And I said..


Thank you all most kindly! teddybear

Thank you. wine

USA, and that's simply because he could not live in Indonesia

Thanks again Ozzie. Soon after I retire from work hopefully. bouquet

If You're My Giant..

I will be back and respond all comments later.. bouquet

One thing I can share for now is .. like I said I have made a list for my Giant which includes visiting the "castle", my house (he couldn't wait to meet Momma Cat laugh ), my neighbourhood and other places I mostly go to, like my office building, the traditional market, the grocery store, the supermall.. so my Giant would have more ideas about who and what Kal-de-Frog is.
And one more .. I will take him to a Fun Offroad. banana

If You're My Giant..

A whatsapp messagge I got from someone..

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RE: Just for me, my thoughts.

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I asked my Giant if anybody knows about him having booked the flight ticket. He mentioned 6 or 7 friends of his.

Me : How about your family, anyone knows?
Him : Yes, my mom. I told her.

Me : What did she say?
Him : She asked me if I am nervous.. if I am excited. Then she told me this and that.. tips and tricks. laugh

Me : Really?
Him : Yups!

Me : Hmm.. I just wonder if someday she could fly to Indonesia with you.
Him : Do you want me to ask her if she wants to come with me to visit you on this trip? I can ask her.

Me : Oh yes.. yes.. please do! But do you think this very long trip would be too tiring for her?
Him : I think yes.

Me : Oohhh.. still please do ask her, ok!
Him : Ok!

Wow! wow
It would be wonderful if my Giant's mom can also fly to Indonesia with him. yay
Hmm.. I wish my sister could speak English. She and my Giant's mom are two best chefs. These two ladies could exchange recipes. love
Or at least my Giant's mom could be the cooking competition judge between my sister and my Giant. applause cheering

Wait a second, I have mentioned that my Giant and my sister will have cooking competition on one of my blogs, right?
Well, yes that's the plan.. grin


Yes.. banana


And now the flight has been booked too.

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I am excited and nervous at the same time. innocent

rose Welcome to Indonesia, my HB! rose

RE: whats wrong

Hi Dani_290 wave
Do you by any chance still keep that man (travelbugdave) in touch?
I just wonder how he is.
Once upon a time he went to the Philippines. applause

RE: Tell me truly, is it me?

Maybe you need to redefine a "friend". dunno

Hi Suzie. bouquet

RE: Dreams

Hi Track wave

The other night I had my Giant in my dream. He was with me in my house. I kissed him on his shoulder and all over his face, except on his lips. Even in my dream I remembered what my sister once told me: "Kal, if you kiss a man on his lips, you will get pregnant!" professor

So I didn't. laugh


Thank you wine

Did you mean hungry hungry? or "hungry"? flirty
If you meant hungry hungry then one thing for sure is that Eid-Al-Fitr means food food food and more food food food. boogie

One of the things my sister once told me was "Kal, don't sleep with a man on a king size bed, you will get pregnant!" professor
So queen-size bed is what it will be.. no upgrade. laugh

RE: The Voice Of Nature..

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

RE: women make this mistake almost always

And which one are you, Johnny? a man who went through the ringer or an ignorant one?


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Hotel room has been booked. blushing
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That was what I said, wasn't it? laugh
What other modes do I have for now beside video-ing?

Hmm.. you would know the answer to that question had you read my blogs.
Why would he and I renew our passports if we're not gonna take our relationship to the next step?

You see, I have talked on video to every single one of my Giant's big family. Yes, every single one.. his mom, his dad, his sons, his brother and wife, his sister, his aunt, his nephews and even his grandniece and some of his friends.. and not just once or twice.. they know me and I know them. No need to know them all perfectly well as it's not them I will live with, right? The most important thing is that I get their blessings. yay

So I guess the only next step for him and me now is just visiting each other in flesh. The rest is history.
I now someone said it's not that simple in inter-racial marriage. But hey, please do tell me what marriage is simple?

Oh come on, we surely do.

You see, my Giant and I would have enjoyed our relationship in real life for several years if not because of the travel restriction policy due to Covid19. Only on June 21 2023 did the President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially declared the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, marking the start of the endemic stage. So it's only a few months ago. Only since then could my Giant and I start making plans. First thing first ofcourse it's to renew our passports.

But then the war in the Middle East broke! frustrated
I had to ask him not to come considering the two Governments foreign policy differences.

Later on.. after observing the progress, I asked him to come in February this year. But then Covid cases have already been on the rise again.very mad
Like or not, we will have to wait till March. If things are improving, my Giant will come in April this year after Eid-Al-Fitr.

Well Chatillion, I hope that will answer your and some other bloggers' questions regarding my relationship with my Giant. laugh

RE: giving money to somebody else...and then find out

Hey come on, if you don't want to give me any more money and gifts, that's fine, Johnny! I can get them from someone else. No need to post a blog. crying


You found the "back door", eh? rolling on the floor laughing

What An Adorable Man..

They're here..

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The box

Embedded image from another site
A bit mess.

Embedded image from another site
One of the 3 T-shirt

Thank you very much for all, my HB! Love you full.. lips

RE: Cool Christmas gift...

I thought it's a paper shredder.


RE: Create a blog...

Hi Chat wave
I guess when someone said "I never complain!", that someone lied because from your blog it's so obvious that everyone is a complainer. laugh


Two days ago I found a new Vet just around the corner. I asked few questions relating to my Christie's condition. Glad that he could check her. yay

But this afternoon I had given away all the chicken fillets I bought, still I couldn't see any traces of my Christie. So I have decided to stop looking for her. blues


The other day, as I didn't find her, I gave the chicken and fish to Momma cat.

Embedded image from another site

Hope today, Christie would get the chicken.

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RE: I have a question

Hi Ken wave

As long as all my beloved ones are amongst those 100,000, I don't think I would miss anything.
If the pre historic people survived with simple things, then we would too. snooty

No wait, there is one. professor
I will miss my comfy pillows. love laugh
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Thank you for your kind words, Luke! wine

Tbh I prefer none. And I am sure the cats knew that. That's why they came only to leave.

That sounds good to me. head banger
No wait, how about Kat-de-Frog?

You deserve all the best. May all your wishes come true in 2024! bouquet
Thanks Ken! bouquet

Hmm.. the thing is.. the cat has gone. blues
If she comes again, I may do so, as I did to Lucky.

I know, Jacs. I know.

Not sure. Never heard of any organisations, or maybe because I never tried to search for it.
People I know mostly take care "beautiful" cats. When I showed them Christie, they're not interested. They said too much works. I found some cat recuers on youtube, but the videos were mostly at least 3 years old. Not sure if they are still doing it.
I am sorry for that, GoneLW. sad flower

Not sure if there is one here in my city.
Besides, Christie has left. I couldn't find her. I can only hope that she is with someone who will take good care of her.

All "my" cats were traveler cats. They stopped by my house veranda to drink and eat, and then they left, which is good to me. I don't like to make them pets.

Thank you all for the comments, highly appreciated. teddybear

RE: Butter my bread...

This is how we mostly have the purple airplanes..

or ..

Embedded image from another site
Crispy purple airplanes in chili..

RE: This will be my last blog...

2nd buddies

Chat and Merc, cheers to 2024 as a new year! Enjoy each minute of it to the fullest! cheers



I'll be back again to respond.
For now I simply want to say to you all:

Best happy new year 2024. cheering party
Hope you all will find prosperity and good deeds throughout the year
. boogie joy cartwheel


Hi Track, you're being here is a wonderful surprise for me. Thank you. wave

You see.. on the one hand, I couldn't stand it when I saw an unfortunate cat. I wanted to help. But on the other hand, I just don't like being too close to the cat. It's scary! frustrated
Regarding your suggestion, I'll see what I can do best.

Meanwhile, because Christie has left, the only thing I can do is to take food for her when I go out incase I find her.

Embedded image from another site
Cooked fish and chicken.


When I said that, I didn't mean it physically.
You see, when I get tired of being "kicked", regretfully I will kick back. It's fair, isn't it? Still it's ugly.


I found this. Hope I could find someone who can make it for me.

Jacs and Track, I'll be back later to respond your comments. wine

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