RE: Trump's presidency = a failure

it is interesting How media hate one president.
in a last generation, media controlled masses, In a world elections vere about people influenced by local media, against people influenced by American media (usually, but not limited to CME). Contrary to the medias coverage Many of the people in Europe see Trump as a prove that medias are losing the grip and people see k information elsewhere. Yes there are easy to influence masses, ready to fight because of media telling the word Russia.
Trump is about people looking themselves and seeking the truth, failing to find one and as such moving away from what they already know to be a lie. Obviously media are against the symbol of the loss of their controll.
Ukraine is used by USA as a tool against its enemy so Guess what: Enemy doesn't want USA to have that tool.
As it comes Ukraine although has people influenced by American and Russian media. American media having less control had to push the mass under its control to more radical steps, and refer to them as majority.
And then we have the people who dare to want to decide not to want to be a tool of one side in desperation asking the other side for help...

RE: Kamala Harris Polling Poorly Among Unborn Babies

while I see the point writer trid to make, but it is a fake news site. One good point of standing for a protection of unborn lives does not stop it from being a fake-news site

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