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Whiskey, whiskey the old man cried, they gave him water and the old man died......

RE: Roudy Fans at Baseball games

I use to umpire softball and coach baseball here in Florida. Also active in some other sports....program manager and head coach at college level.

There is the problem that as a club or organization the do you know? Hard to go simply by 'looks' at times. You have to go by observed actions....said words and such to know if the fan is abusing those around them.

Take European soccer for a moment....and hooligans....same kind of affair.
What the British did was assemble a list and photo of the hooligans that were going to matches outside of the country and disrupting them. Any time a major match was played outside of the country, the list and photos were handed over to the local police and security on the match.
They then at least had a heads up who watch for.

No easy answer on this one. Alot has been solutions seen to be coming from what I can see. I really think that the key down the road is better securtiy inside the venue.....maybe having similar lists of known troublemakers as in Europe for securuty to work off of.jmo

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