RE: Smart Appliances...

What a pain in the a** it is if one changes networks or the power goes out. The house becomes confused and nothing works.

RE: Back to being employed!

I wish you good luck.


You look great and sounds like you had a good ole time. YAY

RE: Anne Heche...

Her and Ellen DeGeneris used to be an item. RIP.

RE: Food Porn: Low Carb

Meats, dairy and eggs are low carb. YAY for bacon!

Food Porn indeed, makes me hungry but today I'm eating my craving for chicken wings.


Bridges & snake, dead or alive.

RE: Lamborghini crash...

Holy cow - what lucky survivors. The video should get the stop sign runner arrested, I hope, of course this is FL and we let villans get away.

RE: The price of gas has dropped sharply. SOME PLACES HAVE DROPPED MORE THAN A DOLLAR A GALLON...

3.39 at Sams club in Tampa

RE: New word: shrinkflation...

The worst thing is what can we do about it? Anything?

RE: Retreading truck tires aka Car Rental...

Around Tampa gas is going for 3.79 - what's it doing down south?

RE: It actually works...

I'm still seeing the man I met on here. Funny thing is he blogged and that is how we met but he quit blogging here. I bet he is blogging elsewhere but I don't care. We break bread and enjoy a meal of laughter every couple of weeks.

RE: Trump Defense Syndrome...

I asked alexa who the worst president is and the first was Woodrow Wilson, the second Trump....
Obama was close to the best, maybe 4th place.

Don't shoot the messenger

RE: Low Carb Diet, Fountain Of Youth

I Love a Tblsp. of Coconut Oil in my morning coffee. Been doing that for years, sometimes with butter.
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RE: Low Carb Diet, Fountain Of Youth

The SAD=Standard American Diet is unhealthy for me. I won't touched processed foods except sometimes bacon. I was KETO over a year then went Carnivore. I've cured everything including aches and pains. I was in disbelief when I started researching. When did America become so fat? in the 60 or 70s when they introduced the Low Fat propaganda. I've had to relearn everything.

RE: Resident experts...

I agree with you Captain Obvious.

RE: Shark attack...

Well crap that she has to lose her leg however better than her life. Thank God for her brother. Who thinks of a shark in our shallow waters? I wonder if she will hate scallops from now on.

RE: How many bullets does it take...

WOW. I read that the police had no prior violations against them but I did not see if the victim had any. In my mind the shooting may justified be justified but the overkill is not. I hope they can find the cops that have no common sense and dispose of them. There is still too much hate in the heart of cops.

RE: Making plans for the USA!

Rather than our fast food restaurants you might want to look at diners which will feed you a much more delicious burger than five guys or Wendy's which are just super skinny pattys like flavored cardboard.

RE: Best group photo of all time

That was so cute

RE: I haven't been feeling good..

I'm sure you don't realize how awful any sort of soda is for you - if not now it will surely affect your health as you age more. Energy drinks are you making someone else rich while you get poorer. You tube how to make your energy drink or how to get energized. You don't need the doctor until you see if the water helps.

RE: Bio-weapon

I wouldn't be surprised to find out the Aliens are behind it. If not hopefully, it was an accident that the virus escaped the lab. I didn't listen past the 20 minutes because I get disgusted.

I'm more into hating the Big Pharma and Food Industry giants - they are killing us too.

RE: Suicide note


RE: Steven brown paint by numbers picture

It's such great therapy to have a hobby. I love your bull.


I agree it's disgusting and I'm so glad you took pics and reported it. I think it would be breaking the law of litering in America but not sure if they would take action. I also think throwing it back in their shop is fair justice. Or put in paper bag in front of their door and light on fire. They would have fun stomping it out.

RE: the friend zone

Lee are you saying that a man can't have a woman as a friend only?

I have two different men that are very good friends and we have never crossed a romantic line. However, I have had many men move on when they realized I put them in the friend zone, it has never bothered me.

RE: I Love Him,

I am so very happy for you and appreciate you sharing this amazing story.

RE: Ladies

I want a big dog so bad. I love my little 3 lb Chi but not for protection. I've never felt as secure as when I had a big dog by my side. Sadly in my community big dogs are not allowed.

RE: The right to arm bears...

If people started taking action at the local government and VOTE as well, slowly it would work it's way up the chain. More people like to complain but take NO action. That is what is truly sad.

RE: NPD..... personality disorders...

Teena just curious, are you involved in a health care industry of some sort? If so, thank you for your services. If not are you just curious, I am?

RE: Newest craft fabric sculpture

I love seeing someone enjoy their creative juices.

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