RE: Israel is being attacked at this time

A Windsock called Brandon!uh oh

RE: Titanic Carried Salad Dressing Bound For Mexico - Mexico Annually Commemorate The Loss

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!laugh

RE: Israel is being attacked at this time

Those Drones can carry some pretty nasty Gifts that can do some serious damage to certain Infrastructure and other soft targets!
Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of those Things!

RE: Uranus Is The Planetary Ruler Of Aquarius And Obits The Sun In 84.3 Years.

welcome back!
Wondered where you went!wave

RE: The sky is falling... The sky is falling...

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and some Morons probably calling in that they can't see too well!

RE: Embroiled...

What does Majority Shareholder have to do with Insider-Trading?

RE: How can anyone vote for Trump, when even his staff won’t support him.

it actually has,but the Courts hid behind the flimsy "No Standing"-issue,and refused to look at the evidence!
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RE: Landfills of EV batteries...

another question!
Where will all the Lithium,Cobalt and all the other Strategic Metals come from,if the Mandate of full Electrification with Solar and Windpower plus EV takes place!
There aren't enough of them any where on Earth to feed the demand,and recycling won't be of any help,since that only is turning over the existing quantity of those Metals,however does not increase the amount that is required !
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RE: Not a terrorist act

2 ship companies are invoking a 200-year-old law to try to skirt huge legal liabilities from the Baltimore collision

RE: Not a terrorist act

why should the American Taxpayer have to foot the Bill?
What's happening with the Shipowner's Insurance?
Why is Joe so quick to unload the Bill on to the American Public?
What does he know what we don't?uh oh

RE: Not a terrorist act

Cargo Ship That Crashed Into Baltimore Bridge Is Carrying 764 Tons Of Hazardous Material: NTSB
Some containers carrying hazardous material have been breached or fallen into the water

RE: Not a terrorist act

Per The Washington Post:

The alarms first sounded on the Dali around 1:24 a.m. Tuesday, an NTSB official said in a Wednesday evening news conference, citing preliminary information from the container ship’s voice data recorder.

About a minute and a half later, the ship’s pilot used a high-frequency radio to request assistance, helping to alert the on-duty Maryland Transportation Authority officer. The pilot called for “tugs in the vicinity,” which help vessels leave the port and get into its main channel. Before the Dali hit the bridge, it had no tugs. Thirty seconds later, the pilot ordered the ship’s anchor to be dropped and gave “additional steering commands,” said Marcel Muise, the lead investigator.

At 1:27 a.m., the pilot reported that the Dali had lost all power and was approaching the bridge, Muise said. At the time, there were two Maryland Transportation Authority units at the scene because of the ongoing construction, and those units shut down all lanes of traffic on the bridge, according to Muise.
He said the voice data recorder captured “sounds consistent with the collision” at 1:29 a.m. Around this time, the lights on the Key Bridge also went out.

Watch the entire press conference below:

RE: Not a terrorist act

In the GIF it sure looks like the Engines are at full power!

RE: God Bless the USA! Court Lowers Trump Bond From $464 Million to $175 Million. Due in 10 days.

do you really understand that stuff you just posted?
Or is it another one of your Copy/Paste that has no relevancy?confused

RE: God Bless the USA! Court Lowers Trump Bond From $464 Million to $175 Million. Due in 10 days.

not more obtuse than your argument!!
Those two looting Lampreys have done more harm to the NY Business Climate than Trump ever can!
Now James is going after the biggest Beef-Producer in the world!
Better have some pretty good teeth,because those Guys might not ply as nice as Trump did!

as I said,Looting Election-interfering Bussards! barf

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RE: Not a terrorist act

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Skipper must have been drunk or tripping on something!uh oh

RE: How Trump is following Hitlers playbook

you mean,you never heard the expression,"Repubes"?laugh
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RE: oregon farming laws

Liberal state declares war on small farmers and homesteaders: War on food is spreading in U.S. through land-use restrictions, geoengineering and waves of propaganda

>snip The World Economic Forum warned us several years ago that its ultimate goal was to destroy the middle class. How else would you explain their slogan: “You will own nothing and learn to like it“?

This mantra is playing out in real time in the state of Oregon, and other states, in various forms which we will get into in this article.

Small farmers are under attack in the Beaver State, which has begun shutting down family farms throughout the state under the guise of water conservation and groundwater protection.

The owner of Yanasa Ama Ranch shared a 20-minute video explaining what is going on in Oregon as bureaucrats erroneously classify small family farms and homesteads as “concentrated animal feeding operations,” or CAFOs, in order to shut them down. Any feeding area that has a concrete, rock or gravel floor falls into this category, which would include most small dairy or egg farms.

If you have two or three milking cows, the rancher explains, you are now targeted by the state for closure.>snipuh oh
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RE: Crocus

that attack,who ever did it,will allow Putin to become Vlad The Impaler!
And it is also possible it is a False Flag,perpetrated by the FSB,like the ones that gave Poo-Tin the Justification to flatten Grozny and Chechnya in general!

RE: The 'worm moon' lunar eclipse...

Great Images!thumbs up handshake

RE: The 'worm moon' lunar eclipse...

wouldn't that be ELUDED?confused

RE: Joe biden’s puppeteer wants to turn America to Marxism. No one here wants to be marxist

would you like to explain how he is a danger to it?confused


His daily Icecream-rations are in extreme peril!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Hey Friends lets compile the “My favorite Political Campaign Commercials” Blog!

Presidential ad: “It’s Morning Again in America” Ronald Reagan (R) v Walter Mondale (D) [1984—

RE: How Trump is following Hitlers playbook

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he will find out what his meddling brought,when his daily Ice-cream Ration is cut to one Cone/24hrs!
Then he will be going:"I scream,you scream,we all scream for Ice-cream...................."!


RE: How Trump is following Hitlers playbook

Robert Reich?confused
Has he looked at his Party-Leadership lately?
Wonder who has dusted and took him off the shelf again!

RE: Serious relationship

Surich Bern?
Might need to correct that!
That place doesn't exist anywhere in Switzerland!confused

RE: Locking a blog

laugh seems the Bug got even worse!

RE: The USA bannana republic.

Biden has all the Tools,and then some to fix Immigration and the Border,he is the Idiot who suspended all the Rules and Regulations!
Large influx of Illegals into already Blue Cities and States would shift the Demographics in favor of the Democrats,giving them more Seats in Congress and also more Electoral Votes,since everyone is counted in a Census!
Congress-seats are apportioned by the count of ALL people living in a given Area!
Millions of Illegals would definitely skew the normal order of things!
Biden's Handlers are crazy,but far from stupid!uh oh

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