RE: kid's

Minerva - Well I suppose those two bloggers are lucky they live too far away. grin No doubt you would criticise them all the time if you ever caught up with them. conversing Perhaps you should try a romantic approach with kind words. smitten love innocent

RE: kid's

Unlaoised - My own blogs of course require some thought rather than gossip about who hates who and who said what. Some people do specialise in that area don't they?

RE: The Sunshine of His Love Pt. 1

God doesn't win if he allowed such suffering for his vulnerable creation. He has no excuse.

RE: The Sunshine of His Love Pt. 1

But he was immortal, and knew he would survive after death, and he didn't have to watch any wife, son or daughter endure the same suffering. He had the power to do anything he wished, including preventing others endure the ultimate pain both mental and physical.

RE: The Sunshine of His Love Pt. 1

If Jesus was asked, "Why did you allow the families in the holocaust to be gassed and tortured and suffer so much?" What would his answer be?

RE: Does romance have to have a price tag?

Any woman would be romantic if she was offered the right amount of money.

RE: refugees, should we take them?

How many refugees do you propose to take into your home and does it matter which nationality they are?

RE: weight

Maybe they have a hoist fitted at home. laugh laugh

RE: Don't forget too Soon.

You don't create the life for yourself. It depends on where you were born, the wealth of your parents, your physical attraction, your intelligence, the opportunities presented to you, how much good luck you receive. Wealth brings more opportunities and consequently the chance to make progress, meet more people, travel, join affluent clubs, better social life, and then happiness. professor

RE: Matcha Tea

Jeff -- Have you tried not taking in the toxins? dunno


Namaron - That yellow moon rover is a secret time machine. I also have been working on it in case I need to shoot off to a different time. Don't tell anyone else. head banger


Namaron - Don't desert this planet yet. I will have to struggle against the aliens here who seem to be increasing in size. Have you designed a remote controlled ray gun I can purchase. One similar to that used in the series, " The Invaders. " The target would turn red and finally disappear. doh

RE: When Should You Give Up Online Dating?

Snookum - You talk bunkum. Bad language from you too, tut, tut. Another of the mutual admiration club. Hates a different opinion. Can't handle it. Needs security.


Namaron -- Some of the women on this blogging site take time to have their true personality brought out. Now I have identified them I can see why they are single and are now suitable for " The Bin Crowd." rolling on the floor laughing grin rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: When Should You Give Up Online Dating?

Willow -- At last you show that you resort to bad language. A sign of loosing an argument. A classy person with taste wouldn't respond like you. barf


Nakesha - I am sure you will find someone better, who will appreciate you and give you more in a relationship than you previously experienced. Carry on in life doing the things you normally due and suddenly things will happen for the good, and you'll never look back. If you want to chat anytime feel free to contact me. wave

RE: When Should You Give Up Online Dating?

snooker - sounds as though you have a bad temper. Try to be polite and show manners please. scold

RE: When Should You Give Up Online Dating?

willow -- unless you have taste, style or class, you should give up. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing dancing dancing dancing

RE: Does this thing called 'real/true love' still exis

kody -- True love does exist, but only with me. innocent angel wave

RE: Weird Ways Couples Annoy Each Other

WILLOW - I believe that under that tough façade of yours you are really a loving, romantic person who really wants to please the right person. love love smitten smitten hug hug

RE: Weird Ways Couples Annoy Each Other

Willow-- Are you really misandric as suggested? confused doh comfort

RE: Weird Ways Couples Annoy Each Other

Candy -- You're so right. applause cheering

RE: First Date Questions Men Really Want To Ask

Did you know you have a moustache?

RE: a wonderful day

sweetie -- Would you like to join my harem? You appear to have the right equipment to pass the dancing test.


Providing they were in an appropriate place. Not if they were on public transport or in the middle of a restaurant.

RE: just say it......anything

Have you seen that psychiatrist yet? doh frustrated help

RE: Sewers....

Teen---You're too young to think about these things. Stick to milkshakes and discos.

RE: A New Muslim Renaissance is Here

Isn't it time we stopped referring to people by their religious beliefs? We all have to follow the law of the land we live in. If we don't, there are penalties. We should also make efforts to integrate. If that is not acceptable, the individual/s should live somewhere more appropriate to their beliefs.


They may be wearing all black with face and head gear. Then they lift the veil to reveal a moustache and piercings.


Too risky they may explode. applause

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