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RE: Are there any real men left?!

Yeah friend .. Just be patient you will find it, when the right time comes :) In fact, there are people who have joined this site with some honest and real intentions to find love :) So stay positive and you will get it :) Stay blessed :)

RE: Trip to vietnam

Hi teddybeerke88

glad to know you found your true love and congrats for your ensuing wedding :) Happy for you guys and you are one of the inspirations for me to succeed in my online love too in future :)

Awesome couples :) Stay blessed :)

take care

Happy for my friends who found love :)

good luck to you too minerva88

Happy for my friends who found love :)

that is good plustina and i would like to read your love story one day :)

RE: Love has no borders

nice reply by outsideofbali . yeah i feel it bad to read when people look for love just because of money, that is totally absurd and weird . I read some profiles here where people look for rich partner to love . that is bad :(

Hardly i think , anyone rich or having money will come forward to help these people , because whats the guarantee that they will be with you always once u help them out. Not good to take these kind of risks

On the other hand, i see people who are good with enough money and financially secure but not finding true love . that is also bad :(

God will guide people in the right direction , hopefully :)

For me love is a sacred feeling and love will be at its best when it happens for no reason and if you have reason it is not love, maybe a like.

If you love someone for some reason, does that mean that you will leave the person when that specific reason does not exist anymore

RE: The real I

Don't give up your search in finding your partner :) Just be patient and no rushing :) It may be this CS website or any other online dating site where you may find true love :) Just stay positive :) Infact i recently posted a blog here wishing good luck to some of my friends who found online, but not on CS. but still it is online and are taking steps to make it happen in real too :)

RE: Long Distance Relationship, do you think it will w

Forget her and move on. You will be ok when u find true love :) Cheer up :)

RE: Continue to write

Yeah do what gives you happiness and slowly with steady practice you get a good command over your english :) Good luck :)

Anyone who found love online ? - Congrats to them

twinkle42 - sad to hear that you two are not together anymore :( hope everything will be good for you hereafter :) i get happy when i see beautiful couples/lovers and feel sad when they break-up or not together anymore. Little bit emotional

New to blogs here :)

thanks to all who welcomed me here :) good number of people welcomed. didn't expect this much. but i am happy now :) once thanks to all of you :)

Anyone who found love online ? - Congrats to them

hi innocent soul.

Everything worthwhile takes time. So be patient and one day you will find your love too. Dont lose hope :) i agree many bad people are everywhere and good ones too exist and sometimes people because of the bad experience even doubt good people in the beginning, though no fault in being cautious. But good hearted guys and girls are there too:) you will find it one day :)

New to blogs here :)

thank you capricorn and scott :)

New to blogs here :)

thank you friend :)

Anyone who found love online ? - Congrats to them

hi johnny good luck for your ending :)

Anyone who found love online ? - Congrats to them

Hello mimi1973 how are you?

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