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RE: Now tell me

That's funny Bam.......I've been told I'm all a**. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Now tell me

<~~~~doesn't my a** look great???rolling on the floor laughing

RE: aye all

You look like a nice little girl laugh

RE: omg girls!!

My sympathies are with you.....more than you know laugh

RE: Profile Clues to Beware Of

Certainly food for thought. applause

RE: Baby Jesus Politically incorrect Now

I've done some Christmas shopping this week. I went into one big name store where I saw no Santa, no openly visible religious symbols...only "safe displays" such as trees and christmas tree ornaments on their signage. By the time I got ready to check out, I did see one sign hanging above the registers that said "MERRY CHRISTMAS". I was suprised to see that.

I think to "suck up" to all the various "groups" in our country now, it's politically correct to just play it safe and not hurt anyone's feelings, except those of the Christian faith.

So be it, I guess~ dunno

RE: Men suck

I'm not overly astute, but I think someone whizzed on her post toasties?doh

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