RE: ME no angry, ME no cry, ME just happy........

Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist? If you're just a teen you haven't lived yet. Wait a few years and then...... mumbling

RE: Amornthep Left the Blogs...

CapNemo - North Korea perhaps?

RE: Don't give up!

Calleis - Maybe you should have told him you loved him, or words to that effect.hug

RE: Amornthep Left the Blogs...

Perhaps we could discuss human rights in Saudi Arabia instead of religious topics.

RE: Don't give up!

Calleis- Does that mean nothing is worth the effort as far as you are concerned? Just hope something turns up?


Try asking a Jehovas Witness. They are experts at describing paradise.

RE: Dorothy Perskins


RE: Fall/Winter

I feel the same. Hate the snow. Everything comes to a standstill here in England with just a light covering. Transport is chaos, villages get cut off.

RE: Ideal Man, Ideal Woman…or Settle for 2nd Best

When I teach line dancing, I use a variety of music, not just country and western. Whatever I think sounds good. Then I choreograph the steps to match it. I would then play two types of music, one slow, then one fast.

RE: Ideal Man, Ideal Woman…or Settle for 2nd Best

Do they have line dancing in Jordan? You have probably already read my profile, so you know what I'm looking for. They should at least appreciate humour and wish to do all the things that a friend should do. Have a view on life and be interested also in my thoughts and encourage me when I need it, just as I would show her understanding and advice when required. There are loads of other things I could say, but her physical appearance does not need to be the most important factor in the relationship. You are welcome anytime to mail me on the site, if you ever feel like a chat.

RE: Ideal Man, Ideal Woman…or Settle for 2nd Best

My last lady friend was a red head. She had no hair, just a red head.

RE: Whom?

Why not wait until you find someone you love and who loves you. Sometimes you can grow to love someone through sharing experiences and becoming true friends or soul mates. That can be the best relationship as without genuine friendship it's not worth continuing even if you think you love them.

RE: Secret of happiness

What do you mean by love? Try using a different word or a description of what it should mean.

RE: Lifespan Calculator

If you throw yourself in front of a train or traffic, then I can tell you how long you will live. Don't try this as a test.

RE: Physical Appearance

Maybe you should join a harem. If you read my blog there is some interest from other ladies.

RE: What Saint Paul said in (1 Timothy 6:7-10) ?

Did you know that Moses was the first person in the bible to drive a car? It states," And Moses came down the mountain in his Triumph."

RE: i want to learn more :-)

Do they still send messages using drums in Africa. If so, there must be a sound beat for, I love you.

RE: i want to learn more :-)

Do you plan on doing a world tour and falling in love with someone in each country?

RE: Compulsory Blogging.

How about revealing you're face as that is a way of showing that you are a real person?

RE: Am confused

Am is the lazy way of saying I am. It should be "I am."
Any more help I can be, just ask. Bye

RE: my real talks....

I always discuss my feelings as I believe that is the best way to let people know about my character. I also like to hear a woman talk a lot as that is how I discover her strengths and weaknesses and enables me to help and please her. Some of us men have feelings and are sensitive, probably more than many women.

RE: sleepless nights -empty

Are ladies from Singapore romantic?

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