RE: [email protected]

I hope you are incorrect about CS rules. In addition, I hope they've removed you.

RE: I haven't been feeling good..

Decades ago in USAF pilot training, we were biefed to avoid the morning coke from the soda machines. Reason: both caffeine and SUGAR are dehydrating. <High school chemistry taught me that the digestion of sugar requires water, but I forgot). This point was repeated on each of my tours in Southeast Asia. I should also mention that hot temperatures are bad as far as getting you dehydrated, but both heating and air conditioning are also very dehydrating.
In spite of knowing all that, I myself had a bout with dehydration.
Good luck.

RE: AOC and Warren’s master plan: Abortions at Yellowstone

The Supreme Court just nixed an illegal decision they made. They effectively passed a law. I know the Democrats don't know the difference--don't care about the separation of powers. I happen to think that abortions should be allowed but do not think hospitals/doctors that don't want to do them should be forced to do them, so I haven't seen my side in this fight (as usual). Letting the states decide is an improvement over Roe v Wade--Leftist uber-government is an abortion..
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RE: A very interesting point of view.

When the fellow noted that the horrible event of snow in Brazil hadn't happened in 64 years, he marked himself as a fool. In terms of weather cycles 64 years is nothing. It's not even Climate Change. Shall we talk about the Little Ice Age?

RE: What would you like written on your gravestone?

It's been a long time since I existed on Taiwan or in Vietnam or Thailand or England. Now I don't exist here in this space-time. No big deal.

RE: Missing a 44 mph pitch

" to pitch the frame" in baseball? And a change-up was not unusual in the old days.

RE: No Such Thing as Happily Ever After

Happily ever aftering was a thing of the romances (French novels calle romans nothing to do with Romans).
Thing is, every life has a Camelot where things are good. When Einstein made time a dimension, he solidified previous philosophical views that time is not what we experience it as.
Anyway, all the good things in life are still there. Problem is, for me and probably you, I do not want to remember them NOW. They have dark and undesirable connections. Those could be call "happily ever afterings." I am far from sure I am happy they last forever.

RE: Biden isn’t fooling anyone — inflation is his fault and he has no solution to fix it

Willy may be wrong. The Republicans are not a lynch-mob party like the Democrats.

RE: A Big Thank you to Donald Trump and his Government for Keep in The Peace In The World

Democrats and dictators often need a war to stay in power.

RE: Why are so many blog authors creating volumes of blogs only to abandon them after a few comments.

Actually, the good authors don't make the comments. I can think of a few multi-page soliloquys however, that should have been abandoned.
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RE: At screening of 2000 Mules Crowd Left Stunned as Proof Revealed on Stolen Election

Original: "2,000 Mules was played in selected theaters on May 2 and May 4, with Trump also hosting an event at his Florida resort where guests watched the documentary which supports his claims of election fraud."

Someone inserted "false" in your third from last paragraph before "claims," Willy. I've seen that before. Hacking?

RE: The meat paradox

It has been said that eating meat is the step that supported our evolution of the large brain. You want to go back to being a chimp, fine.
Further, If you think we'll let animals exist outside of zoos, when we can finally grow meat testtube style, think again. There will be no reason to reserve the resources they use.
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RE: How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories?

What expert opinion are you talking about? Terminology? That idiot in England that started the Covid panic has stepped to the background since his statistically based projections failed by an order of magnitude.
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RE: How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories?

Definitely Group Think. Aren't the other corona viruses called flu?
Covid19 was stronger but not nearly as much as predicted or reported.

RE: How benign is it to believe in conspiracy theories?

Conspiracies have two characteristics: Short term and only a small number of core participants. What is going on now is not a conspiracy but Group Think orchestrated through the Media, which is mercenary not democratic. It is not benign to join witlessly in any group think as Kaz obviously does.

RE: Leaked Footage Of Re-Education Techniques Used By

There couldn't be anything more Left-Wing Commie than this. 1984. Biden is now subject to arrest.

RE: Biden Is Just a ‘Front Man’ Who Carries Out Obama’s Wishes

I wouldn't disagree with the idea that Biden in a front man. I would contest any idea that Obama was his own man.

RE: Musk backed OUT on the Twitter deal

In November Biden's government will be dead in the water. And we will be prosecutin the Disinformation Bureau which is obviously a Commie-style agency.

RE: Global warming, the inconvenient truth

Too much nonsense here to read.
Anyone noted that although the coastline of Antarctica has decrease there's been more snowfall inland resulting in far more Antarctic ice than before. So no increase in the water level in New York harbor.
The North Pole is melting. Not the first time.
Climate change is not a theory and nothing new. Global Warming is another academic trash idea.

RE: Eye Challenge: This one looks to be pretty difficult. What number do you see?

I agree with 1674, but the six is disproportionate. Bad font.

RE: I wanna go home

You are mistaking this place we are in for Progress. There is also the progress of a disease. In this case the disease is salesmanship. I have had a disagreeable dealing with a cellphone store within the last 6 months. There's nothing scientific about what they do.


Think about that a bit more.
Our thoughts are a collection in temporal order. Can that sequence come to an end. If the media in which the sequence exists is eternal, does that satisfy your strong desire to live forever? Is the latter irrational? Do you want to continue to loop in the lifer you're in forever--knowing it's a loop? Boring is the worst of Hells.


I would rather you moved to Chechnya than Los Angeles, too; it's bad enough. The fact we don't support our police well enough is directly related to the effect of the rasPutinistic Left. OTH the beggars on the street die off the street in Russia due to the "friendly" police.


That's a big IF, Jaavisst. When were you in Russia? rasPutin is a tin-plated dictator, nothing more.

RE: The Three Piglets tale in modern Russian interpretation:

Are there any real currencies left in the world. When the dollar lost the support of gold, it's only worth was in paying U.S. taxes and became totally subject to inflation by government spending. I think most currencies preceded it.

RE: California wants to regulate your bacon

It's not the only attempt to force West Coast and East Coast stuff on us (and the rest of their states. Where did the plumbing change to 1.25 pipes come from? Or restricted flow? Here we sit in the Mississippi Valley and are dictated to by those in LA, which should, indeed, be a desert. As usual, dictatorship of the majority isn't even the majority (they remain silent).

RE: Now it's the BDS...

Wasn't Hillary's majority exactly equal to the number of illegals recently given the vote at the time?

RE: Tomorrow both new and old students

I thank you for your reply about Chinese. I expected something like that, but had no way to confirm it.
As for the "zero-covid" policy, you then must think the total deaths under 5,000 in such a large country is due to that?
Not that I think it's a Chinese plot. I think the ancestor to Covid is native to China (nothing new there), and that the population has a partial immunity. And the guy who invented the "test" for Covid says it shouldn't be used in that way.

RE: Tomorrow both new and old students

I hope you know their language. The subjunctive is even hard to explain to native-English students.
I have a friend on Taiwan. She loves to practice her English with me but won't help me with Chinese. She thinks she can learn by speaking, which has been the world view since schools stopped teaching Latin, which was the only attempt at Linguistics before post graduate at most schools.
I wonder how the subjunctive is parallelled in Chinese. I am aware you cannot answer that here nor do I know enough Chinese to understand anyway.


But can't you see that in my version the other lives are there, too. The problem with rebirth is that the connection between the lives is thin. Even in your version very few try to say you remember the previous life at birth. Worse than that is the problem of how many single souls are there? What is the magic number. If it's only one you're back to my version.

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