RE: The price of gas has dropped sharply. SOME PLACES HAVE DROPPED MORE THAN A DOLLAR A GALLON...

currently about $4.19 a gallon in my area.

Many factors play into fuel costs among other things. none more prominent than when political policies are for what the politicians want and NOT in favor of the country and citizens or what we want. in the current circumstances now;HAD.


i think during certain presidential terms, the u.s. government might be one of those outside forces as well.


honestly, i think there are certain other nearby countries and territories that don't want to see peace in any of those regions.

i also think there are people in certain governments, including the palestinians', that would also rather no real peace.


they have. negotiations always stall or some terrorist faction attacks from palestine. and palestine doesn't make any changes to stop supporting or even helping it.

as far as pleasing God, according to the torah, the land is granted to israel.

Many wars and crusades over that territory for ages. i've heard it said you can feel the spiritual power of the land.


kidnappings happen just about any where. some areas are higher risk than others.

harder to track palestine. it doesn't seem to be recognized as a country. when i looked last before, i had to do direct searches. many charts don't include palestine if any. still have to do a direct search now.

many will try lumping palestine and israel together. especially along borders and the gaza strip.

part of the reason for being aware of some of this is that myself and other family members have talked about visiting isael the next time travel outside of the u.s.

for me, it's more like if i ever travel outside of the u.s. again.


interestingly enough, isael is expected to change but not so-called palestine. they keep supporting and allowing terrorist factions to attack israel.

any one talk to the israeli citizens FROM palestine? or any of the citizens of israel that are of arabic descent? even the israeli military has a mix.

any one talk to them as to why they help defend israel?

all three are working to help women gain more rights in israel.

what positive changes is palestine making to show they're not gonna attack or support attacks on israel?

how much money do the palistinian elites make for playing the victim while they support terrorism and attacks?

here's another good one. look at the civilian travel recommendations of each.

RE: Highly educated, but...

i understand chat's point. i think we, and the women as well, all see the same at times.

i don't think all are scammers. maybe not all a waste of money, especially if just starting out.

i do think caution. there are some, male and female, that may be taken in. just hope they hit that one legitimate against the odds of hitting the scammer or true waste.

RE: I chanced on a Canadian movie 'Beans' about a 1990 conflict - Mohawks & Government


i have a co-worker out of a tribe. i think in Canada is what he's stated before.

he seems pretty keen about his heritage and more. i might just ask him about this. he's in his 50's and it might be nice to have first hand information if he has any.

the mention of the Mohawks and government does bring to mind some of his past rants concerning government and land intrusion. even pipelines.

RE: Stop the press...

i don't have an agenda.

but i can see the obvious clear enough.

RE: Stop the press...

carry on with your great distraction.

many of us are more concerned with important matters actually affecting lives and countries negatively.

RE: Stop the press...

and there are still many things that don't fit the attempted suit.

RE: Stop the press...

excuse me for pointing out real damages and harm people should be concerned about over a legal agreement that has been settled according to contract.

RE: Stop the press...

fraud causes damages and harm. as in the trump university case where he settled all of those suits before serving his presidency.

to secure a loan and hold the agreement does not constitute fraud. doesn't matter who. the fraud is in the james filing itself. where are the damages and who suffered loss?

try saying a double standard, the truth is, if trump didn't have so much political opposition, no one would know much of anything pretty much like before his presidency.

your holier than thou approach has no weight. are you going to demand investigations into every one and every business now? potentially so many billions of loans secured by what ever means the borrowers used?

meanwhile billions of people are suffering under the current fuhrer and his cronies. o'biden is the real problem.

basically the hatred shows through instead of reasoning and common sense.

if the hatred weren't so strong with so many, you wouldn't care any more than if IT DIDN'T make the news. you'd never know a thing to act so "appalled".

RE: Stop the press...

more regulations and taxes, energy independence lost, government expansion, weaponized federal agencies.

oh yeah. things are great all over.

RE: Stop the press...

i myself wish it were bs.

unfortunately for you, it isn't.

check the markets and consumer indexes lately? i have. inflation holding steadily high, ukraine attacked, again. a country handed over to terrorists, again. cost of living up. open borders, soaring crime rates, plus a whole lot more.

RE: Stop the press...

with how much the demonrats have lied and the damages they've caused no one's talking about any of that are they?

TRUMP: The Great Distraction.yay

RE: Stop the press...

no. i know the obvious. there is no telling how many private or business people secure loans and by what means. no one knows or cares unless they make the news for what ever reason. with no defaults, it's even more meaningless.

trump didn't steal. according to barr, the loans are paid back. he asked, was granted, entered into a legal agreement, and it's paid back.

apparently hatred runs so deep for one person, things people would never know or care about, suddenly matter when it makes the news.

RE: Stop the press...

What is an example of embezzlement?
Image result for embezzlement
Embezzlers might create bills and receipts for activities that did not occur and then use the money paid for personal expenses. Ponzi schemes are an example of embezzlement. Others include destroying employee records or pocketing company cash. Businesses lost approximately $400 billion each year to theft.

RE: Stop the press...

it's not embezzlement. you asked to BORROW money and legally secured a loan. thenpaid it back according to agreed terms.

RE: Stop the press...

and a again, who cares? how many more around the world?

at least he didn't make any uranium deals or promise more flexibility after elections so another country could be attacked.

RE: Stop the press...

otherwise, they'll try nailing you to the wall because they don't want you messing up their control, lies, and actual crimes.

RE: Stop the press...

the truth is, no one would care as long as you paid it back. you're not a political enemy.

RE: Stop the press...

still head hunting trying to stop trump from running again.

all politics because he worked for the people where as the current regime wants every one subjugated.

can't have the people and globe doing well or getting along. government hasn't the amount of control they want then.

everything has to be regulated, hated, taxed, and price hiked. we're so much better now keeping trump in the spot light instead of what's actually happening in the world.

even when he still hasn't been found guilty of anything to date they've tried so far. don't worry. they won't let you down. they'll keep trying.

RE: Stop the press...

still mounts the same. Trump has been able to secure loans AND pay them back, he should be prosecuted.

RE: Stop the press...

wasn't it mentioned that weilsselburg himself is being prosecuted for defrauding on HIS OWN taxes?

RE: Stop the press...

not even a discussion of how or when you would pay it back.

RE: Stop the press...

what you're saying is you stole from the till. you didn't ask to borrow.

RE: Stop the press...

how did he steal?

he asked for loans and was able to secure them. still no defaults.

RE: Stop the press...

i'm saying it's like trying to go after a second or third, or maybe fourth person doing their specific jobs but no real say in the actual business.

you can't go after the individual very well while they hold receipts of who they consulted with and for what purposes. legal, accounting, or what ever else.

there are no defaults. only head hunting.

RE: Stop the press...

even when dignitaries stayed at any of his holdings, all money made was returned. what federal branch it was paid too, can't say for certain.

google has a tendency to brain wash by not giving what you're looking for and only trying to push negative headlines. most of which have been proven false.

different wording and buried pages will often bring the information forward.

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