Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Itchy, your hat is definitely superior. rolling on the floor laughing

Hans's comment is absolutely it. Stop seeing this as a website and see it as a ship and religion and politics should obviously and automatically be verboten. So should hate and anger generally.

put him in a longboat till he's sober, put him in a longboat till he's sober, etc.

Jac, I refer to it in the blog as well. I was completely shocked. This was a website for men to meet women and vice versa and it has become a place where a man can make a sneering comment like that about a woman because he prefers a politician to women. That's not really normal.

Are we political supporters, first and foremost? Or are we singles in a social set-up? Does anyone know? Because when comments like that are being made, we can no longer be both.

Locking comments until I have slept, woken, and drunk coffee.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

DR read Hans' comment. He could have saved us this whole blog.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

StillNot, I actively enjoy political debates where you can ask questions, talk, argue even, and not be flung up against the wall and spat at.

Yeah I know I said that earlier. Seriously? someone read all the comments? wow

Hope you have chocolates for your lady love wine

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Hans, you beauty, you nailed it.


The one constant found on each and every vessel is rule number 2 (number 1 being that the skipper is always right). Back to rule number 2, "There is to be no discussion on the subjects of religion or politics aboard this vessel".

So why can't this rule be implemented on blogland? Simple as, people...... doh

Those that wish to chatter about the other two subjects should seek out a site whereby they can either vent their spleens or impose their opinions onto others of the same ilk.


Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Jim, you certainly do persistently whine, over and over again, about your dislike for Trump so let me say right here that is rude and a concerted effort to disrupt other people's interests on what you, like DR, seem unable to grasp is a social, not political, website.

As much fun as you are having telling me I lack a grasp on reality, that I am a jealous author, and, on another occasion, to tell me to stick to writing my incessant blogs about lipsticks, (I really must write at least one, sometime) fact remains that if you bother to glance through the comments, I am not the only person who feels there is a trump overdose. Not the only person by quite a long way, in fact.

Going to the extreme of grouping together ALL the Trump blogs was done precisely to show the damage that is being done to the site. Dozens of interesting, amusing, likeable bloggers have left already. Anyone glancing at the blogs this afternoon would have seen a solid wave of trump, to be sure. But anyone glancing at the blogs any afternoon will see at least 10 trump blogs, all with a tiny scattering of comments because honestly no-one is really interested, on the first screen. All I did was push together ONE WEEK'S WORTH. Yours were quickly pushed out of sight again by me bumping DR's multiple rants - in fact I was accused of not targeting you at all and therefore being biased rolling on the floor laughing

If it is remotely possible to make it a rule not to post blogs involving politics in the main section, CS could yet be returned to the cheerful place it once was before blog after blog after biased blog was posted on the same dreary topic. I appreciate it is life and death to you. Can you not appreciate that it is not life and death to the rest of the world.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Oh well it's Sunday and I'm not teaching until 1 pm sigh

BN, later will be fine, ta.

Merc, I don't even know where to find the mods address? confused I am pretty direct myself. I HAVE reported repulsive offensive blogs, so if that makes me a snake so be it. I don't like repulsive offensive blogs. I don't b*tch behind people's backs. If I have an issue with someone, they know.

As to saying these blogs should go to the US FORUMS that's because there are divisions in the forums which the blogs don't have. The forums are set up way better, in fact.

GT, I'll get there. But I may end up half the night at this rate, looks like there've been some attacks waiting for me to say I was going to bed sigh

DR your views are extremely narrow, and inappropriate on an international website. They would be fine and dandy on an American-only right-wing website where all the members would hang in breathless admiration on your every fascist utterance but what you cannot or will not get through your head is that this isn't. And that, sunshine, is not just a view that differs from yours. That is the website. There are people here from all over the world. Some have different political views. Some have different religions. Some don't like being harangued. Different folks different strokes. Try to understand.

RE: Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

Those who live in glass houses have to get used to being public property - Boris can wave goodbye to privacy for a wee while.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

As I've already said I have no problems with political debates. I can and have debated on UK and US politics, because we are all affected by the current maelstroms. I can enjoy debate with people like Mic, Vier, Z, even LJ and Jim - but not with those who ignore, or attack.

That's why, DR, your blogs are all conveniently grouped together, no-one needs take my word for that, they can go look for themselves.

It is after midnight here, I'm logging out. Ïf I'm never allowed back in again - it's been very.

And I really do apologize for mucking up the blogs today but ... enough was enough.


Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

DR I am far from the only one restless under the relentless stream of US political blogs. Read some of the comments.

I accept you will have to report this blog to the moderators - only fair, I reported several of yours when I felt you had crossed the line.

As for all your remaining blogs appearing - shucks, you should know how we communist wannabe dictators can be, very touchy when someone tries to bully us. I thought it might not be a bad thing to remind people exactly what bullying blogs you've been posting.

I'm surprised you felt harassed, though. Is it time to take a step back and ask yourself if you are truly proud of everything you have been saying on this multicultural, international, social, singles website? It sure is chilling to see all those blog headings at once. Like an insight into your mind.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Jac, I appreciate that very much. Thank you.

I'm told that at MD they finally did move the political blogs out of mainstream, but that it didn't help. I'd hate to see it left too late at CS.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Itchy, what exciting news and if you're really really caught short I still have my mother of the bride hat, cost more than the outfit, I have no idea what to do with it but at that price I'm not throwing it out, I could send it to you laugh


Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

String, I'm not sure you meant that for this blog? confused

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Kal, haters gotta hate. Not so easy to be cool with that when they spread it around, spray it in people's faces, and force it down their throats.

Which, yes, I know, I have been doing all afternoon. I am a bad person, but I AM trying to do it for a good reason. help

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Harb, you're the second person in a few days to call me cynical confused I made a comment on something on FB and a former colleague said she normally thought me too cynical but this time she agreed ...

Moi? How odd.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Jac, that's why I went crackerdog - most of the nice people on the site do skip the hate blogs and you need to see them all together to realize what a flood is being drip-fed into CS.

Thank you for not skipping this one laugh and I agree that we live in interesting times and are probably more politically aware, albeit confused, than in generations. If there were one or two blogs a week, especially debates where argument didn't turn vicious, I think they'd be very popular. What we have is several aggressive, biased, (left or right) declarations a day, not open to discussion. If they were kept in the US forum they'd be easy to find for all those who crave the thrust and parry of the subject?

Where they don't belong is here. JMO.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Red, sorry I spoilt the site for you today. Just the fact that I could push >40 hater blogs up without having to look far does show there is a bit of a problem, though. And frankly DR was the direct cause of the last 20. If he could just understand that his hero and I have one thing in common - we really shouldn't be poked, we WILL overreact - you'd have been spared that last lot. I am sorry. I really truly have no problem with you reporting this blog to the mods. In fact I wish you would.

Who knows, with luck and a following wind, we could yet as a result return to a blog site for all the tomorrows where you don't have to bypass half the other blogs without shuddering or don't have to stick your own up to get any kind of banter going. I have a dream ... daydream Imagine it going back to a Trump-free zone? Blogs like a TV guide, as Itchy said, on multiple subjects, with OPs who enjoy chatting? Oooh!

I will comment on your compost blog now that I have cooled down and when I've answered comments, I applied for a council-issue composter in Scotland which was actually pretty effective laugh

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Daniela, yay!

They don't want political debates. They just want to tell people what to think. In fact God help anyone who tries to debate. You are allowed to agree with the OP, you are allowed to make extra comments about how stupid anyone who doesn't agree with the OP is, but if you ask a question, point out a glaring inaccuracy, or poke fun, you will be ignored, abused or trashed. All fun options.

And if you comment on THAT you will be told that blogging is not social. That's what the forums are for. snooty

Well, CS has always been different and we like social blogs and I really do hope the Mods will make a ruling that political declarations not open to debate belong on the US forums.

thumbs up

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Harbal, I don't entirely trust you when you sound angelic dunno


Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

LucyMaud, I don't think they do read the blogs. I'm very much hoping this blog will be reported, though. Please report it! grin

The chatty cheerful blogs haven't completely disappeared, they simply get pushed down the page by the hating ones - and although some still read them, few can be bothered to log in to comment on one blog. Back when there were a dozen you could read, half a dozen you could chat on, it was a lot livelier, eh? And when every other blog isn't a political rant, that could return.


Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Itchy, thanks, you're a feisty support!

That's EXACTLY it, a fun place being destroyed. I joined after the last blog wars but heard about them, at least we know it can be cleaned up. Some of the new lot are great, welcome. Some, when they put down their cudgels and turn human, ditto. But yeah, pretty tired of being told to shut up or ship out by those who simply don't realize they are at the wrong party and ruining it. There are like a gazillion places for politics - there's only one CS, where conversation used to flow in a myriad different directions, and you could agree or disagree, argue, go off topic, and ramble to your heart's content without being flung up against a wall and spat at by somebody who hated you just for being.

Bloody horrible.

Always loved that youtube clip applause

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Hey, Fay, I bumped every blog with Trump or US politics in the heading, for or against. I agree, the mud flies in all directions. It doesn't really matter whether they are for or against once the comments start. I know I've been crapped on by both sides for daring to try the voice of reason before now - obviously polite is a sign of weakness dunno

So very many of us do the 'not my drama, don't want to cause a fuss, don't want to be rude, leave if you don't like it, otherwise shut up. Result - very few of the hate blogs get much in the way of comments, unless a fight starts, but more and more of them get raised and the aggression is more and more marked, especially towards comments. We've ended up with a Foothold situation and the ones who like causing a fuss and like being rude are now pretty much in the majority as all the polite drift apologetically away and vanish.

I gather in your last place the politicals were finally shunted onto their own line but it was too late to save the site.

Hello Mods, wonder if you could spare a moment:

Merc, I know you think that, you've said so before. What precisely do I say? "please stop being so angry on your political blogs" I think we both know what the answer to that would have been.

Or do you mean mail the Mods privately? I've reported 30 blogs or more over the last few years. Some got deleted, some didn't - I think it depends how many people complain. Probably needs about 10 complaints? The last half-dozen - and I only report when the hate level is through the roof - I have asked what I have asked here - that the hate blogs be confined to a hate area. Sort of like not having Paintball in a general playground, because people get hurt. So that didn't work. I thought that maybe bunching the hatred into a posy might demonstrate better.

Thanks for commenting, even if you didn't agree wine

RE: Barack Milhous Hussein Benito Obama

Jeez, Willy really doesn't want the mods spotting my question, does he laugh

Wonder why on earth he is so nervous.

Don't let the old man in. Not today.

(Not very) nice to meet you

how very quickly you have learned to enter another blog and shit on the floor laugh

If you are devoted to the political blogs, you should be delighted, I have pulled them all up into one fragrant bouquet for you, you can enjoy them all at once.

Don't let the old man in. Not today.

GT I could fall on your neck a normal human being LOOK at you a feast for the eyes cheering

Please post more than one blog. laugh

Getting a bit hectic here. I tried to make a point about the trumptrumptrumptrumptrump saturation, got called a communist laugh and a dictator and then tried to make a point about who is dictating the misery and now I have a troll bumping up my comment count (must be another of DR's profiles) and now I am bored but you are promising a blog ...


RE: Two Rich White Male Escapees From Jurassic Park Lead Democrat’s 2020 Ticket

When someone posts divisive ugliness with every single blog - when they can't respond with intelligence to querying comments, but kick back with corrosive rage - when every single blog is political and there is no social interaction - why are they on a social website?

Not asking the OP - no point. Asking the mods.

RE: New Economic Figures Out: Trump Economy Blows Away Expectations !

When someone posts divisive ugliness with every single blog - when they can't respond with intelligence to querying comments, but kick back with corrosive rage - when every single blog is political and there is no social interaction - why are they on a social website?

Not asking the OP - no point. Asking the mods.

RE: Barack Milhous Hussein Benito Obama

When someone posts divisive ugliness with every single blog - when they can't respond with intelligence to querying comments, but kick back with corrosive rage - when every single blog is political and there is no social interaction - why are they on a social website?

Not asking the OP - no point. Asking the mods.

if you were born a boy or a girl, what are you now ...

Are children confused about their sex and gender, or is it adults who are confused about children who know their gender is different from their external appearance?

I have no idea.

Teenagers who want to have hair to their shoulders and slouch around in jeans and t-shirts and it's impossible to see what sex they are, so what?

When a youngster is a bone thin Goth, or so fat as to have boobs / moobs with hair to their shoulders and no makeup, I shall have to bow to your vastly superior wisdom to identify what sex they are. One was called Vik and the other Pat. Please advise. None of the sales team, aged between 27 and 50, could work it out in the course of a 3 day visit, how stupid are we. All them younger ones were commenting on the teenage trend towards androgyny. I don't personally look very closely at teenagers so I hadn't really noticed. Many of them do look alike and my attitude remains 'so what'. I don't care.

In response to: the scary part of this trend is that now you could have been asked in a special voice about your life choices

It doubtless does run much deeper than that. I merely rather dislike the special voices and the people who use them. My daughter at 9 was part of getting a popular teacher fired from her school because of special voices and loaded questions. She was devastated when she realized that in trying to please, by trying to give the answer she thought was wanted, she'd contributed to the wreck of his career. Children DO try to please and adults can be frighteningly single-minded in what they want to hear.


RE: There's no medicine for that...

Most of it indigenous? Really sure of that? Really?

I think if you look at the blogs I recently highlighted as being boring and obsessive, most are coming from a pretty small group of faces which should all look rather familiar.

I'll agree on one thing - there were a LOT of people here I thought harmless and pleasant enough until their true colours were brought out by the new bloggers.

Everyone has their tipping point. To me it was one person dismissing a rape allegation with the comment 'she's hardly a ten'

Does that mean it couldn't be true? That he personally wouldn't assault anyone under a 10? That she should have been downright grateful? That anyone on a dating website could make a public comment like that and ever expect to attract a female human being of any number ever again?

What it means is that this is no longer a singles website. So cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

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