RE: What the heck!!!!!

It claims to be a dating site... but is anything but frustrated you have not caught on yet? roll eyes 90% are scammers... guaranteed... I can spot them a mile away... I can google their stolen photos, search online for others scammed by them or have complaints against them... can even see their copied and pasted text with improper grammar.... I just have to laugh when a so called "man" posts like he is a female.. simply because his English is so poor. Little man that claims to make well over $100,000 being a geologist is actually sitting in a cafe on the beach, over on the other side of the world trying to con you. Yes, they know how to fool the site into believing they are from one country rather than where they actually are located. If you write long enough, they will try to get you to send them money.... that rich person, suddenly had a problem and now needs your funds rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Negative or Positive blogs

I only ready yours, thanks for the giggles laugh

RE: Pop or Cola? Have you noticed how in different

Soda, pop.... buggy, gets worse than that... as you travel further south, it's the accents that crack you up. Make you lean to hear better, squint your eyes, look at each other and say huh? do you know what she said? First time was in a restaurant when I was a kid traveling.. the next was in the school I was placed in.. had no idea what those kids were saying laugh

RE: Bill Tries To Cheer Up Hillary Clinton

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing doh

RE: A Woman's Poem

flirty It would be awesome to find such a fellow for sure, thanks for posting

RE: Only scammers ignore profile info

Actually I have met one real person.. as for the blogs and reviews, I have blocked so many of them it's not funny. Yes, I do my homework, yes, they were reported before I found them on the internet but not here... So, that being said, be very, very careful uh oh Most recently, not many have approached me.. but hey, the full moon will bring them out. dancing

RE: Lying about age.

On here many lie about their age.. then again many don't know their own ethnicity or how tall they really are saying that they are.. I mean to say.. how many are 7'5" tall, or under 3'? laugh say they are in their 40's or so with the wrinkles that prove otherwise, etc doh I just can't get serous about this place... seems most can't. I stick to those that are local, not afraid to show their gray hair they earned and sound reasonable... That said, there is no one, so I get back to real life dancing

RE: Squeaky shoes

I have not owned squeaky shoes for many a year... or have I? confused

Well, after working in a noisy environment for so many years... there is a lot of the small stuff I no longer hear laugh Yes, actually that is a good thing... so much of life I really don't want to hear roll eyes

RE: OverPopulation

Well, I kinda think people are taking care of that problem now... Over here, it's far too common for the women to marry women and the men to marry men... dunno I'm glad old age doesn't last long. I won't be missing much.

RE: OverPopulation

confused think it's a little late for that dunno

RE: Profile turnoffs.....

absolutely, no pic, no reply.. for a better idea.. my page gives a long list of no, no's which also should include... ask me to email you.. is asking me to delete you.

You have reached the electronic secretary of Kandy ...
If you are married press 1 ... ...
if you are separated press 2, ... ...
if you are not caucasian press 3, ... ...
if you ride a motorcycle press 4, ... ...
if you play golf daily press 5, ... ...
if you don't own a car press 6, ... ...
if you are further than 15 miles away press 7,...
if you spend time in bars press 8, ... ...
if you are over 6' press 9... ...
if you are insecure, have drama, make accusations or are bipolar... just hang up~!
All others who don't expect to find someone just like themselves please leave a message after the beep... beep...

In other words, I'm not looking

RE: Profile turnoffs.....

Well... I am less than 5 feet.. and no you don't have to like it... I have to live this way... at least one pair of my jeans don't fill up the washing machine~! rolling on the floor laughing Why call a grip session anyway... NEXT~!

RE: Google Play Apps

Type in search bar best free android apps, up pops techradar ... technology tested... there is listed and shown their best pics... click on the photos and click again to read more on each one. I'm sure their are many more reviews. Looking on pc is so much easier than looking on the phone. I mainly use my pc.. phone is back up internet mostly.

Also to note how to save some battery... turn off data, turn off location/GPS and wifi when not in use. To charge your battery faster, use airplane mode.

RE: Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Really Hurts...

yup, been there, done that. I go to physical therapy. The magic of someone else's fingers and the right exercises putting me back on track. Takes a while to mend but with the right guidance this too shall pass. Hang in there sad flower

RE: please

Guess he decided to take a nap... sleep

RE: I think its full time now for me to meet the right

Good luck.. amazing how many years we waste on guys who are not what we really want at all. Time to not settle but find what we want or just settle to be alone... it's our choice. idea

RE: Back In the Market

flirty I'd love to say to watch your show but the storms are here once again. I tune in again to the station at a later date... popcorn

RE: Back In the Market

wow oh, Cat.... I'm a lot older than you think.. let me check my pocketbook.... dunno nope, at this time I will have to wash my paper plates this week .... so sorry to disappoint you dear sigh

RE: Back In the Market

popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn

RE: Stupid First Date Rules

Well, many people do not hate a person for such reasons. I respect my date, as I do not wish to argue. Some issues are private to someone I don't know well. Guess there is a generation gap. Then again there are those who talk about anything and everything.. never know when to be quiet... those I hate... immediate turn off. Just my view... no need to beat me up about it.

RE: Moody Smokers

So many other things could be factors for moods....

a couple people I knew were taking drugs... when I discovered that.. found that to be the reason

another person was on heavy medication

and others are just... at time of life... menopause~!

of course there are other reasons also... lack of sleep, etc.

RE: Florida Wemen

------this post removed by moderator------

RE: Florida Wemen

------this post removed by moderator------


Angelpepper, he is all yours now conversing on his was back to WI, so dust off your keyboard and get busy typing there will be months of blah blah blah blah blah blah I'm going back to my regular routine joy


Thanks for the party, but.... ya'll have the wrong impression laugh This was just to meet for the first time and see if Mic likes Florida or not. Nothing more than that. blushing


Thank Honey batting

RE: Second E-mail Account

I never give out email address, these people were specifically told not to ask for one. I don't need anyone who can not read and follow directions professor


shock popcorn popcorn

RE: Are women playing hard to get?

Perhaps you should put your profile up for review.... I looked at it, very generic, nothing stands out. For me flags go off just as soon as I see any, any, any, any.... on what you are looking for, this is a sign of desperation to some. Some of us would never think of going out with a person your age who wants to see 18 year old ladies dunno

RE: Sunday night blues

Trying to do things only gives you something to focus on for a few minutes, hours, some projects longer amount of time. If you can't blame pms, then blame menopause .... laugh I can say that, been there, done that professor We have our blues moping and our boredom sigh Perhaps some fresh air tomorrow morning dancing would help some. I like to get my hands in the dirt of the flowerbed when I get like this, pick some posies and take to a friend for good cheer bouquet

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