RE: So over getting older

44 today, its all over bar the shouting.
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RE: Is the real truth being hidden?

Because nothing matters til it matters.


This aint texas...turns off radio

RE: Man 64 yr-old man seeking woman, 18-35


RE: Getting some surprising health answers.

You're eating a lot of fatty foods and you're asking are you healthy?

I'm gonna drink a load of bottles tonight but will get drunk?
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Healthy obesity...ah okay
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RE: Why men with EPILEPSY DISABILITY can not find a good girlfriend

Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. Come off dating sites and join local groups, maybe join an online epilepsy group and chat to like minded people and arrange a meetup. Not having a partner is not a reason to give up.
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RE: Another Me

"For in your body I remain". Might get a bit sticky after a while.
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RE: Sincerity vs hypocrisy

The older I get, the more I don't like people.

RE: On "Meet me" and "Likes"

Thanks for the tutorial., would never have figured it out.

RE: Gaze Upon the Clear Sky

You should pop over to poetry, show off your work. Nice words again.
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RE: Improving at work and learning a new language!

I've done a bit of Spanish, French and German. Out of those, Spanish was probably the easiest.
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RE: Is this my fate, or this is my fate...

You're probably not going to be slash at the first gig, but you'll eventually find your feet.

RE: The beauty in the shadow

Nicely written.
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RE: life principles

I will never cheat or steal, don't tell many lies and I believe manners are important, although you wouldn't think it on here.

RE: Virtual Friendship

Why don't you message him directly and tell him?

RE: Any proud and hairy women out there

You confessing to ogling the flower power hairy women when you were a newborn?

RE: Inner Voices

Logically, you know there are others who are going through the same, no matter how bad the situation.
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RE: who gets their way? men ... or ....women?

Noone gets their way.

She won't, because whoever she'll be with wont respect her.

He won't because he wont get away with telling her what to do.

RE: women make this mistake almost always

Women compete over beauty and men. Maybe teenage girls, but I can assure you that I, nor my close group of friends compete with any women over beauty or a man.

RE: women make this mistake almost always

It always amuses me when I read men posting about what they believe to be true when it comes to women. It most instances they couldn't be further from the truth.

RE: Names of Children and Why?

The Irish spelling is caoimhe, and the correct Irish pronunciation of that spelling is kweeva, not keeva.

RE: whats going on in earth?

Remind me to come to you when I need cheering up.

RE: multiple personality disorder

I've just discussed this with the others, and it's sooo not true.

RE: Not the way I wanted the new year to begin

Wow , would hate to have seen what would have happened if you left out Ferrero Rocher.


For the one million dollar question "where would you go to hear breaking news"

A. Radio.
C. X
D. A dating site.

I'm sorry you've just lost half a million dollars, the answer was in fact a dating site


RE: Runaway blogs...

Great, can't wait to see some more runaway.

RE: Name One fact YOU know about Heaven

A fact is something that is known to be true and you're asking living people this question? Give me strength!

RE: Ireland people

Because most of us Irish ladies wear 5 layers of clothing at a time, that includes bedroom attire, they haven't a chance of getting a glimpse of flesh from us.
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RE: Discuss

Always compliment, whisper sweet nothings. But those late night conversations, talking about everything and nothing are just as important, never lose that.
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