RE: wart removal

This works well. It disolves the wart.

RE: GOOGLE is celebrating the Steelpan...nice:)

RE: Nobody's Got To The Bottom of 9/11

What an Idiot.
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RE: Yep, never seen this exorbitant price of fuel during Trump's time

Back in 1958 after I graduated from an automotive trade school in NYC I got a job as a class "B" mechanic @ Rootes Motors the Hillman, Sunbeam, Humber factory shop in L.I. City in Queens NY. This was a great launch of my automotive carreer. I became friends with a Mech Helper from Tulsa who talked me into opening a Phillips 66 gas station on the Westbound side of Queens BLVD about 1 mile from the entrance to the 59th ST Bridge.
We decided to compete with other local gas stations on price which was our only option in that the name Phillips 66 was virtually unknown in the NYC area at the time. It was regarded as a bootleg brand and price was the only thing we had to sell on. Other stations in the area were selling regular gas for 35 cents per Gal. We had some cards made up with 027.9/Gal which we handed out to cars waiting for the light to Green. This pissed off the other stations in the area and they paid us a visit one day to "have a talk" with us about raising our prices. When we showed them some records on just how little the amount of gas we were selling they went away feeling sorry for us.

RE: Pig

"Miss Babe"
She was a 300lb Duroc (red pig) that I bought when I was living on a farm in Culpeper VA. I was already grown up.


This may sound stupid but have you tried calling your phone? If someone found it and they answer your call you can tell them it's your phone and you will reward then to get it back. I'm sure whoever would rather have some money instead of a phone they probably don't need.

Pocket Change

The correct amount of change you should carry is 99 cents $0.99 in the following order.

2 Quarters
1 nickel
4 dimes
4 pennies

This way you will have the correct change under every circumstance. I've created and been following this rule for at least 15 years.

Pocket Change

Where the hell do you work where they sell snakes in vending machines? uh oh

RE: Share a photo of your pet

How do you post a photo?

RE: Making plans for the USA!

I assume you're flying into National airport? How are you getting around? Renting a car? Are you licenced to drive in the US? I suggest you get out of the Washington DC area ASAP. the place is a cesspool. I live about 90 miles south of National Airport. Just for your info, it's 88* F 32* C right now @ 10:15 PM.

RE: Memorable moments!

Did you miss the part where I said I was 15 years old?

RE: Memorable moments!

When I was 15 I went to Canada with a good friend of the family in his 49 Dodge. His name was Gus. He was Canadian and we stopped for a visit at his relatives house in Quebec. There was a cute girl there same age as me. She was Gus's Niece, I'll just call her M. The trip was grueling because Gus was not a great driver and he never went over 45 MPH. I was tired from the trip and decided to take a rest on the couch in the living room. While I was lying on the couch M decided to sit on the couch which was along the opposite wall. She was wearing a frilly summer dress and as I lay there I was presented with a clear view of M. with her legs spread apart and I could see that she was not wearing any undies. It was love at first sight.heart wings

RE: Trinidad & Tobago...the land of the Hummingbird.

I've had a Hummingbird feeder deployed in my backyard for about 20 years. They help with keeping down the fly population. They are also a joy to watch as they hover with their long beak inserted into the feeder sucking up sugar water.


I was a teenager when my mother said she was going to get a dog for the family. I was ecstatic thinking along the lines of a German Shepard or maybe a Doberman, but when she walked in carrying a little Boston Terrier I was devastated. How would I ever face my friends again? Years later the apt building we lived in was sold and we had to move. We moved to a "Housing Project" where no dogs were allowed so my mother unbeknownst to me gave Jackie away and never told me who to. I never saw him again.


I would be more concerned about the plastic bags the groomer was throwing out than the dog poo because they don't biodegrade.


When I was a young boy, we had a Boston Terrier named "Jackie". We lived in what was called a "Railroad Flat" (the rooms are all arranged in a row) in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan. Everyday we would let Jackie out so he could do his duty. He always went in the gutter, not on the sidewalk. I would often take him with me to Central Park, when I went there. Of course being about a half mile walk to the park he would empty his bowels long before we got there.

RE: It's time to go somewhere new!

How long do you plan to stay in VA? Also why Virginia?

RE: Roe v Wade reversal

"allowing abortion up to the point of birth". Wouldn't that would qualify as murder?

BTW, there are other methods of terminating a pregnancy short of a surgical abortion.professor

RE: What would you like written on your gravestone?


RE: Dog

He was a Boston Terrier. He was also trained to sit down and up on command. He understood 3 languages English, German and French.
I tried to post a couple of pics but failed.

RE: Horse

Lady Jane was the name of my fathers horse. He took me for a ride on her one day.

RE: Emergency root canal...

Ibuprofen is a good pain suppressor but if it doesn't quite do the job you might want to try some Naproxen Sodium. It is a little more effective than Aspirin.

RE: Why books?

We always had lots of books in our house when I was a kid. One day I guess I was bored and thought I would look through some of them just to see what they contained. I wondered if it was possible to read a whole book from end to end. One of them caught my interest because the cover had a picture of a rocket ship. It was "Through Space to Mars" by Roy Rockwood. I started reading it and was hooked. I just searched for the book but couldn't find it. I must have loaned it to one of my kids and never got it back.

1955 The birth of Rock & Roll

This has to be one of the greatest love songs from the 50's or any era for that matter. This was a huge hit for this fabulous group. Not exactly R&R but so what. If you've never heard this song before, you're in for a treat. I'd love to hear your opinion.

RE: 14-year old boy falls from a 430 foot theme park ride...

If you look at a picture of this "Boy" who weighed over 300 lbs and at the picture of the restraints used on this ride, it becomes obvious that there's no way the restraint could have been closed enough to lock it into place due to size of the rider allowing the "boy" to slip right under the restraint as it went back up thus "releasing" him as he slid out of his seat and fell to the ground. The ride should have had a "failsafe" mechanism in place preventing it from moving unless every restraint was totally locked into place and if even 1 restraint was unsecured the circuit would have been open the ride would have been prevented from moving. To me this was a design failure of the ride which could have been prevented. I'm not surprised that this tragedy eventually happened given the apparent absence of such a "failsafe" mechanism. The addition of a "Microswitch" at every seat which would complete a circuit that allowed the ride to function would have prevented the ride from operating if each and every seat wasn't secured with or without a rider and "electrically" closed.

RE: What is thy bidding, my Master?

What will you be driving?

RE: And the award for best attendance record goes to....

One year in JHS (middle school) I decided to challenge myself and achieve a perfect attendance record at least once in my life. I met my goal even though at times I came close to quitting due to having a cold or total boredom. I stuck it out though and at the end of the year I received an award for perfect attendance. I have used the award as a tool during job interviews which was pretty well received by hiring managers on more than 1 occasion. When I made the decision, I never thought I would ever use this accomplishment to secure a job. I was pleasantly surprised during my working life how handy that award would be at beating out the competition.

RE: Windshield versus a windscreen...

BTW in the pic of Eddie Spreen taking a victory lap, that's me holding the checkered flag.

It seemed like such a great idea

I wore my baseball cap all day until we got to the camp and we were assigned our bunks and cabin which was stocked with enough bunk beds for about 20 kids. Did I mention this was a CYO or Catholic Youth Organization camp? Well, by now it's late afternoon and I'm starving. The Councilors lead us all to the huge mess hall with about 140 kids and we were assigned our seats. Before we were allowed to sit, it was the custom at this "church sponsored" camp that before every meal we were required to say a prayer, I think they call it "Grace". Naturally, you can't wear a hat during prayer, so I was obliged to remove my baseball cap. Suddenly a kid from the other end of the table yelled out "HE'S BALD" and every kid in the whole mess hall erupted in laughter. Try to imagine what it feels like to be 13 years old and have over a hundred of your peers laughing at you. Well, "Baldy" became my name and in a short time I became so accustomed to it that if someone called out "Hey Baldy" I would answer. They never even knew my real name.

Leap ahead about 3 years and me and my best friend Danny ,were on 86th st when I spotted a kid from the camp. I said "hey Green, how you doing?" He said Hey Baldy, how's it going? Danny, looked at me and said, Baldy? I said yeah, remember that time I got a baldy? and he said oh yeah I remember. and we had a good laugh.

It seemed like such a great idea

I got another great idea.
One day my mother sent me to the Barber to get a haircut. I was 13 and scheduled to leave for summer camp in 3 days. I guess she didn't want me to look like a bum. I went to the barber and he started trimming my hair but no matter what he did I didn't like the way I looked. Finally after about 15 minutes of this I said "Cut it all off". He said "Are you sure" several times and I said WTH cut it off. Well the first time he ran the electric hair mower over the top of my head I knew I had just made a huge mistake. Now what? I can't stop now, so I let him continue with the rest of my head. I paid him the 50 cents it cost back then and went home. I went in the house and when my mother saw me she screamed and started crying. When she regained some composure she threw me out and I was so shattered that I was sitting on the stairs that go to the upper floors in the apt building and started crying. Betty, a 16 YO daughter of a Spanish family that lived on the 3rd floor came down and saw me crying my eyes out. I told her what happened and she felt sorry for me and made me a "Boat hat" out of a newspaper. OK at least I can go out in public now that my bald head is covered. My mother calmed down finally and let me come back in the house. I had a baseball cap and started wearing it everywhere. In 3 days my mother took me to the bus depot for the trip to camp.

To be continued:
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