RE: Dominant Jean...

I got lucky and have a neighborhood seamstress who charge so much less. She can hardly speak English but she can sew and I can't.

RE: Suzanne Somers, rest in peace...

Some terminal illnesses give a heads up when the final end is near. Some times the signs are wrong like for my Dad. He has surived Hospice twice and Covid twice (the first time on a ventilator). Mom still lovingly cares for him. He is so week that no voice comes out when he tries to talk. He is turning 94 this month. Alheizmers is a fricking brutal desease on the loved ones, Dad is okay because he loves to sleep 23 hrs a day.

Not sure what Suzanne died of but may she RiP.

RE: Colonoscopy...

They can detect cancer when it is only the size of a tiny dot made by a pencil or pen.

They can also make mistakes like when they blew up my Mom's insides and had to her guts come out and lay in the outside of her to heal before they put them back in. That was wild and awful for Mother.

For me a piece of cake, had done 3 times and each time when I wake up I am surprised to find out the procedure was done already. That amazes me.

RE: Wow, That’s Awesome!!!

I love random acts of kindness so much.

RE: Why is it?

It is quite a surprise to have a 40 hr a week routing for 40 or 50 years then retire with no routine. My sleeping is all skewed but I have no problem with it. I can wake up in any 5 hour window and I'm okay with that. I find my kitchen is my happy place and I get to try a gazillion recipes with two tiny chihuahua's that turn their noses up a lot. I've discovered they love cheese sauce and I can get them to eat stuff they normally wouldn't. I don't have the ambition I used to have but I feel happy and content.
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RE: Kidney transplant...

Yay good news for sure.

RE: BAAH-tree...

I don't like cords so most of my many gadget or house hold items are battery operated and cordless from vacumn cleaner, leaf blower and all gadgets and I'm a gadget collector. I have large and small food processors, immersion blender and so on.

RE: Logging in with your Gmail account...

I just hope we never turn into North Korea.

RE: Catwalk... no updates?

What a much improved design. I would be happy with that.

RE: "Today's my last day here"

I think you are a very good writer. You can tell you have been educated.


Thank you Merc

RE: I am beginning to become a pretty decent cook!

I would eat those burgers and bacon but I wouldn't touch the bread or condiments. I'm not a sandwich type of gal at all. I know many people are.


Just so everyone knows I have nothing to do with comments disappearing, not my style. Thanks for reposting though.
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Thanks folks, if anyone talks to him please tell him I say hi and hope he is enjoying some pizza.

RE: We are The Xennials

Don't forget outerspace. We saw man land on the moon. We take pictures of Mars, etc. Hopefully in my lifetime it is proven we are not alone.

Wonderful blog applause

RE: Greenhouse Gases

After watching so many drs pod casts, I started paying attention to Dr Ken Berry and the proper human diet. The corpations have been more interested in profit than health. Long story short I went Carnivore over a year ago. All the shocking research I did seems to be worth it as I now have no aches or pains. Lost a ton of weight, mental clarity so much better and all I have to do is eat a one ingredient food. Butter and dairy is optional as long as it clean ingredients. I love what I eat and so does my doctor. I call it a no carb life.
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When I was a young lass and watched scary movies, I used to always be thankful Florida had NO fricking pythons. Now I am old and my nightmare came true.

RE: Making plans for the USA! (final part!)

Very well written blog. Enjoy the USA. Sorry I missed prior blogs but I take it your going to DC. Lots to see there but always be aware...lots of muggings too.

RE: How is the weather in your place?

Wow and I was complaining about the 90 degree F weather in FL. I didn't realize much hotter it could be elsewhere. Out worst months are June through August but still brutal all the rest of the months.

Do you all get a winter?

RE: Thinking without deciding

My neighbor has rented her extra badroom out 4 times now. 2 men & 2 women, both the women gave her problems and the two different men have been gentlemen. This last man is really nice but they are all in their 70's. Good luck to you.

RE: Beer Snake

I did not know that. Learn something new everyday.

RE: Manky old sock

It's a funny thing that I was pondering why some people have to have more than on profile. I see it here and on FB. Too much time on their hands? Create a 2nd just to be mean or antagonistic? The only way they get entertainment? I don't get it but to each his own. I have no need to pretend to be anyone else because I am okay with who I am.

RE: Business Proposal...

All we need is a crazy idea....remember the pet rock that went wild and crazy?

RE: False advertising, that's what it is..

I never deep fry anything ever but I do Air Fry a lot. My house is loaded with hot spices and sauces, some of the Asian markets have fire spices and sauces.

RE: This isn’t as strange as I first thought.

I don't seem to feel uncomfortable around women as much as men because men seem to have more ulterior motives.

RE: Business Proposal...

like: "an offer you can't refuse"?

RE: The $10 toaster...

Lordy I use my air fryer for everything. I don't eat toast though. I just got the Ninja grill which is also an air fryer, grill, it bakes and dehydrates. I LOVE IT and use it five times a week. Chicken wings, burgers, shrimp so fast so good. Super easy clean up.

RE: Comedian Gallagher dead at 76...

I remember him well with many laughs, may he RiP.

RE: Truth.

Thanks for the heads up, I will bear that in mind laugh

RE: Hah! The big pond in one single picture ...

I Love it. A mind similar to Salvatore Dali.

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