There must be some truth in the Bible or there would be no Pope and the Vatican city. He is the intermediary between God and the people. I understand? He has lots of documents filed away on miles of shelving, which no one else is allowed to see. He must be wise to keep such secretive material.angel

RE: Guns

I think a gun would be more accurate and effective than a boomerang. How many people carry those and is it illegal to carry a boomerang?confused


But the shepherd could be extra terrestrial and the worshippers fooled into thinking they had witnessed God or god's.


Religions and extra terrestrial beings are connected, due to the appearance and misrepresentations found in ancient accounts in all beliefs. When characters in the Bible saw bright lights, noise, and clouds opening up, ladders coming down, Mohammed going up on a winged horse, Ezekiel seeing machinery with wheels and voices telling him to create a structure, Moses going up and coming down with tablets of stone, instructions to build a box to put stones in. The box then known as the arc of the covenant. These experiences could only be described then as God contact, but quite possibly and would make more sense if space travellers were responsible with their agenda.
So maybe all religions are misrepresentations of what actually happened.


Some religions expect you to pay to become a member and point to passages in the Bible which are expected to justify this. Yes, some churches are well provided for and wherever you go the same standard of building exists.


Why do so many people devote their lives to religion? All ages and all states of intelligence profess to be Christians or Muslims, Hindu etc.
They must know something or maybe they refuse to accept that any badness in the world is the fault of their god, and that it will all be put right in the end. After all, god and Jesus loves everyone.angel

RE: News | UK police launch investigation into Prince Charles charity.

What is acting Godly? A person who witnesses someone in distress would normally help and rescue the individual. If they were drowning there are so many cases of a human putting their lives at risk to save the person. If the human wasn't there, do you think your God would help? No. There's the proof of the Biblical god not existing. professor

RE: News | UK police launch investigation into Prince Charles charity.

Didn't say that I agree with royalty descending from god's, but some people have that theory.
If you quote Jesus then you surely don't believe that he was anything but an ordinary man who because of his charisma and experience of working with John the Baptist enabled him to carry on the work when the Romans ( those Italians again )killed his mate. He had knowledge of the old testament so tried to re-enact it's prophecies.

Tattoos and piercings

Also, it's scientific fact that many people have a number of Neanderthal genes in their DNA. So it's reasonable to assume that they possibly influence the individual to partake in changing their appearance and use the excuse that it's artistic. One day we may discover that a percentage of the population have reptilian genes.

Tattoos and piercings

Yes, it's personal choice whether you have a tattoo or not, but it reflects the personality of the individual and lack of taste. It's a great warning sign. They possibly have reptilian genes in their DNA. The colours resemble such creatures and possibly the urge to colour the body that way is too strong to resist. Perhaps they don't have choice.professor

RE: What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Jesus was unique because he was able to demonstrate the ability to vertically take off. So he must have been supplied with a jet pack. These are only recent inventions. He also had the ability to turn water into wine. If he was here now, he would have made a fortune cheers


Great comments so far. It appears that most people are in favour of an internal arrangement leading to the assassination rather than what would appear to be the Russian or mafia hit men.


Of course Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and then he was killed, possibly to stop him from revealing who put him up to the task.

Tattoos and piercings

Hats are worn to protect person from the sun etc. A crash helmet is used to protect the scalp from crashing. I've not seen anyone wearing helmet on a sunny day for any other reason, plus they are heavy and they are compulsory when riding. Hats can be removed easily, they don't require surgery, unlike tattoos. Most intelligent people on sunny days should wear protection when out. If you don't your stupid.

RE: At least I have Me for 2022

Miss Chelli. Thanks for viewing my profile and ticking the you like me box.

RE: At least I have Me for 2022

Calm down. I'm sure you're quite loveable really. You just need someone to take care of you and show a little tenderness.

RE: At least I have Me for 2022

If you have so many admirers, why are you on this site? Do you want crowds of men communicating with you? So that you can increase the number of them doing your shopping and feeling sorry for you.

RE: The doves

Any chance of an interpretation? Is that how Pennsylvanians communicate. confused dunno

RE: School in Europe teaching the 'Muslim' way

The US is the world no.1 power and the most important country. If there was an alien invasion, the space craft would land at the Whitehouse and communicate with the President who would speak on behalf of the world.


MIGUEL-- The hat was made by the harem and they always enjoy seeing me in it. kiss


mollybaby -- Its no dream. I have all the responsibilities that a harem entails.


Yes, but if they are seeded first by someone else, it doesn't matter. professor

RE: Marrying for money

Most women would do anything for money, providing it was the right amount. A life of luxury is a woman's priority and she would escape any relationship in order to achieve that.

RE: food

What other countries food have you tried? Have you ever visited another country? confused You can't beat English food, fish & chips, toad in the hole, pies full of vegetables and covered with a crispy layer of wholemeal pastry. I feel hungry just thinking about it.

RE: ?hi

I think you should have success providing you scrub yourself down after a day on the farm.laugh

RE: Does height really matter

Abby - Did you wear anything else but flat shoes? confused

RE: Tis the season

Why don't you see family and friends the rest of the year? dunno Are they people you normally would avoid? confused

RE: Merry Christmas!

What do you think the present is? Maybe its an English phrase book. confused dunno

RE: Christmas and what it means to the Christian world

Christmas is a time to remember all the families that were killed in the holocaust. How they were tortured and subjected to horrific ordeals, children and adults, and to thank god with all his power, how he didn't stand by and let it happen. dunno confused

RE: Oh No!

Very good advice. May I suggest a pair of working men's boots with steel toe caps. They would look good with an evening dress.

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