RE: Fanny...

Not a fan of fanny myself.

RE: New drug cures cancer for 100% of patients in trial

All 14, wow!

RE: Just updated my profile with newer recent pics. Feel free to share your thoughts...

Show a peek of a nipple. You can thank me later.

RE: Qualities or character you are looking for in a possible partner

Someone who isn't engrossed in politics is good.

RE: We are doomed.

Great craic at the bar
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RE: Musk deal on Twitter is on hold too many fake accounts

Great, as if the world's not bad enough, the septics are given more empowerment.

RE: The smell of your fingers...

Could be worse, could smell of arse!

RE: How big is big enough?

Reaching my larynx sounds about right

RE: Suicide drive.

So many families have been affected where I live.

They believe they are doing others a favour.

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Yes back to mothballs sigh

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

He's probably the only person that could pull it off grin

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Bnaughty: and you needn't massage suncream into your nipples

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Looks like I'm moving to Spain laugh

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Loulou: Don't have a choice really, it's been on the cards for a while, who knows, it might end up being a good thing dunno conversing

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Bnaughty: better opt for the smaller size next time wink

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

You pissed in it didn't you?

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

There just the small issue of not speaking Spanish, not having a job and knowing nobody laugh

Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

And that wouldn't worsen the problem at all laugh

It would cross off the milky skin problem

Are you serious?

Hi Track,

I won't, I blocked his second number last night.

Are you serious?

Hi Ocee,

Ouch! but yeah I now know sigh

Are you serious?


As I wouldn't view his messaging me as being the norm I hadn't looked at it from your viewpoint. I appreciate that you're only seeing it from my side. hug

Are you serious?


I've spent much of the last five years single and before that was in a long term relationship so don't have much to compare it to. Thanks for the earlier link, it was useful thumbs up

Are you serious?

Hi knenagh,

You've said it as it is. I suppose youre never guaranteed with relationships and it's a risk you have to take when there are kids involved. Luckily my daughter is young and is a very happy child. I'm going to remain single and concentrate on the two of us and if down the line I meet someone, without looking, I'll have more experience under my belt and hopefully wont make the same mistakes wave

Are you serious?


To be honest I've questioned whether he really is a decent good guy and if im being unfair but what sways my decision is I was open and honest about what I wanted from day one. If it was a clean break and he started the new relationship after we split then it'd be different but I believe he was being dishonest with me. He continued to contact me after asking him not to for selfish reasons, lovebombing and discarding is typical narcissistic behaviour or behaviour of a sociopath, and then ringing to rub it in my face about the engagement. In his messages following the phone call he went on to tell me how happy he is and thanking me for everything I've done for him and that he hopes I'm happy for him too. I really couldn't understand why you'd want to share this with your ex but thanks for your insight, it's been helpful.

Are you serious?

Hi len,

You're right, he did want more, he wanted kids and for me to move, I didn't and yes he has found soneone who is a better match. I am feeling a bit burned I won't lie as two weeks before we split he told me none of the issues I mentioned mattered and he wanted to walk me down the aisle. His behaviour at the end of our relationship confirms to me I'm better off without him. I'm not jealous, I'm angry at myself for not seeing through it all sooner.

Are you serious?

Thanks map maker, lindsy and gentle Jim thumbs up

Are you serious?

Hi ashlander,

My child's welfare is always of utmost priority. I do not willy nilly introduce her to anyone, and I didn't until after six months until I felt he was going to be part of our future. Secondly I have been looking forward and moving on since the split. I did post a blog after he contacted me to get outside neutral opinions on the matter as I couldn't fathom what his reasons were and pardon me if I'm wrong but I thought the purpose of blogs was to discuss personal or non personal topics to gain insight from others?

Are you serious?

Hi Imbackagain,

He was with me every night, with the exception of the three Saturdays leading to breakup, he made excuses. My gut tells me who he was with those Saturdays. Must remember not to keep analysing and not everyone we lose is a loss, thanks wine

Are you serious?

Hi elegs,

True, part of me does feel relief, after his phone call last night it has made me feel more convinced I'm better off. That's my head heart, well that's a little softer.

Are you serious?


I might take a trip to the metalman after all, so I can call my ex and gloat about my engagement laugh

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