 2 elderly sisters and I have not had access to the internet. I am with my son now and I will answer you all tomorrow.

I do keep an eye out for the kids. They are such sweet loving kids.

Thanks again to everyone!!

RE: What do you want for Christmas???

It's so funny. I never want anything for Christmas. And every Christmas my kids ask me what I want and here is my answer!!

I have everything I want. 3 wonderful college educated kids and they all own their own beautiful homes.

My first daughter has given me a gorgeous Granddaughter and a handsome Grandson.

My second daughter has never been married. So far so good with her current BF. She has no children! But that's ok because I respect my child because she is as intelligent and respectful as her big sister!!

My son, and twin to my second daughter, is tall and handsome. His wife is a gorgeous woman that I am proud to love as my Daughter-in-Law! They have 2 sons. One is 4 and one is going on 2! Both just as good looking as their parents!!

If I ask for anything I would be greedy! So at the current time I am VERY happy!!!

RE: Folks, I have some bad news...


I can't, dang it!!!

I'm laughing too hard and just about ready to get kicked out of the library!!!

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Folks, I have some bad news...

I said it years ago when I first joined.

You are too funny and I love it!!

Thanks for the laffs!

RE: My First Impression Of CS Male Bloggers

When comments are way too long I don't usually comment!

This one is the exception!!


kiss Lotsa love for you my friend!!!



And I though I was the only one staying awake at night with this jazz!!!

Good ones!!

When I lived in Ontario,. CA a bus driver named Kindy used to say, "It's Cindy with a 'K' " !!

RE: A silent swan song (not mine)

Everyone has a story to tell! It seems as though he never let it out. Or maybe he wasn't allowed to and by that I mean no one wanted to listen to him because "they" had problems of their own.

Some people deny Jesus Christ. I don't because when I was at my wits end I turned to Christ and I spoke to Him!! What? Some people say? Well, if some people go to a psychiatrist they can definitely speak daily to the Savior and get worries off their chest.

It is good that you made an effort to talk to him. Even if only one time.

Cold urticaria, what in tarnation????

Thanks for the tip ooby!

WOWSER, what a predicament to face. That would have been one for the pictures!!!

Cold urticaria, what in tarnation????

OOOOH you sweet women!

Thanks for the long distance care and advice.

Yeah, Mimi, it could be related to shingles but I have had to to take massive doses of B12 because I am also anemic. I think that's the problem.

And, you sweethearts from our CS lady gallery, I also take massive amounts of vitamins as part of my meds. God has blessed me with a good health and I only take a low grade high blood pressure med. Other than that I'm justa whistlin' Dixie!!

Thanks to Mimi, Ashlander and Reddy Girl!!

RE: Do women feel entitled to be the center of a man's life?

Good topic eliciting both serious responses and humorous answers.

I never had a woman I didn't worship for at least a week or so and I am sure that the feminine response was equal. In time it kinda died. It's called getting used to each other.

But, a pedestal would be nice even if to just break the ice!!!

Young Love!

Some were sad. They are so far in the past that they are actually comical. The only thing I regret is not using my time more practical. BUT!!! At the time it was a lot of fun so I guess the times were winners.

Tell me Little Lulu about your good times and your sad times that are in the same vein. Young love that is silly now. Did you play in bands? Or did you like to go dance. Or did you just like to hang with the friends!!!

RE: What was wrong?


And that's ok. What other people think is their opinion.

My rule is to treat people nice. They can respond or not. If they don't respond I leave them alone. BUT!! Others may have an ongoing relationship with them. I will not get jealous or think about it.

RE: Do I or Don't I?

I'd ask him and if he really cares about everyone's feelings he will answer you honestly.

My ex did the same thing after her 2nd marriage failed. That was 20 years after our divorce.

RE: Fats Domino Died

For some crazy reason my brain was in a Fats Domino mode this week and last. I was listening to all his tunes on Y**T*** .

When I was a kid I used to get all excited when radio would play Fats. Coming to L. A. the radio stations would jam with all his tunes.

I wished more young people would listen to his tune and understand all this garbage that's played now is nothing compared to Fats and the whole original gang of Rock & Roll!

RE: Latest on Weinstein, charges are filed

It's appalling to me as well.

He's such and ugly slug! And he can't be satisfied with the wife he has which is a gorgeous beauty???

Just Got Back From Cali!!

Thanks to these friends for commenting. Not only were your words nice but they meant alot to me. thanks again!!

Yessir, Mr. GJ!!

The Lord definitely blessed me with this family.

My Wonderful Family!

Thank you ladies.

You 2 are not so bad. Actually sweethearts!!

Finally Back!

Thanks to all of you that commented. My CS group of pals I love like brothers and sisters!!!

Finally Back!

Thanks to all that commented.

It's a great feeling to be on this site. It's almost like the people we know here live next door.

Thanks to all!!!

RE: The Camel Nonsense

I do not know anything about camels.

But it's really great to see you back!!

Well, it's time for more surgery!!

Thanks for all of you sending your best!


Thanks for your words but I actually have a good life going for me. it's just that I'm reminiscing in my old age about what could've happened better. At one time some things were tough but I just spill my guts and get over it.

Again, thanks to EVERYONE that commented!!!

RE: my visa is denied

My Japanese GF and I have had set back after setback. With immigration, Homeland Security and on and on.

You have my empathy but if your serious you just need to keep trying!!

RE: Thank you CS and fellow bloggers

Right on lj!!!

We couldn't be without each other!

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