RE: Other people's Comments

I no longer write blogs Jim... because one of our listeners who says to push the no comment button.... when I do ... he has to write his own blog chewing me out~! Hello... freedom of the press where I live.. professor However, I did not come here to have to hear all the negative stuff people throw my way.... no drama here... don't want any either... and don't miss it dunno

RE: It's the distance

I can relate for sure... too bad they can't be like some of the snowbirds here and fly south for the winter cool

RE: Are you who you say you are?

I feel your frustration. So many phonies out there it's not funny conversing then finding those that are not obvious scammers, tnen they seem to be lying about other things. There is not a 100% guarantee to know who is real and who is honest and who is lying. sigh more often than not you can tell who is not on the up and up... just examine everything closely and you can see... I join you in the head bashing .... frustrated

RE: friend requests

conversing That's exactly right, listen to these posts. They are just trying any way they can to get to you... I have many restrictions so, only certain people may contact me... and then I filter all of those. Actually met one "real" person with whom I like to get mail from. wink

RE: Attend to one thing and lost another

wish I could see your pictures but my computer blocks them saying they are from a malicious website, very strange... I too would have a turtle if possible. Around here most are water turtles. A few people have gopher turtles that burrow underground. Most don't appreciate they beauty. Enjoy

RE: Just normal, what happened to normal people?

GentleJim, that picture is worth a thousand words grin

RE: Just normal, what happened to normal people?

The "normal" people are all sitting at home in front of the t.v. or computer playing games more than likely after a hard day at work for your generation. This place here I'm afraid there are very few "real" people. Proven fact for my age range anyway laugh 99.9% just want to get me off this site on to their .com roll eyes
Many times you can tell the "real" age of the person by what they tell you they like to do, but not always. I get a kick out of the ones that don't even know what race they are nor the color of their eyes
roll eyes

RE: Face Book issues

I use facebook often. I play games, chat in groups. That account does not have my address, nor my phone number. I keep my privacy tight. Many strange things happen there indeed. I have seen what harm a virus can do by keep in touch with my players. Always on high alert, just like in this place. A writer could write an entire novel on what all goes on at facebook. Always, always watch your back. In addition to do the things listed in the article, I strongly suggest keeping your computer clean with CCleaner and using good security and malwarebytes. Remember, just one click on a link from a stranger can really mess up your life. Carry on and keep friends notified of what you learn is a very good thing.

RE: Cook on wood Cook Stove?

You bring back a lot of memories dear lady. Yes, I had relatives who cooked on that wood stove. There on the family farm everything came from the animals and garden, and not to forget the ducks and chickens. They sold to the neighbors the birds, crops, eggs, cream, milk, etc. Of course they made their own cheese, butter, cottage cheese... etc, nothing was wasted. The meals cooked on the wood stove were outstanding. All the favors could not be duplicated in this modern world. And the cook... she was a blind woman. On one visit, I remember my son who was a toddler at the time, wanted some cheese on his bread. Insisted it was cheese, which we told him it was not, it was a bright orange butter. giggle. And I remember a raspberry shortcake to die for. Those were the day~!

RE: This is Just too Funny

rolling on the floor laughing I get similar events by the hour. Like you, I'm one step ahead of them. laugh

RE: New Phone Camera

I'll look forward to my next phone then, thanks. I have not paid attention to the improvements on the newer models.

RE: New Phone Camera

Very nice. When I got my first smart phone, that is what I did, took pictures of my flowers. A good way to practice with the phone and admire some to the beauty around me.

RE: Oh dear....

yes, they do have it better sigh

RE: Hairy men versus smooth

The more fur the better professor I especially like a well groomed beard. The only time it could be a problem is if that guy sweat so much that you could ring out the drips... now that is nasty... no sweat hogs for me please roll eyes

RE: More Dehumanization

I have worked for this major box store years ago. Automation and these major box stores have taken away so many jobs in small communities it's not funny. They even put small businesses out of business. Many of my co-workers lost their jobs. And all those self service check-outs were installed which no one uses. The local Walmart here has just installed many self-checkouts. Can't help but wonder how many more jobs were lost. Seems to me you should write an editorial injuneer.

RE: The Foods of Autumn

I often heard that meatloaf was a comfort food. At one time it was a very inexpensive dish often served with mashed potatoes and a side veggie. Convenient because if one of the kids invited a friend over, easy solution was to add another slice of bread or handful of oatmeal to it. laugh Also easy to know when it was done cooking... which of course was when the eldest child came running down the stair saying "ohhhh, meatloaf again~!"

Personally meatloaf was never a favorite of mine... mom would smother it with ketchup and onions and burn the hell out of it laugh Until one year a man actually asked me to make some.. now at that point I hated meatloaf... so I searched some old cookbooks and found Italian Meatloaf. When made properly it tastes exactly like a meatball sub... .wonderful... smells heavenly cooking in the oven, and of course makes wonderful sandwiches grin

RE: Christmas balls!

No crowds here for the holidays, in some ways that is a blessing in disguise. No mad dashing, decorating etc. ... family left years ago. I do what I want, when I want... have always shopped when ever, no according to the season. I've never had 45 guests wow

RE: My Country....

Many of us are here only to get messages from people closer to us in location. Why would we want to message back and forth to "other" countries dunno When I what to chat I go to facebook, not a dating site. And furthermore .... I'm not here to be friends with women doh This is just insight to how some of us think.

RE: HAPPY COAST GUARD DAY, Y'ALL! (*Bump*'d for 2020)


RE: The Word UP

Ya'll make my neck hurt, I'm tired to looking up at ya~! laugh Come down to my level, I'm closer to the earth, ya'll have your heads up in the clouds roll eyes

RE: No one gives flowers anymore...

I too love flowers, they usually brighten my day. I had a message today in my flower box sad flower from a guy who wrote a little of nothing on his profile roll eyes AND he claimed to be only 5'1" tall grin shame he could not describe himself or any of his likes or dislikes, he would have still been taller than me. wow

RE: ill never fined him here!!

So true Rose, so true

RE: ill never fined him here!!

There must be some free ones in that store, surely there are if I want to shop at night. I have shoes older than most of the guys here laugh

RE: ill never fined him here!!

They are all too young for me laugh what can I do about that dunno So, see, no matter the age, there is a problem confused Perhaps check out the local grocery store doh

RE: A Blog To Please Everybody

I read your blogs often when I stop by. Too bad there are not more men on my side of the world like you. Stopping by to say "Hi" wave You have written a lot of blogs, how about a picture blog of the things you love, no words, just a title and pictures. After all a picture is worth 1,000 words. Have fun, see you next time. cats meow

RE: I’m Leaving! I Quit! I’m Done Here!

Love your post Cat, I could not agree with all you said more. I'm going to go... to the grocery that is, I stop by often. But as you said, those bad apples ruin a lot of this place, often. I just read mostly, my real life is drama free, and want to keep it that way. grin

RE: Who is weird in here....?

I love the idea of letting them talk to each other, just pass along the address of one to the next one. Only our imagination can be the looking glass to what happens next. roll eyes Once again I wish I were a fly on the wall. laugh

RE: seniors

They certainly are NOT in Flordia professor

RE: Simple Man!

It's a lot of work to find someone that fits your lifestyle. Send some messages and flowers. Usually the honest ladies will not approach, they wait for the fellow to show interest, at least in our generation. Good luck.

RE: She Is So Blond

Thanks Jim, Good as always. kiss

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